Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast is no easy task! Today I am delighted to share a few simple Thanksgiving table decor ideas that are easy and take no time at all!

Welcome! I can hardly believe it is already November!! The spring seemed to drag on forever, but the summer whizzed right by. And, autumn seems to be doing the same!

Today I am joining Chloe from Celebrate & Decorate and 16 other bloggers who love table decor! We are sharing our vision for Thanksgiving table decor in hopes you will find some inspiration for your own table!

Being Canadian, our Thanksgiving has long since past, and I can assure you it was so different than years past. Different yes, but still a wonderful celebration of all the things we have to be thankful for. And, despite this crazy year, there are still plenty reasons to be thankful!

Our simple Thanksgiving table decor

My inspiration for this years table was found in our daily walks with the dog. We are blessed to live in an area where the change of seasons are evident in the beautiful changing landscape.

For the last two years I have really been leaning into design and lifestyle of the English countryside. And, I am drawn to the simplicity I often see in the styling of their tables. Oh, there are also lavish tables as well, but it is those of the rustic country cottages that draw me in.

It is with that in mind, I decided to go fairly bare bones with my Thanksgiving table decor, and have to admit I am quite smitten with how it turned out.

How to make a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece

On a recent walk, I took along my garden snips and foraged a few branches that were at their peak autumnal colors. Simply plunked into a stoneware jug filled with fresh water, I let them lay where they may. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

My everyday white dinner plates are topped with pretty salad plates purchased at a local grocery store a couple of years ago, and used for this tablescape last year.

I topped each place setting with a fresh pear from our local farmer’s market.

Simple natural colored linen napkins with a delicate lace trim are arranged between the plates.

I left the handles of my grandmothers vintage silverware a little tarnished in keeping with the relaxed and rustic feel of the table.

Two simple candles will add a pretty glow come evening.

The soft yellow glassware was a thrift store find, and I think are a perfect part of this Thanksgiving table decor.

Thanksgiving was definitely quieter than most years. It was just myself and my husband, plus my brother (he is in my bubble) who otherwise would have been alone.

I have much hope that come this time next year we will be gathering around the huge table with all our family as in years’ past. But, for now I will continue to celebrate all the simple things,

I hope I have inspired you with my simple Thanksgiving table decor. Be sure to check out all the participating bloggers below for all kinds inspiration for your Thanksgiving table.

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Until next time….

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  1. Maureen, I love the simple, natural beauty and charm of your tablescape. It goes perfectly on the exposed wood of your fabulous table. Everything about it is warm and welcoming. I also liked what you said about leaving a little tarnish on the vintage flatware. Mine is so old, I also enjoy what I prefer to think as a antique patina. There’s something special in thinking of the many Thanksgiving tables heirlooms they have graced in the past — and will in the future after this pandemic is over.

  2. Maureen, thanks for joining in on the Thanksgiving hop. Your natural organic look is perfect with those pretty plates. I’ve been leaning a bit more into simple decor and love how relaxed it makes me feel.
    Great to be hopping with you!

  3. I love love your table Maureen, the simple fall leaves in the pitcher are the perfect centerpiece for a more relaxed feel this year…even though our gatherings are smaller, they are just as meaningful, and perhaps a special way to celebrate our blessings. I adore the fresh pears sitting on your pretty plates, I know you 3 had a lovely time!

  4. Maureen, inspire me you have! I have been known to take snips on walks too, and bags to collect pine cones (in fact, the ones on my table now!). I can totally relate to your style you gravitate toward, as it is much the way we live our everyday lives – casual, relaxed and natural (except I still can’t bring myself to letting my hair go natural, but if it turned out as beautiful as yours, I’d be all in. It’s gorgeous!). You must’ve taken extra care in choosing your pears – they stand so perfectly on those plates which, btw, their abstract design I love. Your guest list to include your brother sounds very much as I plan to do. He is alone but has been in my/our bubble since this whole thing began, same as yours. I so hope we can feel normal by this time next year, and don’t feel weird when we pass someone along walks outside. I hope you enjoy this season of thanks. I’m glad you’re part of this group. I love visiting with you at the table.

  5. Maureen, your Thanksgiving table is beautiful. Those plates are so pretty, and I always love using things from nature to create a centerpiece for the table. I hope that your November is filled with many blessings!

  6. Maureen sometimes simple elegance is perfection. I love the natural elements. It is satisfying to wander through the countryside and pick nature’s bounty. I love the addition of the pears on each plate. Have a blessed Thanksgiving

  7. Maureen your tablescape is just lovely! The colors are so warm and inviting and I love your dishes. I always look forward to your tablescapes. Have a blessed holiday season!

  8. What a pretty table! I love how natural it all looks from your rustic table to the beautiful leaf centerpiece! So great to hop with you again!

  9. So beautiful, simple and welcoming Maureen, from the pears, soft linens and autumn’s finest leafy stems in your pitcher! I’ve always preferred a little patina and soft tarnish on vintage flatware rather than it polished to an inch of its life. 🙂 So happy to be hopping with you again and join you at the table. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and blessings of the season. ♥

  10. Maureen, Your table is eye-catching immediately.
    I love fresh elements and you are so blessed to simply gather some lovely branches and leaves along your walk. My first thought was I must know her source of faux leaves. I have seen some lovely ones and I need to investigate them because truthfully we just don’t get pretty leaves around here and then if there are a few they do not last.
    Your table beckoned me in with the delightful color pears, fall leaves, and the elegant simplicity of the white pitcher full of beautiful leaves and the charming floral plates.
    Wishing you a great November.

  11. Maureen, I love the simplicity of your table. It exudes the season and a warm welcome. I love to forage for branches and wildflowers. The fall leaves are perfect as your centerpiece. It is always a pleasure to hop with you!

  12. Maureen, Your table is certainly a statement of the simplicity of nature. I love your rustic tabletop. The simple display of a single pear on each plate is perfect! I envy the early Thanksgivings you celebrate in Canada instead of the nonstop “Thanksgivingmas” thing we get here in the states. Thank you for joining us once again! Stay warm and cozy and safe and healthy!

  13. Maureen, your observation and description of your community’s way of celebrating Fall is so refreshing. I can definitely see how beautiful simplicity can be. There is something so charming about the colorful branches of leaves as your centerpiece. The cozy use of creamy colored linen napkins and a single pear on the salad plates makes a huge statement for the warm and inviting table. So sweet. Your table tells a lovely story of your appreciation of the Fall season. Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Maureen,
    Beautiful chic and simple Thanksgiving Tablescape. So refreshing, inspiring and soothing. What a beautiful area you live in, how blessed you are. Your style and mindset remind me of my middle daughter. She has a knack for creating spaces with a wow factor through simple and serene decorating.
    Lovely to hop with you.

  15. Maureen I love the simplicity of your table….and I envy that you have extra time between Thanksgiving and Christmas…it seems our U.S. holidays are back to back with no time to rest and relax in between. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  16. The traditional fall palette combined with the natural elements makes for a lovely presentation. It’s quietly chic and very comfortable. I too am hoping and believing for a better future for all of us and I know we still have so much to be thankful for. Happy Holidays!

  17. Maureen, your table looks so relaxed and welcoming. I love that you used leaves and pears as decor. There’s something to be said for a simple, uncluttered table. It reminds me of Scandinavian style. It’s also eco and budget friendly to use foraged natural elements and items that you already have on hand. I’m happy to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving with your husband and brother. It was fun hopping with you again!