Orange and Black Halloween Tablescape

Halloween may not be my favourite holiday, but I have to admit creating tablescapes for Halloween is something I thoroughly enjoy!

You are in for a (trick or) treat today! Not only are going to love my cozy orange and black Halloween tablescape, but I am joined by 16 other Halloween tablescape enthusiasts to bring. you loads of ideas for entertaining during this fun and whimsical holiday.

A dining table set with an orange and black theme including black bowls, orange napkins, orange ball jar glasses and orange hydrangeas

Styling tablescapes for Halloween begins with choosing a theme

But isn’t Halloween the theme? Well, yes of course it is. But, I as with any seasonal holiday table the fun really is in choosing the overall style and vibe you want to convey. It is a theme within a theme!

Over the years I have done everything from this classic murder mystery styled table to an elegantly eerie halloween table.

An orange and black tablescape for Halloween showing two place settings and orange hydrangeas.

This year, I have really been embracing the English cottage style in my own home, and it was this that inspired todays orange and black tablescape.

An overhead view of a halloween tablescape decorated in orange and black.

I am all about warm and cozy, and while orange can be a bright and vibrant colour, combining it with black creates a naturally cozy cottage vibe.

The adorable Halloween themed table runner shown above I completely forgot I had. I purchased it years ago, but only because I loved the black and white check print on the other side! I had never intended to use it for Halloween!

Orange mason jar and black wine glass on a table set for a halloween party.

Halloween Decor from Dollar Tree

Styling tablescapes for Halloween, or any occasion for that matter, can get expensive if you aren’t careful.

As always, I shop my house and borrow whatever I can before spending any money. But, admittedly, I don’t own much orange or black tableware other than black bowls.

Dollar tree to the rescue! I picked up 4 smokey black wine glasses, 4 orange Mason-style jars complete with lids and reasonable straws (which will be great for summertime), 1 black pillar candle holder, 2 glass pumpkins that light up, and 2 wooden halloween buntings for the flower arrangement. All for under $20.

Orange hydrangeas with a banner that says trick or treat and a banner that says boo.

Tablescape elements I shopped from my home

I did have a few things that worked perfectly for this table.

The plate stack is made up of black chargers, my everyday white dinner plates, and Mikasa black stone bowls. My copper flatware is perfect for all the autumn gatherings, including Halloween.

Orange cut-out lighted pumpkin on a black candle stick.

Since I needed one more candle holder for the dollar tree pumpkin, I poked around and found one I had painted years ago.

An old faux copper bucket, which definitely looks way more orange than copper, holds the grocery store hydrangeas and eucalyptus. I clipped a few seed pods from the garden to add a hint of black. A black lace mask around the bucket adds some contrast.

Black bowls and orange jar glasses on a halloween party table.

Despite the dreary fall day, a little bit of sunshine peaked into the window for a moment! I love how it softly lights up our dining room while the wind was whipping around outside.

Of course no Halloween table is complete without a few treats! Candy from the bulk store is tucked into cellophane treat bags and tied with ribbon, both from my gift wrapping stash.

Cellophane bags of halloween candy on a table.

I hope I have inspired you, while at the same time showed you that creating tablescapes for Halloween is as simple as combining the classic colours of orange and black with a few Halloween themed accessories. No need to overcomplicate it!

Now, if you want to go with something a little more spooky. No, horrifying really! These creepy doll heads are just the trick! One simple addition and you have a whole new vibe.

Black bowl with a spooky doll head in it on a table set for Halloween

Now it’s time to scroll on down for 16 more spooktacular Halloween tables! I love exploring these links right along with you to see what everyone has come up with.

Thank you to Rita from Panoply who never fails to curate a wonderful group of participants!

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  1. Maureen, your black and white runner is so cute and I love the dollar tree stemware–they complement your table beautifully! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. Your table runner is adorable Maureen, how fun that it’s double-sided so you have an option to use it other than Halloween! I love your flower arrangement with the cute Halloween bunting additions with pom poms. The orange mason jars from Dollar Tree are super cute too. That doll head in your bowl really does give me the creeps! As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy October!

  3. First of all, I have to complement the new look of your blog. It is so pretty! I think it looks great, and it’s user friendly, too. Kudos to you! I like your table, too, sans the creepy doll heads!!! :O
    I like all the orange you used on your table, and the checked lidded jars are so cute! The copper flatware and leaves complement the orange on your table nicely. Your plate stacks are also perfect for Halloween, especially the Mikasa black stone bowls. I really like the texture of the bowls! Happy Halloween!

  4. What a fun runner…perfect for your table and for the holiday. I have to say the child heads are really creepy. Gave me chills. Liked the way you used orange accents to compliment the black and white on the rest of the table.. Nice pops of color for the table. Have a happy Halloween!

  5. Maureen, such a cute Halloween table. We have the same colors, black, white and orange. Love the runner. You cannot go wrong with the dollar store goblets, darling mason jars and more. Your flowers are lovely. with the wooden buntings. Always a pleasure hopping along with you.

  6. Maureen, your table is lovely and there is always something very appealing about traditional black and orange for Halloween. The table runner is really cute and those hydrangeas are gorgeous! I love the smoky wine glasses, orange mason jars, pumpkins, and buntings from the dollar store – what a score. The black bowls are really accented on the orange napkins and I agree that the doll head adds a real creep factor. It was a treat hopping with you today and wishing you a happy Halloween!

  7. You created a wonderful table with things you had Maureen, plus a little help from Dollar Tree. Black and orange leave no doubt it’s Halloween! You cleverly created a Halloween centerpiece with a few flowers {beautiful} and stems by adding the cute Boo and Trick or Treat signs, and the little bags of candy treats are such fun. That is funny about your runner, I’m glad you used in on the Halloween side, it’s so cute and perfect for your table! You can put the doll head away please, that is super creepy!!

  8. Hahaha, Maureen, I can’t unsee that creepy doll head now. That said, I am wholeheartedly impressed with your approach to taking basic, classic mainstays and turning them into the traditional theme we’ve come to know for Halloween. I also used those smoky glass goblets, but the light up pumpkins and florals are a really nice touch. The mask on the copper vessel is super attractive (love the orange colored hydrangeas with eucalyptus branches), and who doesn’t want a treat bag, whether kid or adult? That runner is super cute, and pulling double duty with checks on the flipside makes it an even better investment!
    Thanks for participating in and bringing a common sensical and practical approach to this tablescaping event! I know readers appreciate that!

  9. Maureen, I love the orange and black theme which is what I think of for Halloween. How great that the table runner gives you two options and that you were able to find great additions for your table at Dollar Tree. The orange mason jars are perfect for your table and they will be wonderful for summer parties. The plate stack is ideal for your orange and black theme. Yikes, the doll head is creepy. It is always a pleasure to hop with you! Happy Autumn!

  10. How appropriate that a Halloween runner magically appears when you need it! And such a cute one at that! It sets the whimsical mood for the table. The dinnerware you used is perfect for the base, and with a few Halloween accents you’ve designed a festive table. Enjoyed hopping with you this week. Happy Halloween!

  11. Maureen, I do love the new styling of your blog! It looks so clean and neat and easy to find things! You did a fantastic job styling this table…and on a budget no less!! Of course I used those creepy doll heads earlier this year and now I just want to unsee them! Your table (without them) is cute as can be! That runner is so fun and festive and to think you never thought about using it for Halloween. The little wooden flags add just the perfect touch of whimsy! Happy Halloween!

  12. Maureen! I was right the with you until the doll heads! I know you warned me, and I should have paid attention! But for the folks who love creepy, those are the best! That’s so fun about your runner. I had a similar experience back in the day, when someone flipped over the record I’d been playing on one side for 2 weeks – what a shock! But I learned to love side 2 just as much as side 1! Thanks for all the great Halloween ideas on your beautiful table!

  13. Maureen, you know black and white delights me. Add in those touches of orange, and it’s even better. I may need to stop in the $ store and see if they have any of those cute orange jars with lid and straw. They would be fun to have on hand.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Fun to hop with you. Happy Halloween!

  14. How Halloween-ish your table is…and economical too which is always a plus. A reversible runner is always a good thing, I, too love using the dollar store goblets and glasses. I am not crazy about Halloween although as a kid I loved it. Guess I am just getting older than I think,. LOL I look forward to your tables from up north…you have such wonderful inspiration. Thanks for giving us such a lovely but practical table. Hugs

  15. Maureen, I LOVE the table runner! It is just perfect! You are getting me in the mood to start thinking about my Halloween table. Thanks for sharing!