ORC Week One


One Room. Six Weeks. Let the madness begin!

I am rising to the One Room Challenge once again, and linking up every Thursday at Calling It Home to share the room progress!  I am very grateful to Linda for hosting this fabulous link-up that will see many bloggers just like me tackling a total room makeover.

I have shared glimpses of this room before and had every intention to get it done over the summer.  It still sits in the exact state of chaos as it did earlier this year, with maybe a thing or ten added just to keep things interesting!

Before I show you the pictures, I feel a disclaimer is necessary.  These photo’s are not for the faint of heart.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

6 week room makeover

Let me tell you a little bit about this space.

Once upon a time it was one great big, long room.  It was our family room in fact.  But, as the girls began to grow it was soon evident them and all their girly stuff could not continue to share a tiny bedroom upstairs, so we had to sacrifice half of our family room to build our youngest a bedroom of her own.  That made using the rest of the space as a family room out of the question.  A girl needs her beauty sleep after all and didn’t want to be kept awake by the television right outside her bedroom door!

We decided to use it as my office as I used to do typing at home for a physician and enjoyed the quiet space to get work done. Since I gave that up a year or so ago, the space has been the gathering place for things nobody knows what to do with!  Old electronics, clothes, pictures, the list goes on.

Room Makeover

I finally have had enough and since we are so limited on living space in the first place, it is time to put this space to good use.

ORC Week One


ORC Week 1

I hang my head in shame.

But, I will not be deterred!  She is going to be a beauty when we are all done.  You won’t even recognize the place.  I promise!

I cannot wait to reclaim this space as a quiet sitting area where we can read, meditate, or just relax!

Since our daughter is beginning to do some house hunting and will likely leave the nest within the next year, we will eventually knock down the wall that separates this space from her bedroom, so I want to style this room to the vision I have for the entire room once that happens!

And now for some pretty pictures!

This is my inspiration board.

Den Vision Board

1.  Pottery Barn  2.  Ikea  3. Dash & Albert  4. Ikea  5.  (shiplap walls)Apartment Therapy  Magnolia Farms  7.  School Electric & Supply Co.

The sofa may have to wait until after the holidays, but thankfully I have two beautiful chairs that will work perfectly fine until then.

What I do hope to accomplish in the next six weeks

  • get rid of popcorn ceiling
  • plank one wall
  • tear out all cabinetry
  • (build) a new wardrobe for storage
  • fresh coat of paint
  • dress the floor with a new DIY striped carpet
  • choose and install window covering
  • change out the hardwired lighting
  • and if time permits, install a snack centre with a mini-refrigerator and some storage space
  • and of course, style the space

You can probably tell I am going for a country cottage look.  Not too feminine and not too masculine!

Won’t you join me on my journey to creating a space that is relaxing, inviting and fresh?

Until next time….



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