Happy Monday friends!  

The winner of the Gay Lea for a Year contest was Sabina Edwards

Congratulations Sabina – Enjoy!

A peek inside a private backyard paradise. This secret garden is a sight to behold

Hope your weekend temperatures were warmer than mine.  While we had a bit of sunshine yesterday, today has been another gray drizzly day in Niagara.

On days like today I love to browse photo’s of gorgeous gardens to remind myself that summer really is just right around the corner!

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25 tried and true brunch recipes

Who doesn’t love brunch?!  It is far more than a meal.  In fact, I consider it an event.  It invites you to the table with family and friends, encourages you to stay awhile, chit cat, relax, and most of all eat and enjoy!  

Brunch gives you a chance to try all kinds of different dishes at one meal.  There is always something for everyone.  Healthy fair like fresh fruit, eggs, and whole grain muffins and breads balanced with delicious sweets and pastries.  And lets not forget the beverages.  Mimosa’s maybe? Or, fresh squeezed juices, coffee or tea.  

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Everything in our Dining Room is a DIY project www.redcottagechronicles.com

While I was sitting at the dining room table the other day doing some blog work, it suddenly occurred to me that we have DIY’d almost everything in the room, including the room itself! 

Here at the Red Cottage we created the dining room by opening up the wall between the living room and what once was a bedroom.  The room measures all of 8 feet by 10 feet. Still, not a big dining room by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly fits our needs.  Once everything as all opened up and finished, there were 7 DIY dining room projects that we did to make it a complete space to break bread with family and friends!

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Butter Tarts with Pecans or Raisins


There are three things that Canada is known for when it comes to food.  Poutine, Nanimo Bars and Butter Tarts!  

While I have heard these sweet, buttery tarts are a bit more popular in Eastern Canada with butter tart festivals throughout “Cottage Country” in Ontario, they are known all over the country.  One of the biggest festivals is in Midland, with more than 50,000 butter tarts being sold!

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Whimsical rustic cupcake display

Surprise parties are like a double edged sword!  They are a lot of fun to plan, but not so fun to to try and keep it a secret from the guest of honour!

When my cousin asked me if I would help her plan her mom’s 70th birthday party I was more than happy to oblige!

I love planning anything that involves fresh flowers and delicious desserts!  

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