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The Ultimate Dessert Grazing Board

Hosting game night with friends? Or maybe just a casual get together with your best gal pals? Why not create a yummy dessert grazing board that is sure to please both the sweet and salty dessert lovers!

Recently we attended a fun trivia night hosted by our local Lions club. It was a ‘bring your own snacks” event, which I thought was a fantastic idea! Pizza was included in your ticket price and beverages were available for sale, but we were welcome to bring whatever snacks and goodies we wanted.

And, since I am all about elevating the every day, I decided to make a dessert grazing board! And, it really was a hit with everyone at our table! No boring bags of chips for us!

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Close up of the cannoli, strawberries, and chocolate dipped oranges on a dessert grazing board

Sometimes called a dessert charcuterie board, creating a collection of yummy desserts and nibbles really is so easy. This how-to guide will having you creating drool worthy boards of your own!

Planning your grazing platter

A few tips:

  • consider choosing a mix of sweet treats and salty snacks
  • ask about nut (or other) allergies to be considerate to all who will be enjoying it
  • pre-dip some oranges in melted milk and dark chocolate and allow to set in the refrigerator
  • include a variety of store bought and homemade desserts if you so desire
  • for larger desserts (like the cannolis and macarons) plan for 1 or two per person
  • choose fresh fruit that is ripe and vibrant, wash well and blot dry with paper towels a few hours before assembling
An overhead view of a dessert charcuterie board with nuts, cookies, cannolis, grapes, strawberries, and chocolate dipped potato chips

What to include on a dessert board?

The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  • fresh fruit that is easy to pick up and will stay fresh at room temperature such as strawberries and grapes
  • tangerine slices dipped in milk chocolate
  • small “two-bite” desserts that are easy to pick up such as brownies, cannolis, macarons, and cookies
  • one or two types of nuts such as cashews, or smokey roasted almonds
  • caramel corn
  • chocolate dipped ruffled potato chips are the ultimate sweet and salty treat
  • caramel filled chocolate wafers, truffles or chocolate covered cherries
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • whipped chocolate dip (either homemade or purchased)

Feel free to use homemade treats, store bought or a combination of both. The goal is to make it as easy and stress free as you choose!

Additional supplies are needed

  • large sturdy board, platter, plate or tray size dependent upon how many people you will be serving (I used this 14″ round wicker tray lined with parchment paper to serve 8 people)
  • small bowls for holding dips, nuts and other small bits and bobs
  • small serving tongs
  • small plates for serving

How to Build the Ultimate Dessert Grazing Board

If using a wicker tray, cut a circle of parchment paper to fit and line the bottom. Arrange the bowls for the smaller items.

Add the larger desserts like these macarons and cannolis. These marshmallow brownies or raspberry jam bars would be excellent additions.

Add the grapes, allowing them to spill over the edges slightly. Add the strawberries and fill the small bowls with chocolate dip, nuts and other small nibbles, such as yogurt covered raisins.

Begin filling in the dessert board with grapes, strawberries.  Fill the bowls with chocolate dip, nuts and yogurt covered raisins

Fill in gaps with large handfuls of caramel corn. Add the chocolate dipped oranges and chocolate covered finger cookies.

Tuck more strawberries and chocolate squares in the centre, between the bowls. Add a bit of garnish such as sprouts or tiny flowers for that extra something special.

Close up of a dessert board with caramel corn, pink macarons, grapes, strawberries and chocolate dip.

Now that you know that dessert grazing boards are such an easy and creative way to share desserts and sweet nibbles for to please all your guests.

Healthy eaters can enjoy the fresh fruit and dark chocolate, while those of us wanting to indulge a little bit will nibble on the sweeter treats!

So, now it’s your turn. I would love to know. What would you add to your dessert board?

Photo for Pinterest. An overhead view of a dessert board full of fresh fruit, cookies and chocolates.

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  1. Oh My!!! That looks SO delicious! And what a great idea to dip your treats in chocolate – so very elegant. Love your step by step directions too. Sometimes I see things I’d love to recreate, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. Thanks for the tips and the yummy inspiration!!