Easy Strawberry Fool Recipe

What is strawberry fool you might ask? Well, lets just say it might just become your go to recipe all spring and summer long!

Welcome to my 2nd recipe for Spring Sweets Week! If you missed my Hummingbird Cupcakes Recipe, you might just want to go have a look, because it is definitely one to try!

Today’s recipe is so easy, yet so impressive and yummy too.

Strawberry Fool in crystal glasses

With spring officially here, that means Easter is coming soon! This easy strawberry fool recipe will be a showstopper at your next spring celebration.

Honestly though, it is so easy to make and soooo good, you might just find yourself whipping up a batch just because!

Overhead view of a strawberry parfait

What is a Strawberry Fool

Well, a Fool is an delicious dessert that originated in England. A traditional strawberry fool would have been made with stewed strawberries folded into a custard base.

However, this easy fool recipe skips the custard and instead uses fresh whipped cream infused with strawberry syrup and vanilla bean. Oh, and no stewed fruit required either! Emphasis is on the EASY!

Overhead view of strawberry parfaits

Why you will love this recipe

  • Did I mention it is easy!
  • Only a few ingredients
  • Can be adjusted to use any in season berries
  • It is really makes an impression from how delicious it looks to how delicious it tastes
  • Everyone will be asking for the recipe
  • Can be made vegan by using whipped coconut cream instead of whipping cream
A spoonful of a creamy strawberry dessert

What you will need to make a strawberry fool

  • fresh strawberries
  • whipping cream
  • vanilla bean
  • sugar
ingredients for strawberry fool

Easy prep (full recipe below)

  • cut 1/2 cup of strawberries into small pieces, sprinkle with a teaspoon of sugar and set aside
  • trim and slice 2 cups strawberries and add to food processor with 1/2 cup of sugar, process until smooth, strain mixture pressing into the strainer to release liquid into a bowl. Discard solids and refrigerate liquid until read to use
  • pour 1 cup whipping cream into bowl of electric mixture, scrape seeds from 1/2 a vanilla bean and add to cream along with 3 tablespoons of the strained strawberry mixture. Whip until soft peaks form
  • Divide sugared strawberries, and strawberry puree between 4 dessert cups, top each with a 1/4 of the whipped cream mixture and a sliced fresh strawberry for garnish.
pureed strawberries being strained through a fine sieve
strawberry puree
strawberries and sugar with fresh whipped cream

With so many occasions through spring and summer, I think you can see why this strawberry fool will be your go-to recipe all season long!

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Strawberry Fool in crystal glasses

Easy Strawberry Fool

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

This Strawberry Fool recipe is an easy twist on a British classic dessert! A layer of sugary strawberries, strawberry puree and fresh strawberry-vanilla whipped cream. So easy and so delicious


  • 2 1/2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled
  • 1/2 cup + 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • vanilla bean
  • 1 cup whipping cream


  1. Cut 1/2 cup strawberries into small pieces and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon sugar. Set aside.
  2. Add remaining 2 cups of strawberries and 1/2 cup of sugar to a food processor and process until smooth. Transfer to a fine mesh sieve and push through releasing the liquid into a clean bowl. Discard solids. Set aside 3 tablespoons in a small dish, and refrigerate remaining puree until ready to use.
  3. Into the bowl of a stand mixer (or using a hand mixer and large bowl) add whipping cream, seeds from the vanilla bean, and reserved 3 tablespoons of strawberry puree. Whip on medium high until soft peaks form.
  4. Assemble by dividing sugared strawberry bits into 4 dessert cups, divide the strawberry puree pouring over the strawberries. Add 1/4 of whipped cream mixture on top of each. Garnish with a fresh sliced strawberry and refrigerate until ready to serve.


If you don't have a food processor, simply use a potato masher, and mash the strawberries and sugar until as smooth as possible before pushing them through a fine mesh sieve and discard solids, reserving liquid.

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  1. My grandma used to make an amazing Gooseberry fool, I never got the recipe from her though sadly. I make a blackberry fool every autumn and mix my whipped cream with a thick greek yogurt which is nice and works with a low fat yogurt too as you don’t whip it and make it runny, you just fold it in gently. I’m going to try your strawberry version next year if we get a glut of strawberries in the garden, thanks 🙂