Vegan Chocolate Cashew Cake

Our family is always getting together for one thing or another and our gatherings almost always include food!  With a daughter who is vegetarian and a nephew and his girlfriend who are vegan I like to try and include desserts that appeal to them as well.  It is also dairy free which appeals to me nephew as well!

I came across a recipe for a vegan chocolate cake and decided to put my own spin on it!  Kind of glam it up a bit.

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Well, it is official.  October is in the history books and the countdown to the Christmas season has arrived.  But more on that a little later in the post!

We actually had wet snow flurries today.  Right in the middle of Tripper’s obedience session!  Outside!  He was a trooper and so was Tracey from Sit Down and Stay, who is graciously giving us a few private lessons because Tripper is a bit of a stubborn thing.  But 45 minutes with her and I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Golden Retreiver

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Thanksgiving Table under $10

There is no need to spend a fortune on your Thanksgiving Tablescape.  You can create a very pretty presentation for under $10.

My inspiration this year was the Niagara escarpment and it’s gorgeous fall beauty.  The trees are just beginning to change and the hues of reds, yellows and oranges dotted throughout still striking green is so pretty.  In another couple of weeks it will be a solid display of orange, red and yellow! Read More →

Happy Birthday!

Today I turn 49!  How that happened I have no idea!

I read recently that you can live a longer healthier life and correct the damage you have done to your body through poor exercise and diet as long as you make the necessary changes by the time you turn 50!  I have exactly one year to go.

I have known for a long time that my addiction to sugar is out of control and taking steps to eliminating sugar from my diet is priority number one.  When ice cream and coke become your breakfast of choice you know you need a change!

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!  That is how I roll.  1 year.  I have a feeling that it will go just as fast as the last 49!

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Oh I had plans!  Big plans.  I was going to participate in the One Room Challenge again.  You might recall I did it back in the spring.  You can see how that went here when I made over the living room.  Complete with new floors!  Now that was a challenge.  This time I had my sights set on the kitchen.  And while I haven’t totally abandoned that project, I just know that six weeks is unreasonable time frame with our schedule this fall!

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