While we still have a way to go, there has been progress on Leslie’s bathroom.  I am very pleased the walls have two coats of paint top and bottom!  I always tend to leave the trim for last!  There of course will be some touch ups along the way.  But I think you will agree it looks a whole lot better!

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primed board and batten

While it doesn’t seem as though there hasn’t been much progress in this tiny bathroom makeover, the tedious work of scraping off all the old bits of wallpaper (and the loose paint that was underneath) is finally done.  I was also able to get a coat of primer on the board and batten treatment, and it really brightens up the room already!

We picked up the prettiest light fixture which is going to fit without any modifications!

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Earlier in December I hinted about a bathroom makeover I was going to do for my friend, Leslie!  As you can see, her bathroom is looooonnnng overdue for a facelift.


She did try to start herself, but just lost interest before she really got going. It is never fun to work on a project like this all by yourself!   I was happy and excited about the challenge to make it over on a budget.  After all, that’s what friends are for.

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Paleo Potato & Leek Soup

My name is Maureen, and I am a sugarholic.  In a big way!  I could live entirely on sugar if I didn’t have to cook for my family.

I am not fussy.  Ice cream, milk chocolate, donuts, cakes, pastries.  All equally suitable meals if you ask me!

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I was not ready to start off the New Year like this.  My heart is hurting so much I feel like it is going to explode.

snow day 8

We had to put our beloved Golden Retriever, Tally to sleep this morning.  It is an awful decision to make.  Deep down I know it was a decision made with nothing but love and compassion for a beautiful old girl who gave us 12+ years of unconditional love.   Allowing her to suffer was not an option I could bear.

The sorrow I feel is so deep that I wonder if it will ever go away.  But, I know in time I will feel better. Her eyes told me it was time and she was ready.

But, I wasn’t.

tally 1

Miss you already sweet girl.



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