Channeling My Inner Irish

Every year come March 17th, I think every one feels like they are a little bit Irish! I channelled my inner Irish to style my St.Patrick’s Day tablescape!

St.Patrick's Day tablescape

Today I am joining Debbee from Debbee’s Buzz and several other talented content creators as we share our St.Patrick’s Day tablescapes! You will find all the links at the end of this post.

When you think of St.Patrick’s Day, what comes to mind? I am going to guess you said either shamrocks or green beer!

In our younger days partaking in a cheap green beer or two might have been on my husbands to-do list come March 17th, but now that he is all grown up, celebrating with a Guinness is more his speed!

And is there really even a St.Patrick’s Day without Shamrocks? I don’t think so!

Last year I made a sweet shamrock subway art with my Cricut Maker! Now, if I could only remember where I put it!

My St.Patrick’s Day Tablescape Inspiration

I didn’t need to look any further than our family room beverage centre to find some fun St.Patrick’s Day tablescape decorations!

We have several Guinness beer glasses, and there always seems to be some Guinness chilling in the bar fridge!

Even though Ireland’s beverage of choice is an integral part of this tablescape, I still wanted it to be a bit more on the classy side, then college keg party!

I used a wool blanket, not from Ireland, but the hint of green against the different shades of brown makes the table feel cozy. Like I imagine a neighborhood pub in Ireland would feel!

And, what would a dinner table be without an eye-catching centerpiece!

Bells of Ireland are just one of the flowers in this centerpiece with a nod to the Irish flag! White and green hydrangea, white stock, and orange tulips casually arranged to create this arrangement.

St.Patrick's Day Tablescape

Green and white dish towels from Ikea serve as oversized napkins. Each on a little different pattern!

Shamrocks clipped from the plants are laid atop each white plate, creating a crisp spring-like contrast! Simple mix-matched flatware complete each place setting.

Finally, acrylic green water glasses add a touch of color next to the beer glasses, and can be used for water or a St.Patrick’s Day cocktail!

St.Patrick's Day table decor

This simple, yet festive St.Patrick’s day table is the perfect fit for our quiet, refined celebration!


Until next time…..

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  1. Maureen, I love your wool blanket with the touch of green as a foundation for your table…so warm and inviting! Your flowers are beautiful with the pops of orange from your tulips as a nod to the Irish flag. I love your addition of Bells of Ireland too. It’s always a pleasure to join you at the table and hop with you! Happy March and St. Paddy’s Day! ♥♣

  2. Maureen, a lovely table to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Such a lovely look wit4h your wool blanket. I love using different things to cover my table. The simple white plates are a lovely palette with the green. Adding the shamrock is a nice touch. Guinness beer is perfect. The floral arrangement is so perfect with the pops of orange. Always a pleasure to join you. Happy March.

  3. Oh the blanket is wonderful, I love the soft texture and cozy feel it brings to your table! The real shamrocks on the white plates are a simple yet elegant touch, and the beer things are perfect! Love the flowers too, with the pops of orange. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Maureen!

  4. Maureen, I LOVE this! Your take on the holiday and the tablescape representing it are everything I love – some vintage, a masculine/feminine vibe, and very inviting. Nice touches with the colors in the blanket, and the floral arrangement for the flag, and the choice of Guinness, of course! Slainte, my friend! Well done!

  5. Maureen, this rich mix of warm brown, greens and pops of orange are so lovely together. The whole look is a warm and inviting table, just like the Irish are.
    The Guinness glasses proclaim that your husband is indeed a serious beer connoisseur.
    Always fun hopping with you.

  6. Maureen, what a fun and festive St. Paddy’s Day table you’ve set! I really like your choice of the plaid to set the tone of a warm Irish pub — just like I picture it (we were suppose to travel there last June). Your fresh floral centerpieces always dazzle me! I love the Irish Bells and unexpected bright pops of orange too. Wherever did you find live clover you lucky girl? And thanks for the giggles about college days and green beer. Great having you join my first ever hop too — thanks!

    1. Thank you Debbee! And, thank you so much for hosting!! I am sorry your trip was cancelled 🙁 I was surprised to find the shamrock plants at the end of February, but scooped them up quick!

  7. Looks like you had fun channeling your inner Irish! I love all the St. Patrick’s day touches from the shamrocks to the beer! Such a pretty and festive table!

    1. Thanks so much Andrea! That blanket as been tucked away for far too long, and I was glad to bring it out even if it was as a tablecloth!

  8. So nice Maureen and so cozy! The flowers are so pretty and I must ask where you found such a perfect bouquet? A special glass for the Guinness completes your all white plate stack and one can sit back and relax and enjoy. How special to include a splash of orange from the flag to the otherwise all kelly green that most associate with this day. Love it.
    It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  9. Maureen, your table is fabulous! I like the way you used the Guinness label as your inspiration to using your brown plaid blanket as your tablecloth, it is perfect with the green in it!!! Your florals are beautiful and are the perfect nod to the Irish flag. Your table certainly looks classy and the perfect place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! one of my favorites!! It is always a pleasure to hop with you

  10. Maureen, I’m swooning over that cozy brown plaid throw! It was the perfect tablecloth to set the mood for your Irish themed tablescape. I love everything…the bouquet in the milk glass vase with bells of Ireland and pops of orange, the green and white IKEA dishtowels as napkins, white hobnail plates, potted shamrocks and the green glasses. The mention of green beer brought back memories of my college years lol! It was fun to hop with you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I just love Ikea dishtowels! They are super inexpensive and usually buy a few sets so I don’t worry about them getting stained!

  11. Maureen, How warm and cozy your blanket makes your table. It is welcoming right from the start. Then, adding your cans of Guiness and the charming glasses, you just know this is going to be a fun gathering. I love your white plates with their interesting texture, I really need some new basic white plates. You have finished off your table for St. Patrick’s Day with all of the expected items, shamrocks and bells of Ireland for example!

  12. Lovely table, Maureen. Since my mama died on St. Patrick’s Day 11 years ago, I have trouble ‘celebrating’ this day, but she’d love to see your beautiful tablescapes, so i might give one a try. Thanks!

  13. Oh how I love a festive tablescape! I enjoy the pops of plaid and orange with the bright green clovers. Perfect for celebrating St Patty’s Day. Thanks for the fun inspiration.

  14. Found out through Ancestry my mom’sfamily is majorly Irish! And it is Gotcha Day for one of our adopted daughters. Liked the flowers wiht everythinng on the table in particular