Thanksgiving Table under $10

There is no need to spend a fortune on your Thanksgiving Tablescape.  You can create a very pretty presentation for under $10.

My inspiration this year was the Niagara escarpment and it’s gorgeous fall beauty.  The trees are just beginning to change and the hues of reds, yellows and oranges dotted throughout still striking green is so pretty.  In another couple of weeks it will be a solid display of orange, red and yellow! Read More →

Happy Birthday!

Today I turn 49!  How that happened I have no idea!

I read recently that you can live a longer healthier life and correct the damage you have done to your body through poor exercise and diet as long as you make the necessary changes by the time you turn 50!  I have exactly one year to go.

I have known for a long time that my addiction to sugar is out of control and taking steps to eliminating sugar from my diet is priority number one.  When ice cream and coke become your breakfast of choice you know you need a change!

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!  That is how I roll.  1 year.  I have a feeling that it will go just as fast as the last 49!

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Oh I had plans!  Big plans.  I was going to participate in the One Room Challenge again.  You might recall I did it back in the spring.  You can see how that went here when I made over the living room.  Complete with new floors!  Now that was a challenge.  This time I had my sights set on the kitchen.  And while I haven’t totally abandoned that project, I just know that six weeks is unreasonable time frame with our schedule this fall!

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Happy Friday!  I cannot believe how fast September has flown by.  I mean how can it possibly be September 26th!  I swear we were just watching the Labour Day parade yesterday!  But, when I look back I have accomplished quite a bit this month!  Since our family discovered Windwood Farms a few years ago we have been visiting every year since.  I never tire of baking with apples.

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Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I love everything about it!  I spent this past weekend doing all sorts of autumny things!  And I even remembered to take some pictures to share!


Long walks on a sunny Saturday morning.


Collected some leaves for autumn decorating around the cottage!  (I will be sharing my fall decorating style next week!)


Some acorns too!


 How many times I have walked by this tree and never noticed how cool this bark looks!  Like a braid don’t you think!


 Never seen a red door I don’t like!  And the layers of bricks paired with the original stone of McFarlane House, built in the 1800’s!


One last pear left on the tree at Windwood Farms!  But that is okay ’cause we were there for our annual apple picking excursion!


 We have so far gone through almost a half bushel of Honey Crisp’s and several pounds of McIntosh, Empire and Gala’s!  I never put just one kind of apples into my apple pies or crisps!


I couldn’t bear to pick this one.


 Tripper wanted a piece of the action apple too!


How have you been embracing the arrival of Autumn?

Pop back on Friday when I share a caramel apple stuffed cupcake recipe!

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