Blue and White Tablescape for Spring

The combination of blue and white is such a classic pairing, and when I was at the market recently I saw that the gorgeous blue hydrangeas for were popping up for sale, and it was my inspiration for this blue and white tablescape for spring.

Overhead view of a white dinner plate, blue hydrangrea, blue and white check napkin and a blue glass.

Today I am joining some of my favourite tablescape enthusiasts to bring you a plethora of spring tables to explore! Thank you to Rita from Panoply for getting us all together for another great series. All the links are at the bottom of this post, and you won’t want to miss a single one!

While I was setting this tablescape it was snowing and blowing outside. At least we know that snow this time of year won’t be around for long!

Not like the absolute timeless combination of blue and white. It’s such a fresh look that never goes out of style. And, works in every season!

Another wonderful thing about combining blue and white is that you can go bold and bright, or soft and muted.

Blue striped tablecloth, a stack of plates with blue napkins and silver forks and a little white ceramic bunny. rabbit

I went the soft and muted route today. I think it lends itself really well to welcome spring, but would also be perfect for an Easter themed tablescape as well. A few little bunnies look perfectly in place on this table!

I went with a simple yet eye-catching centrepiece using only blue hydrangeas. I opted for the soft blue blooms as I thought the bright blue ones would overpower the table.

Be careful using hydrangeas if you have dogs or cats. Especially ones that like to nibble on flowers and plants, as they are quite toxic for them. If that’s the case, choose a another type of flower that is pet friendly and arrange them in a similar fashion.

Blue and cream hydrangea blooms arranged down the centre of a dinner table.

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Essentials for Setting a Blue and White Tablescape

Blue glassware

I don’t often purchase a new things, and try to use what I already have, but I loved this blue glassware as soon as I saw it at HomeSense. I know that I will get a lot of use out of them, and they were very affordable. These blue highball glasses are similar, and have the blue footed wineglasses to match.

Blue wine glasses and highball glasses.


I couldn’t decide between solid blue or a patterned napkin, so I used both! The blue and white checked napkins are both a classic pattern and a classic colour combination. They add just the right pop of colour on top of the white plates.

A soft blue and white checked napkin on top of white plates, with blue wine and high ball glasses on the side.

I went with a solid denim blue gauze napkin for the dessert course. Antique silver forks and soft blue dessert plates sit at the ready.

4 Antique silver dessert forks on top of a blue napkin


I went back and forth with about using no tablecloth or a white tablecloth. Then I remembered this blue and white striped tablecloth I used on this early autumn tablescape and gave it a try. I think it creates just the right backdrop, and I love mix of stripes and checks.


The options are really endless when it comes to what plates to use. I decided on my simple, everyday white dinner and salad plates. I almost went with these these blue and white salad plates stacked on the white dinner plate, but the blue was just too bold for my liking.

White dinner plates with a beaded edge and a white and blue checked napkin on top.

Our everyday flatware is the perfect accompaniment to this simple spring tablescape.

A blue and white tablescape with blue hydrangea centrepiece, white plates and blue and white checked napkins, and blue glassware.

Don’t you agree that this classic colour combination, done in soft and muted tones make a crisp and elegant start to spring?!

Add Colour to Your Tablescape with Food

I love adding desserts to my tables. The guests get a glimpse of what’s to come and it ties in with the overall theme of the table.

These blueberry cheesecakes were so easy to make, and the sugared fresh blueberries add just the right amount of blue! I will be sharing the recipe later this week.

Four cheesecakes topped with sugared blueberries.
Blueberry topped cheesecake on top of white plates and a blue and white checked napkin.

Don’t these gorgeous hydrangeas just scream “it’s spring!”

Would you believe, I repurposed all of the hydrangea blooms to smaller arrangements and gifted them to my girls, took some to work to brighten up my desk, and set some beside my kitchen sink to enjoy while tackling the evening dishes.

A close-up of blue hydrangea centrepiece.

I hope you have enjoyed my little blue and white spring tablescape tour!

I think the arrival of spring is reason enough to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than to set a pretty table, invite a few friends or family and enjoy a delicious meal and conversation!

Be sure to catch all the other lovely tables via the links below.

A blue and white tablescape set for spring with a large hydrangea centrepiece.

22 Spring Tablescapes That Are Sure to Inspire

Find links to all the spring tables below, and prepare to be inspired!

Blue Easter Bunny in a spring vignette.

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  1. Lovely blue and white introduction to Spring. I’m a fan of that color combination and the muted tones work really well. Beautiful use of hydrangea in your centerpiece. The blueberry treats look delicious. White bunnies dotting the table are perfect for Spring or Easter. The striped tablecloth was a wonderful back drop to the rest of the table. Happy Spring!

  2. Hi Maureen, your table is so lovely, the hydrangea centerpiece caught my eye and I fell in love! I think the way you massed them all together looks gorgeous and it’s casual yet elegant at the same time! I love the pretty shades of soft blues you used, the subtle pattern mix and the blue glasses. The texture of the placemats is a nice texture contrast. The ceramic bunny is so sweet and when he hops away this table would be pretty for summer too! The blueberry cakes look very yummy! I certainly hope your snow ends soon and your temps warm up!

  3. Yes, hydrangeas do scream it’s spring! Your gorgeous table reminds me of the lake. We start going back in spring. Several cabins near us have gorgeous hydrangeas right on the water, and they are a treat to see when we’re on the boat. Your linens are so pretty, and I love your glasses. We’re in the market for new everyday glasses, and I’m trying to decide whether to get colored glasses or clear. Your blue glasses are so pretty! Happy Spring!

  4. Oh my goodness, that last shot is the money shot here! What a gorgeous, overall appearance those hydrangeas and blue glassware AND those desserts make! I love the rumpled blue napkins with flatware photo too – so Pottery Barn in effect! This is a great choice for your soft blue you were going for. I love those bolder blue plates from your summer table too, and can appreciated the inner conflict in deciding which way to go. You chose well. Thank you for bringing your sensible and beautiful style to the table, Maureen. Happy spring!

  5. Yes, your gorgeous hydrangeas do scream spring. Yes, your soft and muted tones make a crisp and elegant start to spring! Blue is my favorite color and hydrangeas are my favorite flower, so I love your table.
    Those blueberry mini cheesecakes add personal warmth and lovely texture. I think your tip about adding color with food is great.
    I enjoyed your post and it is nice to hop with you again. Happy Easter,Maureen.

  6. Good morning, Maureen. As one who absolutely loves blue and white, your table makes me smile. A table full of blue hydrangeas, checked blue and white napkins, blue striped tablecloth, blue glassware checks all the boxes for me! The cheesecake looks delicious with its sugared blueberries on top. I enjoyed my visit and seeing your lovely table. Happy Spring!

  7. Maureen, I’m swooning over your abundance of beautiful blue hydrangeas, perfect flower therapy for the winter blues and when it’s snowing! Blue and white is such a timeless and classic combination at the table and I love your mix of checks and stripes. Your new blue stemware is so handsome and versatile and now I’m craving a mini blueberry cheesecake! It’s always a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy Spring!

  8. Maureen, what a beautiful table you have set here. The hydrangeas are just gorgeous and make such a striking centerpiece! I love the checked napkins with the striped tablecloth and the white dishes- so fresh and crisp – and the beautiful blue glassware is perfect. What a great find! Your blueberry cheesecakes look delicious and I hope everyone enjoyed them. I hope your snow melts quickly and you enjoy a wonderful spring and a happy Easter!

  9. Ok Maureen…it is unanimous !!!!!! The blue and white hydrangeas are spectacular! I have hydrangea envy. I love the way you set up your soft blue and white table. I wouldn’t change a thing except to dirty it all as I sit at your table nibbling on the blueberry cheesecakes (recipe please) and sipping a cold drink out of your lovely new blue glassware. What a joy to look out the window at snow blowing and then to gaze at your serene blue table setting. The blue plaid/gingham napkins are also a great choice. (altho I took a peek at your blue salad plates, I believe you chose the white correctly) The darker blue would be for another time. Thank you for hopping along today and giving me inspiration for setting another table. Happy Spring and Easter. Until our next blog hop.

  10. Blues always sing to me, especially when they are the focus of the celebration. And aren’t all dinners with family or friends a celebration? The soft blues of the table linens are the perfect pairing to those gorgeous hydrangeas! I wonder how many you used to create the feeling of abundance. The blue of the glassware is slightly deeper but just as soft. With the blueberries/cheesecake on the table you just might find they have become the first course! An altogether lovely welcome for spring!

  11. A calming and tranquil table with blue hydrangeas that are absolutely stunning for a centerpiece. The blue glassware was a great purchase. They are hard to find in such a lovely unique color. The elegant blueberry mini cheesecakes are creating an overpowering craving for me. I love cheesecakes and these look so tasty. I also love your mix of the stripes with the checkered napkins. They add so much interest to the table without changing up the serenity. It is a tablescape perfect for the entire Spring season. Happy Easter!

  12. So Pretty, Maureen!!! between the soothing blue color and your gorgeous hydrangeas- this looks like a table to enjoy a wonderful meal and conversation around. – one of those that would make your guests want to linger. Of course, you had me at the checks!! alive your new glassware, love the texture on them. Beautiful photographs as well! I hope you have a blessed Easter and a beautiful Spring!

  13. Maureen, I love blue, and your spring table is just beautiful! The blue hydrangeas make such a stunning centerpiece, and the blueberry cheesecake looks scrumptious. I would love to have a piece with my tea this afternoon. I hope you have a happy spring!

  14. Maureen, your blue and white Spring tablescape is simple elegance! I love the large centerpiece of pale blue hydrangeas. Your white plates are so classic and go with everything. Those blueberry cheesecakes look so good! It’s always a pleasure to join you at the table. Happy Spring!

  15. Maureen, what a perfect springtime table (even though it may not feel very springy outside your windows! I love the blue and white since that is really the color scheme in my whole house. I agree that the white on white plate stack looks fresh, but I checked out the other salad plates, and they would have worked, too! The soft blue and white checked napkins are really a nod to spring in my opinion! Now, those hydrangeas!!! Gorgeous! I have been fortunate to pick up some beautiful ones myself lately! Happy spring and wishing you springtime weather soon!