Fruit and Flowers Spring Tablescape

The two things I look forward to every spring at the Farmer’s Market is finding local fresh fruit and flowers. With this in mind it was easy to choose a theme for my spring tablescape!

I am delighted to be joining Rita from Panoply and 16 other table stylists as we share our tablescapes with a spring and/or Easter theme! You will find all the links below that will have you inspired to style your own beautiful spring table!

If you are arriving from Me and My Captain, welcome! Spring is definitely in the air even though we still have snow in the forecast!

fruit and flowers spring tablescape

As mentioned above, I was inspired to create a lush and colourful fruit and flowers tablescape to celebrate the long awaited arrival of spring after a recent visit to a local Farmer’s Market.

Living in Southern Ontario, we are blessed with many local greenhouses that grow many varieties of both fruit and flowers, that are shipped all over North America.

In fact, on one of our visits to New York City, our tour guide pointed out all the beautiful flowers for sale outside the corner shops. Most of which were shipped in fresh from farms right in my local area!

Fruit and flowers aren’t just for gift giving!

small posy of flowers, blue and white floral plates

How to use fruit and flowers to decorate a table

Flowers always make a stunning centrepiece. I am still swooning over this flower filled basket from last year!

Cakes also make beautiful centrepieces. This cake decorated with flowers made a stunning centrepiece.

You can also use fresh fruit to decorate each place setting. A single slice of watermelon on a contrasting plate is a showstopper for sure.

Another great idea is to have a footed cup or champagne coupe on each plate filled with seasonal fresh fruit! Or, a charcuterie board with the focus on the fruit.

Top view of a cake decorated with fresh blueberries and blackberries

Or make the centrepiece a simple cake decorated with fresh fruit

I love “naked” cakes for their simplicity and rustic charm. I made a simple blackberry cream cake, and was so happy with how it turned out, I decided to make it the centrepiece.

The deep purple of the fresh blackberries, the juicy blueberries and fresh green leaves all remind me of spring! And, did I mention the blueberry filling?!

Slice of blueberry filled layer cake

Use fresh flowers as take-away gifts for guests

I love the look of dainty posy’s. Just a few flowers hand tied together make a lovely gift for your dinner guests to take home. A nice reminder of the lovely time spent together.

small posy of ranunculus, roses, and anemones

I used ranunculus, roses, hellebore and stock flowers and placed them in Bonne Maman jam jars that I have been saving over the winter. These lovely florals are not only a part of the table decor but a thoughtful little extra for your guests!

floral posy in a jam jar

How to layer floral patterns on a spring table

I love the look of wildly different floral patterns on a table.

For this spring table I wanted a bold tablecloth that just oozes spring floral and was lucky to find exactly what I wanted at a local Homesense store. The bold, vibrant colours that are the perfect backdrop for a plate stack that is is equally vibrant and floral!

pink floral and blue floral plates stacked on a simple white dinner plate

I used my favourite white dinner plate as a base, and to provide a buffer between the bold tablecloth and the floral patterned plates.

The pink floral plates I picked up at a local antique shop several years ago. I used them in pretty this summer garden tablescape too, and love the romantic tone they set.

The blue floral plates were purchased last year for my summer dinner party tablescape. They have quickly become a favourite, and were so inexpensive I use them often.

tablescape plate stack in contrasting florals

Even though the tablecloth is extra colourful, each plate pulls from those colours making it all work together.

A simple pink napkin is layered between the white plate and the pink floral plate so as not to compete with the plates themselves.

I used our everyday simple flatware, and tall crystal etched glasses that simply blend into the scene. Filled with fresh fruit juice though, they will add to the overall colour story.

I have really leaning towards keeping my tablescapes simple lately. I used to struggle with trying to fit too much on the table just to drive the theme home.

When I stood back to admire and confirm the fruit and flowers theme was well represented, although I had a few other things I had considered adding, I really felt it was perfect just as it was.

Bright and vibrant, yet a simple and relaxing. A space to enjoy an early spring meal with family and friends!

a bold floral tablecloth under mismatched floral plates

I hope you I sparked your imagination and creative spirit, but most of all inspired you to combine fruit and flowers the next time you set the table.

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  1. Pingback: The Joys Of Easter
  2. I love the subtlety of your Easter table, telegraphing the theme with just beautiful layers of flowers. I would be very happy sitting at this table, and enjoying a slice of that mouth-watering cake!


  4. Wow, Maureen! What I love most on this table (quite apart from the stellar fruit and flowers, which I’ll come back to) is the synergy. Truly, the sum is greater than the individual elements. But the elements – that cake is beautiful with how you made it naked while topping it (and filling it!) with the fruit and greenery. Those posy takeaways are just so pretty. I would love taking one of those from your dinner party as a reminder of the tablescape. I agree with you in stepping away and seeing the table doesn’t need a lot of unnecessary additions. You really did a nice job of creating this with an unexpected combination of plates. The tablecloth is the perfect base for it all. A good find to have in your arsenal. Thanks so much for participating in the hop. It’s a pleasure to have your style at the table.

  5. Maureen, your beautiful table is more than simple, it is elegant. I love your use of small patterns and bright colors. It complements the fresh floral bouquets so nicely. I love your use of fresh flowers since they add a lot of charm to the table and contrasts with the rustic naked cake, which has me craving a slice. With the fresh blackberries and blueberry filling and just the right amount of sweetness from the frosting, I can almost taste the moist and delicate flavors and textures. It has such cozy country charm. It is always a wonderful experience to hop with you. Happy Easter.

  6. Maureen I enjoyed looking at your table, especially your naked cake. They are so easy to make and it is ok if they are not perfect and that reminds me of…well, me! However, God says we are wonderfully made and so it your pretty pieces on your table. You were right to stop and take a step back and decide the table was perfect as is, without any other distractions. And your flowers…oh how I love flowers on a table and yours are no exception. Your bouquets are lovely as is your plate stack. And how clever of you to use the jam jars for vases. It is such fun to see the different stylists rendition of Spring, and as usual, thank you for being a part of this hop. You always inspire.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  7. Maureen, your pairing of fruits and fresh flowers is just gorgeous! Love the beautiful berry-topped cake and your floral hostess gifts–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  8. Oh Maureen, you had me at that show stopping cake! Surrounded by the individual vases of flowers, it makes a perfect and delightful Spring centerpiece~ I love the idea of using Maman jar vases of flowers on the table and then giving them to your guests for a take away. Your pattern mix is wonderful and makes your table inviting and relaxed, yet the flowers, candles, and linens make it feel special and elegant! I hope Spring finds it’s way to you soon, lovely hopping with you!

  9. I love the vibrant colors on your table that are the epitome of spring! I love your celebration of both flowers and fruit. The freshest of flowers are gorgeous and all the details work so well together. Your guests will be be spell-bound!

  10. Such a beautiful tablescape and the naked cake just makes it! Fresh flowers always do it for me…Love the idea of using small vases with little bouquets of flowers. So so pretty in every way!

  11. Maureen, you outdid yourself with this uber pretty table. The flower table cloth reminds me of something from my childhood, and the blue plates and farmer market flowers look lovely together. It feels so wonderfully vintage and I would love to sit down and eat some of the rustic cake with you!

  12. Maureen, the tablecloth is a beautiful foundation for the plate stack and the flowers. I adore the pink floral plate, it is so lovely. The cake is a perfect centerpiece and it looks delicious…love blackberries! The takeaway flowers are so pretty and any guest would be happy to have the petite arrangement. It is always a treat to hop with you…Happy Spring

  13. Beautiful table Maureen, fruit and flowers go so well together. Love the naked cake dressed with berries.
    The pastels are lovely. Darling plate stack against the floral tablecloth. Fresh flowers are so lovely. The flower takeaway is such a wonderful idea. I know your guests will love this. A pleasure hopping along with you.

  14. Maureen, your table feel like a beautiful walk in the garden. The textile reminds me of a field of wildflowers and the plate stacks a bouquet of flowers. I love the way you use fresh flowers on your table, and the blackberries are a work of art. Beautiful table!!! Fun to hop with you. Happy Spring!

  15. Maureen, your gorgeous florals always astound me! I am a bit jealous, I live in the middle of nowhere and there just is not anywhere good to purchase flowers around me- the only thing we grow around here is corn!! So I always drool over your beautiful floral bouquets. And now you have me drooling over that cake as well! Your table is wonderful, your fruit and flowers are such a lovely compliment to each other. I am coming over for dinner so I can take home one of those bouquets!!! Have a nice Easter and a wonderful spring!!

  16. So pretty Maureen! I love your floral tablecloth for a spring table and your cake is a showstopper! I love your pretty posies at each place setting too. So smart to save the Bonne Maman jam jars as they make such sweet vases. As always, it’s a treat to hop with you and join you at the table! Happy Easter ♥