A Bold and Beautiful Valentine’s Day Table

Looking for Valentine table decor with no red? Look no further than my bold and beautiful tablescape perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I don’t know about all of you, but if there has ever been a time for celebrating each and every “holiday”, that time is now!

Valentine Table Decor with No Red

Joining me today are 20 of my table styling friends to share our Valentine’s Day table decor! Thanks again to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate for gathering us all together!

With so much going on in the world I find that having something to look forward to is essential for our mental health. And yes, something as simple as celebrating all the little holidays with whomever is in your household (or bubble) is a nice change of pace!

Bold colorful Valentine Table with no red

Why I prefer Valentine table decor with no red

Have I ever told you that red roses are my least favorite flower? True story. I am not a fan personally. Maybe it comes for my years working at a flower shop where every Valentine’s Day we had to process and arrange thousands of long stem red roses!

Just like last year’s Valentine’s Day Table where pink was the star, this year I set out to design Valentine table decor with no red! And, I think I was pretty successful! Lots of cozy colours with just subtle hints of Valentine’s.

Valentine Tablescape with no red

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It all started with this gorgeous centerpiece I created thanks to Holly Chapple’s Living Life With Flowers! I couldn’t help but fall in love with the deep jewel tones of the flowers and immediately knew it would become the focal point for table. The eye catching, almost moody colour pallet is perfect Valentine table decor with no red.

Bright and Bold Centerpiece for Valentine's Day

Styling a table with what you have!

Like most of my tables since early last year, I have had to be very resourceful, and use what I already have when styling my tables. We are back in lock-down in our area since December 26th, so hopping into our local HomeSense sadly is not an option.

I normally would not use something as bulky as a plush throw blanket for a table runner, but it was the perfect shade of navy blue. Plus, when it was arranged just so, it really didn’t over power the table.

Blue anemone flowers

I had some left over flowers so I popped them into some small vases. Paired with two simple taper candles and the main centerpiece, they create a very eye catching table indeed!

Valentine Table Decor with no red

If you visited this spring tablescape, you might recognize the salad plates! I stragetically placed the deep blue napkins to cover the woodland creates on each plate. Thus leaving the bright and bold flowers to compliment overall theme.

Cobalt Blue napkins on plates with bright flowers

I repurposed a strand of the ribbon I used on this year’s Victorian Christmas tree. I simply cut it into four equal pieces and tied a bow around each napkin. A little heart topped bottle of bubbles is tucked into each ribbon! How fun is that!

Valentine table with no red

I stacked the colourful salad plates atop my favourite white pearl edged plates, purchased years ago from HomeSense. A rattan place mat and gold charger plates complete the plate stack.

My simple, everyday flatware complete each place setting.

Table for Valentine's Day with no red

And, speaking of napkins. Would you believe these napkins are paper? From the dollar store! Yes they are. It pays to buy napkins, both cloth and paper whenever you see some that catch your eye. These ones feel almost like linen, but are a sturdy absorbent paper.

Valentine Table decor

Beverages are always a great way to add colour to your table. Each place setting has a simple champagne flute filled with Cassis, ginger-ale and a few frozen blueberries. An elegant gold rimmed wine glass is filled with ginger-ale.

Bold blue Valentine Tablescape

Gold hearts made with tissue paper from my gift wrapping stash give a subtle nod to the Valentine theme with a bit of whimsy.

While this would make a striking, cozy tablescape for any couple celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is equally fitting for the family!

Valentine table decor with blue and orange

Maybe for the kids add some gold foil wrapped chocolates, or make homemade Banana Ice Cream Sundaes or Vanilla Bean Cupcakes and let the kids add the toppings!

I really hope you will join me in celebrating all the special (and even the ordinary) days this year by setting a pretty table! Starting with an extra special Valentine table without the colour red!

But, if traditional is more your thing, there is lots more Valentine’s Day table decor ideas via the links below! I have no doubt you will be inspired to create a fun family table or romantic table for two!

Until next time….

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  1. Maureen, I’m noticing that people are styling holiday tables in nontraditional colors these days. I saw a delightful table adding blue to a Christmas table. And recently saw blue and white china for Valentine’s Day. I like your reasoning and creativity in creating your Valentine’s Day table.

  2. Maureen, what gorgeous color! I am a real fan of blue and orange, and that floral arrangement you received is such a great inspiration piece! Those colors are just fabulous, and so is the use of your throw bunched as your runner. The plates complement the centerpiece brilliantly, and you have just the right hint of red in that champagne flute and on the plate pattern. I am much like you, not crazy for red, and have even toned down my use of it at Christmastime. I started with an idea of using red this year, and it quickly changed. It’s so nice to see unexpected color choices to totally change the expected. Happy February!

  3. Lovely table Maureen. I love blue and orange together There is no rule about red being the only color for Valentines. it’s fun to think outside the box and you definitely did. The flowers are striking and beautiful. Lovely contrast and texture. The bubble party favor is darling. Always fun to use what you have. Shopping one’s house sometimes surprises us. A pleasure joining you.

  4. Your table is bold and beautiful, Maureen!
    I’ve always found the warm and cool mix of blue and orange to be one of the most striking combinations. Your table is like a big friendly hug, so pretty with the table runner make from a blanket and the flowered plates. I just love this different look for Valentine’s Day.

  5. Maureen, what an eye-catching, beautiful and colorful tablescape. The centerpiece with blue table runner is stunning and goes perfectly with your floral plates and napkins. I adore true-blue flowers and your table has a bountiful display of them. A most warm and welcoming table.

  6. I can certainly understand your lack of love for red roses after working in a flower shop!! Your table is beautiful and tablescaping being an art itself, you have artist’s license for doing whatever you please! Your table just sings “let’s celebrate” with it’s vibrant color palette and wonderful blooms! The dark blue with the pops of pink, orange, green, and yellow is gorgeous and would work for Spring and Summer tables too, just beautiful!

  7. Beautiful tablescape Maureen…the blue flowers are amazing along with the blue napkins. The orange is such a beautiful contrast. Always a pleasure to blog hop with you.
    Kari @ Meandmycaptain.

  8. Maureen, your table is gorgeous and I love the nontraditional colors! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  9. Maureen – this is absolutely stunning! Your centerpiece and runner make this a seriously lovely table! And thanks for the reminder that filling the glasses adds so much! I love everything about this, right down to the bubbles! 🙂 So lovely to be hopping with you!

  10. Your table is gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of blue so this really caught my eye! I can understand why you are tired of red roses after working with them every Valentine’s Day! Your table is so vibrant and inviting. The non-traditional colors are definitely working! Cheers!

  11. Your table is gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of blue so this really caught my eye! I can understand why you are tired of red roses after working with them every Valentine’s Day! Your table is so vibrant and inviting. The non-traditional colors are definitely working! Cheers!

  12. Maureen, non traditional color for holidays is really popular. I love the flowers and their bold colors along with your table are so striking. I can see how you prefer not to use red after years of working with it. Anyone would enjoy a seat at your table…Happy Valentine’s Day!

  13. I love your Valentines table with no red. You are really gifted at pairing the colors together. The throw does look just right with the flowers and napkins. It IS hard to believe those are paper. It was fun hopping with you.

  14. Maureen, this table is so beautiful! I love the bright florals mixed with that gorgeous deep blue. Your centerpiece is so pretty and adds the perfect finishing touch! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. There is absolutely no rule that says you have to use red for Valentine’s Day (look…I didn’t). Of course, I believe in breaking rules! I am crushing on all of the deep blues of your tablescape. That plush tablescape to me is perfect for a winter tablescape and just adds to the warm and welcoming feeling of your table. I do love the bright colors of your plates and how they mimic the the colors of the blooms in your centerpiece. Thanks for joining us once again!

  16. Maureen, I absolutely love your tablescape. The stunning fresh floral centerpiece is striking and the cobalt blue runner and accents really make all the beautiful colors pop. The colorful salad plates are perfect for all of the colors in your centerpiece. The little bubble vial tucked into the napkin is such a sweet idea. As an adult, I would love to blow bubbles as part of fun entertainment. So sweet.

  17. Maureen, I would completely understand your distain for red roses after working with them so much. I do love the colors in your centerpiece and the whole table! The orange and blue just jump off your table!! The bubble wands are a cute touch for Valentine’s. It is always a pleasure to hope with you!!❤️

  18. Wow, this is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this and getting me into the mindset of sometimes going against tradition. And, did I mention how much I love the plush blue throw? I love it!!!

  19. Maureen, I am smitten with the vibrant colors in your tablescape! You definitely don’t need red on Valentine’s Day. I love how you used the blue plush throw as a table runner…it provides texture and looks so cozy. The centerpiece you designed is gorgeous! I also have those Pier One salad plates. That was so clever to cover the woodland animals with napkins. I would’ve never thought to use them for Valentine’s Day, but they work perfectly on your table! It was fun hopping with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. Maureen, I always look forward to seeing your floral centerpieces. This bold and bright centerpiece is just stunning, and a nice switch from reds and pinks that you normally see at Valentine’s Day. What a great idea to put bubbles at each table setting so fun!