Screen Porch Progress

You would not believe the screen porch progress that has been happening at Leslie’s house!  You can see all the before photo’s here!

With demo long since over and one very full garbage bin ready to be taken away from the driveway, construction has been running along smoothly.

Tim and my brother have been working hard but took some time off through the mini-heat wave we had last weekend.

Lets have a look at where we started!

Screen Porch Reno

Look’n a little worse for wear!

I think the progress is pretty amazing.

Porch Progress

My daughter was kind enough to come offer some quality control!  She was checking to make sure the door opened and closed smoothly.  What would we have done without her.

Screen Porch Progress

They built the new roof to be in line with house, adding several inches to the inside height.  The new shingles are on and we have had a couple of heavy downpours without a drop of water getting through!

A new eavestrough will be installed to run the entire width of the back of the house/screen room.

A bit of sanding to remove the lumber stamps, and a power wash of the existing skirting and it will be ready for a new coat of stain.

The screens fit in so well, you can hardly even tell they are there!  A second set of window frames made with plastic will be made to fit over top during the winter.

Screen Porch Renovation

We are pretty much at the finish line with construction, with just the “battan” boards to be installed on the end wall of the screen porch.

When that is finished, the entire inside will get a fresh coat of white paint.

Leslie painted these bamboo chairs a glossy black.  The cushions had already been recovered by her mom.  The chairs were originally a yard sale find!

Accent Chair

I adore this chair that Leslie picked up at a yard sale this past weekend!

What do you think so far?

My favorite part is almost ready to begin.  Wait until you see what we have planned for the inside.

One more week and we should be all done.  Lets hope the weather co-operates!

Until next time…..


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  1. Found you on Hometalk and love the board and batten exterior. I am building a covered deck his fall with a similar screen design as this and have been toying with the idea of adding removable plexiglass window inserts to help keep the Cdn Prairie snow out. I am subscribing and hope to see some finished exterior shots of this room sometime – are you going to paint it all white outside too – the wall and skirt? I can’t decide if I want them all to blend together on mine with one color or not – what are you doing? Thanks ~ Kari

    1. Hope to have the exterior post and pics ready to post next Monday! Leslie wanted to keep the outside blending in with the landscape, so she decided on a stain in a greeny/grey shade. More greeny to my eye! In our own screen porch my husband made an extra set of window panels that are heavy duty plastic. Our screen porch is quite large and plexiglass would have been very expensive. We have been switching them out for years and they have worked great to keep out the wind and the snow!

      1. I know plexi is so costly now it is almost cheaper to buy windows then frame up plexi and buy good screen! Did hubby use Rolls of window plastic to make the window panels? If so how is the clarity or are they just in over winter so who cares that much to look out at the drab brown and snow it is better if a bit blurry ugh!?

        1. He did use heavy gage window plastic, which is a bit cloudy, but it doesn’t really bother us at all. He also uses twine to form an X across the plastic from corner to corner of the window frames as it can be quite here in the winter and since the window are so large, it keeps the plastic from blowing in and out!