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Woodland Winter Wreath

DIY Winter Wreath

Well, the seasons have officially changed at my house! I have hung my winter wreath on the front door!

Usually I hang a Christmas wreath, but this year I wanted something that is going to work throughout the entire winter season, while still setting the mood for our Christmas décor theme.  And, since this year I am trying to keep it simple and outdoorsy, I knew this wreath would be the perfect fit!

I am also limiting my spending on décor this year and this was more motivation to keep it simple and a bit more versatile to last beyond the Christmas season.

I already had the wreath, which I purchased last year for $2.99 at Michaels.  The tiny natural evergreen trees came in a package of 6 in assorted sizes for $4.99, but I used a 40% off coupon to lower the cost!  I also picked up a bag of “plastic” snow flakes at Walmart for $3.00.  If you don’t have spray adhesive, you can also pick it up pretty cheap at Michaels with a coupon as well.

The other great thing about this winter wreath is that it is beyond simple to make!

Step One:  Gather your supplies, making sure to fluff all the branches of your wreath and plug in your glue gun.  (I always rest mine in a metal disposable pie plate)

A DIY Wreath for the Winter Season

Step Two:  Stand up the wreath and rest it against a box or something sturdy to keep it upright while you work.  Arrange the trees to your liking.

( I had some green glittery mini trees, but really didn’t want to use them when I saw how pretty it was with just the natural ones.)

DIY Wreath for the winter season

Step Three:  Using a glue gun, carefully add a dab of glue to the bottom of each tree base and secure in place.

DIY Wreath for the winter season

Step Four:  When all your trees are secured in place, lay the wreath flat on the table.  Make sure the work surface is covered in paper to protect it from the spray adhesive!

Easy diy winter wreath

Step Five:  Working in sections, spray the wreath thoroughly with adhesive.  Sprinkle with “snow”, and continue all around until the wreath is covered.  Be careful not to spray the trees themselves.

An easy DIY wreath to last the winter season

That’s it!  Now shake off any excess “snow” and hang your masterpiece on your door for all to enjoy!

Easy DIY Winter Wreath

No need to pack it away after right after the holidays.  Since it so neutral it is meant to enjoy the entire winter season!

Now, if we could just get some real snow around here maybe it would actually start to feel like Christmas.  I have to admit I have not exactly been feeling full of the Christmas spirit and it has been hard to get started decorating this year.  With temperatures way above average I have been slow getting into the swing of things!

DIY Winter Wreath Project

Making this easy and inexpensive winter wreath has ignited a bit of a spark, and with our annual kick off to Christmas weekend starting with the Candlelight Stroll on Friday and then the House Tour on Saturday, I should be firmly immersed in the holiday spirit by this time next week!

Until next time…


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  1. Ok. I see,,,but you make it look so easy,,I still don’t want to do it,, you are one talented woman. Robin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Love this, Maureen. May adapt a little, but will “steal” your basic instructions. Appreciate the simplicity, even I can recreate and it will not look like something I made.

  3. The wreath is lovely, and a great idea to have foe the entire winter season. I have a very talented niece. Keep it up

  4. It beautiful, Maureen!! My wreath is similar in that it can be used for the entire winter too. Aren’t we smart AND practical???

    After I came downstairs today I realized it was December 1st! I could hardly believe it. Now it’s hitting me that’s the reason my friends were all posting pictures of decorated houses on FB last night. They’re getting ready for Christmas too!

    Your activities next weekend sound wonderful. If you’re extra lucky, maybe a few light flurries will hit your area on Friday night. Just keep away from Brampton since I had surgery on a foot last week and am on crutches with no weight-bearing for 6 weeks (I’ll have been recasted 3 times by then). After that it will be 6 weeks of a walking boot. Then I’ll gladly welcome some snow!!

    I have to finish writing report cards by tomorrow (I’m off school now) and then my decorations come out too!

    My girls are out west and won’t be home this year so it will be a much quieter Christmas for us. My son lives nearby too. My lack of mobility really gives me a beautiful opportunity to focus on the real meaning of Christmas this year. That is a true gift to me!


    1. Oh Jan, I hope your foot heals fast! I will only wish for snow in the Niagara Region 🙂 I hope you have people waiting on your every need! I am really striving to focus on the meaning of Christmas myself this year. Keeping everything as simple as possible and taking it all in instead of rushing around trying make it all perfect!