snowflake raspberry cookies

So far there is no snow forecast for Christmas in Southern Ontario.  I am secretly hoping and praying they weather people’s are wrong!  They are teasing us with the possibility of a “few flurries” in the evening on Christmas Day.

I guess I am just going to have to make my own snowflakes!

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I cannot believe it is December 19th and I have just begun my Christmas baking!  No worries though.  I am up for a marathon baking session this weekend!

If you have never tried the cranberry orange flavour combination before, you must give these cookies a try.  They are so easy, but look so pretty all pink and creamy/orange colored and dotted with dried cranberries, chopped pecans and  orange zest!

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Boxwood wreath

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until Sunday.  It is December 21st.  First day of winter.  But more importantly the shortest day of the year.  Days start getting a tiny bit longer every day after Sunday!

When it is still dark when you leave for work and again before 5:00 pm it makes taking photo’s, especially ones of a boxwood wreath hanging in a window, a bit of a task to say the least!

Boxwood wreaths are so classic.  They have their place in home décor all throughout the  year.  I adore preserved boxwood wreaths but since I have a large boxwood shrub in the yard I thought I would just make a fresh one for the holiday season.

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Christmas Topiary

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, sticking to a budget this Christmas is priority #1!  So far, I think I have done pretty darn good.

I have always admired the gorgeous topiary’s I have seen around blog land, but the price tag was a bit more than I was willing to pay at some local shops.  So, I decided to try my hand at creating a pair for Christmas to flank my kitchen sink.

It started with a trip to Michael’s with coupon in hand for 25% off total purchase, sale items included!

I picked up a bag of moss and 2 styrofoam cones.  Both on sale, plus an addition 25% off!

Next was the dollar store to pick up some dry oasis.

I already had two cute tin containers from Ikea, and grabbed a couple of sticks from  my hydrangea tree out back.  Some Christmas ribbon left over from last year finished the look.

Total spent was about $12.

DIY Christmas Topiary

 I got right to work and was so engrossed in the process I forgot to take many pictures.

I started by hot gluing the moss randomly onto the styrofoam cones starting at the bottom and working up to the tip.  It has been a long time since I worked with hot glue and had forgotten just how darn hot that glue gets!

DIY Christmas Topiary

 Keeping gluing on the moss until the cone is completely covered, bottom included.

At this stage I was a bit concerned about my crafting abilities!  It certainly did not appear cone shaped at this point with moss jutting out in all directions.

Topiary Tree

Nothing a good trim couldn’t fix though! Cutting off all the random pieces that were sticking out made all the difference!


And, while I didn’t take a picture of this step, it is pretty self explanatory.  I firmly inserted a stick into bottom centre of each cone.

I cut a piece of dry floral oasis to fit each tin container tightly, and then stuck the topiary top into the foam.

DIY Christmas Topiary

 I covered the foam with moss, and tied a simple little bow around each stem. Three red berries (I had left over from another project) add a festive touch to each one.

Christmas Topiaries

Ta-da!  Two cute  DIY Christmas topiary tree’s.  Perfect for a fireplace mantel, a dining table, or anywhere else you want to dress up for the holidays!

And, when Tim gets my new-to-me kitchen sink installed, they will sit very nicely on either side, adding a touch of Christmas to the kitchen.

And to get the most bang for my buck, I have a plan to make them work well beyond the Christmas season!

‘Til next time!


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So excited to be participating in Winter Wonderland Christmas Home Tour 2014!  So many fun stops on the tour.  Make sure you check out each and every one for some awesome Christmas inspiration! Thank you to my friend Michele from Shelstring Blog for the opportunity to welcome you in for a peek inside the red cottage!


Welcome to The Red Cottage Christmas Bedroom 2014!

Christmas Bedroom 2014Since a nasty head cold has taken hold of me this month, I am decorating for Christmas one room at a time!  Our bedroom was the first room I did because I love how cozy it makes it feel.  It is my saving grace at the end of the day.  It’s a place I snuggle up and read, or study, or just watch TV!  I know that TV in the bedroom is taboo, but when you live in a small space, you do what you gotta do!

I am going with a prominently red theme this year.  It really is my true to heart Christmas color.  Decorating for Christmas does not have to cost a lot and for the most part I worked with what I had, I borrowed thing or two, and hit the stores for some bargains to pull it all together!

Lets get started, shall we.

Christmas Bedroom 2014

This little vignette means more to me than you can imagine!  The headboard my husband built for me not long after we were married 28 years ago and I still love it to this day.

The pictures on the wall are by a local artist John Newby who sadly recently passed away.  He did almost exclusively hockey prints and I was thrilled to find a couple with referees.

My husband and I met at our local hockey arena when I was just 15!  I worked at the snack bar and he played hockey and was a referee!  Fast forward 34 some odd years and he is still a hockey referee, as well as a supervisor of on ice officials, my full time job office is located at the arena that he spends so much time, and the color on my bedroom walls is called…..Ice Rink!!  Yes I am Canadian!!

The sparkly berry garland is actually 2 strands purchased at the Dollarama (dollar store here in Canada) and twisted together, with a string of battery operated snowflake lights purchased at Target!  They were only $3.50 since I had a 25% off coupon!

Christmas Bedroom 2014

A Christmas tree purchased at Ikea a couple of years ago dropped into a metal flower pot also from Ikea, a festive box of Kleenex, a photo by a friend and my Royal Dalton “Maureen” figurine adorn my bedside table.

Christmas Bedroom 2014


Christmas 2014

 On my husbands bedside table sits a a sign I “painted” many years ago on a cheap canvas from Michaels.  I simply stuck some stick letters on it, painted the whole thing red, and then peeled the letters off after it dried.  A little primitive, but I kind of like it just as it is!

I used a ribbon I had lying around to tie around the lampshade, put some berries from the garden into a mason jar and a fun red telephone borrowed from a friend!  It just so happened that the book Tim is reading now has a red book jacket! (If you look real close, you can tell it is a book about hockey…go figure!)

Quiet Christmas Corner

A quiet corner for reading and relaxing!  Pillow covers purchased over the last couple of years at Ikea.  Faux sheepskin rug, also from Ikea and a free printable I found on line, tucked into a frame I already had!

Christmas Bedroom Decor

The bed is made up with new flannel sheets from Target (on sale for $19.99), red pillow cases from Ikea, and 2 Christmas themed pillow covers bought at Quilts, Etc. buy one get one half price!  I already had the pillow forms and just switched out the covers.  I draped a plaid scarf across the bottom of the bed and topped it with a second faux sheep skin I had on hand, also from Ikea.

yes 1


Christmas 2014

Well, there you have it.  My cozy Red Cottage Christmas bedroom!  I think I maybe spent about $50 all together, but the sheets I will use all winter long, so really shouldn’t count that expense.  As far as the rest of my purchases, I know I can repurpose them in years to come!

Do you decorate your bedroom for the Christmas season?

I will be sharing other rooms throughout the house in the next few days as I am starting to come out of this cold induced haze!  I am particularly happy with the way my mantel came together and can’t wait to show you all!

Here is a quick peek of a corner of the living room and our tree!


If you want a look at last years Christmas décor, you can find it here!  And to tour all the Winter Wonderland homes just follow the links below!

Friday December 12th

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Till next time……..





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