How To Set a Halloween Tablescape Fit For A Princess

This year I took a totally different approach to my halloween tablescape than in previous years, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Welcome to our annual Halloween tablescape blog hop hosted by the lovely Rita from Panoply! At the end of this post you will find 20 links, each leading to fabulous halloween tablescape that will have you inspired for days!

So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in! I have so many photos of my table to share, as well as 6 easy tips for setting an enchanting Halloween table all your own.

I do love the look of a dark and moody tablescape for Halloween. But, with all that is going on in the world right now, sometimes I think we all just want to escape into a fairytale and leave the harsh reality behind. I know I sure do!

Colourful crown on top of a pink pumpkin for a Halloween Tablescape

Although Halloween is notorious for goblins and witches and ghosts, all of which can be loads of fun, there are plenty of princess that come trick or treating at our door each year!

When thinking of all those princesses, I was inspired by the gorgeous selection of pumpkins at the nursery. They remind me of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage!

Real pumpkins in shades of pink, green, blue and white make a table runner down a dinner table styled for Halloween

This isn’t your typical princess party table. It is a little bit more elegant, and without the plastic tiara’s and silver wands and bright pink! It is more like an enchanting fairytale table fit for princesses and princes of all ages!

6 Tips for setting an enchanting Halloween tablescape

Let me start with a bonus tip!

A Halloween tablescape does not need to break the bank! I spent around $25 total for this fairytale inspired table. (not including the crown, that will be used for a Halloween costume)

It was tempting to hit our local Homesense and Marshalls stores to pick up “special plates” or some other fun accessory for my Halloween table, I didn’t give in to that temptation! And, I really couldn’t be more pleased.

Overhead view of orange, white and blue/green pumpkins with twinkle lights tucked in between

Take the lead from the most enchanting fairytale of them all…..Cinderella

When you think of princesses and fairytales, Cinderella always comes to mind! An easy and inexpensive way to set the theme for your entire table is to create a living table runner using real pumpkins.

These are readily available this time of year for just a couple of dollars each. Choose shades of pink, muted blues and greys, white and peach. Mix and match several down the centre of the table, tucking springs of greenery cut from the garden here and there.

Don’t forget the crown

This gorgeous crown is from Amazon and was really surprised by the quality when it arrived. Made of metal and comes with hair pins to secure it in place.

It serves double duty, as it will later be used for a costume.

If you won’t have any use for a crown afterwards, simply pick an inexpensive plastic crown at the dollar store for an equally royal look!

Bejewelled Crown on top of a pumpkin

I added some hydrangeas that are still hanging on in our garden despite the cold temperatures. Chicken wire stuffed into a footed crystal compote keeps the stems in place.

Create a simple, yet elegant plate stack worthy of any palace dining room

Start with metallic chargers in gold, rose gold, silver or blue, easily found at most dollar stores or Michaels.

For something a little fancier, these ornate silver chargers are gorgeous, inexpensive, and would also be stunning on a Christmas table. They may or may not have made their way into my cart!

White plates on a gold charger with a pink napkin and pumpkin sugar cookie on top

Layer on simple white plates. White plates with a simple gold rimmed edge would also be perfect. They key word is simple. Nothing too fancy or patterned.

Choose a luxurious plush velvet napkin, or tie a soft linen napkin in a loose knot for an informal look.

Pro tip: if you don’t already have napkins, purchase a 1/2 metre or so of polyester velvet fabric and cut into 12 by 12 squares for simple, inexpensive DIY napkins.

Add DIY takeaway atop each plate

Is there anything more adorable than tiny little pumpkins? In fact there is! These decadent sugar cookie pumpkins are so adorable and easy to make.

Decorate them in pastel orange, green and pink, and they are perfect for a fairy tale inspired Halloween table.

Pumpkin sugar cookie decorated with pastel orange, pink and green

They would also be delightful on a Thanksgiving table and will be enjoyed by little and adult guests alike.

Side view of a decorated pumpkin sugar cookie

The cookies were super simple to make. And, I am definitely not known for my cake or cookie decorating skills.

My mom was an amazing cake decorator, but she did not pass that gene on to me or my sister! You can read all about our embarrassing attempt at learning the skill my mom made look so easy!

A pumpkin cookie cutter, a small star tip and piping bag are all the tools you need.

Use “the good” silverware and crystal

There is nothing more regal than beautiful silverware. And, it is such a shame to keep it tucked away. If you are worried about your good crystal getting broken if hosting little ones, feel free to use inexpensive plastic champagne glasses or coups.

A table setting with white plates, a pumpkin sugar cookie, silverware and gold rimmed water glasses

Add some shiny foil covered chocolates to the champagne glasses for an extra bit of sparkle. They can be nibbled on before dinner or taken home for later.

Don’t forget the Halloween Candy

Speaking of chocolates, these gable boxes were purchased for just 50 cents each at a local bulk food store. I used some ribbon left over from another project to create a bow for each box. It is attached with a little drop of hot glue.

Pink treat box with a green ribbon on a Halloween dinner table

Fill each one with more foil covered chocolates and other goodies for guests to take home! It perfectly fits the cookie too!

Make it your own

Any of the above tips can be modified to fit your own style! Try all white pumpkins or traditional orange. If you don’t have any foliage or garden to speak of, take a walk in nature and snip a few springs. If baking cookies aren’t your thing, order some from a local bakery or choose a different takeaway treat for each plate!

Pumpkins gather in the centre of a Halloween table.  One is topped with a crown.

How to make fresh pumpkins last for weeks

I learned this tip a few years ago and it really makes a difference.

When you bring your pumpkins home give them a good rinse in the kitchen sink. Then, fill the sink about half way with hot water, dish soap and a capful or two of bleach. Set each pumpkin in the water for a few minutes and using a soft brush or cloth, give each a good wash.

This removes any bacteria or mold spores that may be lurking on the surface that can cause pumpkins to decay, hence making them last much longer.

Soft orange pumpkin surrounded by twinkle lights

I think these pretty pumpkins pictured above are a variety called buckskin pumpkins. They have a bit of a white haze that almost looks like they have been white washed.

Pumpkin themed Halloween tablescape with fresh pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colours

Looks so pretty in the daytime…..

A pumpkin themed Halloween table with twinkle lights surrounding pumpkins down the middle of the table

……even prettier in the evening!

Sparkly jewelled crown on top of an orange pumpkin

I hope you have enjoyed this little escape into a Halloween fairytale today. Now it is time to explore and be inspired by 20 more talented ladies as they share their vision for Halloween dining fun!

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  1. All hail the princess! WOW! You take the cake for the most creative, beautiful fall table scape ever! This is a jaw dropping design and a totally unexpected twist of delightfulness! It’s altogether gorgeous and the twinkle lights really that it over the top. Congratulations on this fresh interpretation!

  2. This is such a pretty Disney-like princess table, Maureen. Key points like using a Dollar Tree crown, green/pink hydrangeas, and a Cinderella’s pumpkin make it special!

    Happy October,

  3. Momo!!! I love this tablescape!! One day I will entertain and would love to do this.
    You are such an inspiration. Wonderful ideas. Love love love the crown. Love the cookies, the pumpkins, everything! You’re amazing!

  4. This is such a unique idea for a Halloween themed tablescape! I LOVE IT! My granddaughters would flip if I did this. I may be stealing your ideas. The cinderella pumpkins are my favorite because of their color and what a nice way to bring in the Halloween theme in such a pretty way!


  5. Maureen, your crowned pumpkin is just gorgeous! I love every detail of your enchanting table–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  6. This is awesome styled, Maureen, You always manage to engage me with the colors you choose for ANY tablescape, and this one does too. That CROWN, wow! It really is the showstopper here, and pulls every bit of the rest of the table right into that fairytale scene. You’re so right, there are so many little princesses that adorn their ball gear on Halloween. This table delights me to no end. Thank you so much for breaking it all down into a very doable Halloween holiday theme. The pumpkins are gorgeous, btw.

  7. Maureen I didn’t know about the tip on preserving pumpkins…thanks so much. I love your Cinderella looking pumpkins and your beautiful table. That is why I love these blog hops…we get such inspiration. Your table is definitely enchanting.
    Happy October

  8. Oh Maureen, I love this, a fairytale Halloween, with Cinderella pumpkins, so pretty!!! The pastel pumpkins look gorgeous with the fading Fall hydrangeas, and the crown is beautiful! Your pumpkin cookies add a lovely touch, and the lights are perfection! Thank you for the pumpkin tip, I recently brought mine inside because we were having a spell of hot weather and last year they rotted sitting on the stone patio. I am going to give them a bleach bath tomorrow and put them outside thanks! Your table is beautiful…

  9. Maureen, I adore the theme that you chose for your table. It is absolutely beautiful and fit for a princess. My daughter, who is now in college, would have loved this table when she was little. She had every princess dress there was and was a princess on several Halloweens. Those sweet pumpkin cookies at each place setting look too pretty to eat. It is always such a joy to join you on these hops. Take care!

  10. Maureen, all little and big girls love a princess theme. My two granddaughters love the Cinderella movie made a few years ago. I also love Cinderella pumpkins. Your princess crown pumpkin is the perfect centerpiece. The cookies look wonderful! It is always a treat to hop with you. Happy Autumn!

  11. Maureen, I especially liked the living table runner in such wonderfully muted colors. the pale pink napkins add that touch of princess and are complimented by the beautiful hydrangeas. The crown was wonderful and the lucky princess who wears it for Halloween will feel very special indeed. A nice departure from the typical Halloween presentation. Happy Halloween! Lynne

  12. Very pretty table Maureen. Love the colors and those fabulous pumpkins. Great tip for making pumpkins last. The crown is a favorite. Pretty, fit for a princess indeed. A pleasure hopping with you.

  13. Maureen, I was drawn right into the fairy tale story of how you assembled your table. I love the jeweled crown and the variety of colored pumpkins. (And thank you for the preservation tip too. I must try the bleach on the pumpkins next year.) I felt like royalty at your table. The pictures are gorgeous both day and night and is a table to set any time of the year. Love the details like the gold chocolate pieces in the stemware. The decorated pumpkin cookie adds so much to the delicate stack of white plates and pink napkins. Works beautifully with the colored hydrangeas. It is such a romantic table with a hint of fantasy. Love it. Happy Halloween

  14. Maureen, what a clever and creative idea to create an enchanted theme table for Halloween. The star of the show is that table length centerpiece of absolute gorgeous pumpkins in various shades, textures and shapes — topped off with a gem-encrusted crown! Definitely fit for a princess, if not the Queen of Theme lol? It gorgeous! Would love to see the costume that goes with it. I’ll trade you my Holly Golightly tiara for it !

  15. I absolutely love your tablescape! The pumpkins are the prettiest colors (I love the sage green ones), and I like the crown as your centerpiece. I also think the pumpkin cookies are so nice looking, and I bet that they taste good, too. I also love the pink napkins. It is truly a lovely table. Happy Halloween!

  16. Maureen, I love the Cinderella pumpkin with the gorgeous crown as the centerpiece to your beautiful fairytale table. You have created such a fabulous dream like setting here, any little girl going trick or treating as a princess would throw the rest of the night away and sit down at this table in awe!! Heck with more candy gathering- she found her dream setting! I hope you have a fun Halloween!!

  17. Maureen, what a brilliant idea for your Halloween themed tablescape! You are so right about the pumpkins reminding one of Cinderella. Did you know I auditioned for a role as the Fairy Godmother at Disney World? I made it to callbacks, and they dressed me up and put on the wig and everything, but alas, I didn’t get the job! Those days are behind me as the blog takes all of my time! But..back to your table! Your table is proof that you don’t need themed plates to style a wonderful table for Halloween. That crown is amazing! I am thinking maybe my granddaughters would each like one for Christmas! They love to play dress up! Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween!

  18. Such an elegant table fit for a princess with your crowned Fairytale pumpkin Maureen! Those pumpkin cookies are works of art and almost to pretty to eat. As always, it’s a treat join you at the table and to hop with you. Happy October!
    P.S. I am so sorry to hear about your furbaby crossing the Rainbow Bridge. I feel your pain and can so relate as they take a piece of our hearts with them. ♥

  19. I imagine there will be lots of little princesses and princes taking long peeks at your fairytale table! And oohing and aahing over that pretty crown! Love the inspiration and I’m drooling over those cookies. Happy Halloween!

  20. I haven’t done Halloween in years and planned on it this year, but I’ll be in the middle of the Caribbean celebrating. Maybe next year – and like this. A pretty Halloween.

  21. Wow, Maureen! This is such a unique and lovely take on a Halloween table. I love the enchanted Princess theme…my daughter would love it! The tiara you found on Amazon is gorgeous, and it’s colors are accentuated by the hydrangeas. Thanks for sharing your tips to create a table fit for royalty! It was fun hopping with you. Happy Halloween!