Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

I almost hate to ask, but are you ready for Christmas yet? I wish I could say I was! Thankfully though there are just a couple of gifts to pick up and a thorough cleaning of the house, which will both be done this weekend.

Christmas tablescape ideas 2018

Thanks to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate and this years Christmas tablescape blog hop, I do have my Christmas tablescape all set.  This year I wanted something to compliment our Christmas mantel, as well as my husbands Christmas village.  I came up with the idea of setting a winter woodland Christmas tablescape.

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

Just like my Thanksgiving tablescape, I rounded up things that I already had instead of buying new.  It is such a good feeling when I step back and take it all in knowing it didn’t cost anything AND I don’t have a bunch of new things I need to find storage room for!

My daughter’s plaid blanket scarf made the perfect table runner when folded.  Note to daughters:  this is what happens to your things when you move out and leave them behind!

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

I selected three of the faux Christmas trees I have purchased from Ikea over the last few years.  I was going to put them in three different pots, but I remembered the paper lunch bags I had tucked away in a kitchen drawer.  I simply rolled them down and placed each tree in a bag.

Since the trees are all very tall, I placed one right in the centre and the other two near either end of the table to avoid interrupting sightlines across the table.  There is nothing worse than trying to hold a conversation with someone across from you and not being able to see them!

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

To keep things low between the trees, I selected a few little glass jars from the cupboard to hold tea light candles.  Two I filled with salt and two I filled with faux snow bits.

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

The dishes I have had for years.  I purchased it at an auction for just $10 dollars.  It only has the four dinner plates and for cups and saucers, but I really love the pattern and the shape.  I use them during the holidays every year.  

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

Wood chargers anchor the woodland theme, and are stacked with red rattan place mats, red Hemstitched linen napkins and the Christmas tree plates.

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

Inexpensive Ikea stemware round out each place setting.  Perfect for serving this Reisling from Germany.  Riesling is one of my favourite wines, but in this case it was the fun wine bottle that caught Tim’s eye! The image of the kids playing pond hockey is a familiar sight in Canada. It is actually on the back of the bottle projected through the wine.  Makes for a whimsical winter scene!

Winter woodland Christmas Tablescape

Hockey is very much a part of Christmas in our family.  The World Junior tournament is held every year beginning on Boxing Day and no matter where in the world it is being hosted (which sometimes means the games are broadcast live in the wee hours of the morning) you will find us watching whenever Canada is playing!

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

My old Santa teapot awaits boiling water to be poured over cranberry Christmas blend tea leaves. They smell so wonderful dry, I can imagine how delicious the tea will taste.

Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape

And finally, a few red Christmas balls add some sparkle and shine against the candlelight!

Winter woodland Christmas tablescape

I hope you have enjoyed my Winter Woodland Christmas Tablescape, and maybe even gleaned a few ideas for your own.  

Christmas Tablescape Ideas 2018

Did you know I have a tablescapes page where you can find links to all my seasonal and special occasion tables!

And, don’t forget to visit all the participants in our Christmas tablescape blog hop! All the links are below.  Stop by and have a look at all the different styles and ideas.

Until next time….

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  1. Maureen, I the plaid scarf used and a table runner and your note to daughter đŸ™‚ Kudos to you for using things that you already had…so many fun details on your table from the trees in paper bags and shiny red ornaments. Nikko Christmastime is such a classic Christmas pattern, I love the shape! I like seeing a peek of your Christmas village illuminated in the corner of your dining room too. Fun hopping again with you this week, Merry Christmas!

  2. This table says all things true Christmas, vintage and real life to me, Maureen. I absolutely admire your accomplishing this without a single purchase (okay, so the wine was purchases, but it’s a killer bottle!). paper bags for the trees – perfect, your daughter’s scarf (laughed out loud at your commentary), and the dishes from auction for $10 – all my kind of doing. It’s a beautiful table and goes really well with your husband’s village, so perfectly framed in the background. What a treat it is to be on this hop with you and your style, Maureen. I wish you a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thank you Rita! This is the first tablescape my husband has told me not to take down, he says it looks so warm and cozy! Always a pleasure to blog hop with you and I am looking forward to the year ahead! All the best for the Christmas season!

  3. Maureen, I love you Winter woodland Christmas table. My beloved mother had the same Nikko Christmastime china. My sweet sister-in-law now has it and uses for our Christmas Eve dinner at her home. The Ikea trees in the paper sacks make a delightful centerpiece and I love the plaid scarf as the table runner. Your husband’s village in the background is perfect. It is always fun hopping with you!

  4. Maureen, I feel so at home visualizing myself sitting at your table! I admire how you find a way to style your tables with everything you already have!
    Your daughter’s scarf made the perfect runner and looks so nice with your small trees. Clever to use paper bags around them!
    Love seeing your husband’s Christmas village. Your winter woodland Christmas table is inviting as is your whole room.
    Enjoy blog hopping with you.

    1. Thank you Bonnie! Living in a small home like we do, it is all about the cozy factor! My husband is quite proud of his Christmas village collection, and it is the first thing to go up every year!

  5. Maureen, Your table is perfect and with the title you gave it of Winter Wonderland, along with your husband’s Christmas Village…the whole scene says it is Christmas! I, too love the Nikko dinnerware and what a bargain at $10.00 …wish that had been the price I paid. LOL The brown paper bags are excellent “bases” for your three trees. That is using your noodle….which I sometimes think about way after the fact. It is one of those ideas that I wish I had used when the party is over.

    Alas, you have shown lots of inspiration…and as I have found myself repeating, if someone does not find inspiration or an idea or two from these blog hops…well, they just are not looking!! Merry Christmas to you and yours….and we have another blog hop under our belts!

    1. Thank you Kari! Sometimes I have to walk around the house several times until I find just the right thing to use! And, you are so right about finding inspiration. I am so grateful for Pinterest because there are just so many ideas I want to “borrow”!

  6. Your table really does capture the feel of the snowy woodland Maureen, plus the sweetness of Christmas with your china and the village on your sideboard. I really LOVE the sacks you used for the trees, so brilliant and another natural looking element! Your daughter’s plaid scarf makes the perfect table runner! I wish you and your family a very Merry holiday!

  7. The scarf turned table runner is a cute idea. I bought a similar scarf at a consignment store with the intention of using it as a runner as well. Looks like I’m on the right track. I love the dishes and their unusual shape. Your table is so much fun and I love all the holiday details. Merry Christmas!

  8. Kudos to you Maureen, for creating such a beautiful table without purchasing anything new. I hate spending too much on these tables because I always think the money would be better spent by making a donation to the food bank, or buying more gifts for the giving tree. Your daughter’s scarf was genius – it makes a perfect runner – I’m all about the plaids! I will have to remember the brown paper bags for the trees – I like how natural those look. Love that hockey is such a big part of your holidays – Both my boys and my husband play – while they were in school – our lives revolved around hockey, such fun times. We have watched many of those World Jr. games as well. Your woodland themed Christmas table looks perfect for a toasty warm celebration with friends or family. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  9. Your scarf looks lovely. I adore the trees in paper bags. So creative and fun. The dishware is lovely and I do love their shape. Great find and great price. Kudos to you for using what you have. A pleasure to join you on this Christmas blog hop.

  10. Maureen, you r lucky to have a daughter to ‘borrow’ stuff from — all my sons have left here for storage is tons of Legos, Star Wars toys, etc LOL. In fact, each Christmas they ‘argue’ over who gets my nutcrackers, etc. I love your table, especially the blanket runner and tree in paper bags — genius! And all so heart-warming. Gonna get me to Ikea for those fabulous trees!

  11. Very very nice!

    Bella tavola, tutta addobbata . . . la riguarderĂ² con attenzione, per trovare ispirazione per le mie tavole delle feste!

    Arrivo nel tuo blog grazie al blog di Donna Bianca!

    Ciao, Fior

  12. Maureen, I just love how you used items from around the house for your tablescape. I try to do the same thing as much as possible. Your daughter’s plaid scarf is the perfect backdrop for your cozy table. I totally understand why your husband doesn’t want you to take it down! I’ve seen your china pattern before, but didn’t know it was called Nikko. It’s so classic Christmas! I just love your Santa teapot, too. Cranberry tea sounds great! It’s been a pleasure joining you on this hop. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  13. Here I am, better late than never! Your lovely woodland table makes me feel like I should wrap an afghan around my shoulders and snuggle by the fire! You really accomplished your theme with your pretty trees and that warm and welcoming table runner! Thanks so much for joining in another hop and Merry Christmas!