Spring Table Décor: 10 Things You Need to Know

If you are stopping by from My Family Thyme, welcome! I am delighted to be sharing my spring table decor today!

I can’t believe I have styled my fourth spring table! I remember a time when I wouldn’t even think about styling a table. Plates, napkins, utensils. I mean, isn’t that all you really need?

In a nutshell, yes. But with just a bit of thought and helpful tips, it is easy to create a stunning spring tablescape that will add a festive ambiance to the occasion.

spring table decor ideas from 24 table styling bloggers!

As I share my spring table decor with you today, I thought I would share 10 tips to style a beautiful table to celebrate the arrival of spring, or any occasion for that matter.

And, to inspire you even more, I am also sharing links to 24 fresh new spring tablescapes! You will find all the links at the end of this post.

I am so grateful to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate who, throughout the year gives us tablescape scaping enthusiasts a place to share our inspiration!

10 Tips for your spring table decor

One – Shop your home

Always start by looking around your own home for things to style your table. I am guilty of buying all the pretty seasonal plates from the likes of Home Sense or Pier One, but I have learned to use what I have. And, my storage space is happier too!

For this years spring table I used placemats, pansy plates, white plates, table cloth and table runner, water pitcher, and candlesticks all from my own stash.

10 tips to help you with your spring dining table decor

Two – Shop second hand

Tag sales, yard sales, estate sales, Goodwill, and other second hand shops are gold mines when it comes to table decor ideas. I have purchased so many great plates, glasses, pitchers, and even napkins from such places. It is a great way to build up a small stash of fun table accessories without breaking the bank.

Spring table decor ideas

I purchased these pretty yellow water goblets for just $5.00 each from an antique store. I bought them with spring in mind, but they would be equally lovely on a summer or autumn table.

Three – Invest in a few everyday basics

Some of the prettiest tables are set with basic white plates, simple glassware and flatware. White plates are easily accessorized with colorful, seasonal napkins and/or little favors for your guests.

You can visit my tablescapes page to see several examples of how I use my favorite white plates to style tables for different seasons.

Spring table decor ideas

Four – Keep it simple

Don’t feel like you need to cover every inch of your table. It is easy to want to add “all the things” for spring. Adding too many accessories can make the table top feel cluttered, and leaves little room for the actual food!

Five – Use layers to add colour and texture

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add seasonal style to your table is layering. Create a pretty plate stack using both basic plates stacked with perhaps your “good china”, inexpensive seasonal salad plates and bowls. Layering plates on top of a place mat and/or a charger plate makes a stunning statement on any table.

Spring table decor ideas

You will notice I have even layered the linens for this table. I wanted a white tablecloth to add a nice, crisp background, but layered a hemstitched pink table runner down the centre. Those two lines, along with the large sisal placemats add nice texture and depth to the table.

Six – Mix and match

Mixing and matching plates and glasses add character and interest to a table. I adore tables that are set with a mix of old and new or a mix of patterns and colors.

My oldest nephews wedding on Prince Edward Island is the perfect example of this. His bride shopped thrift stores and second hand shops for all the wedding dishes and the tables were stunning.

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Seven – Break the rules

I recently saw a Facebook thread were someone was scolding those of us who don’t set the table properly. She was referring mostly to the placement of the silverware.

This made me a bit sad. I would much rather sit around table set with love and the silverware in the wrong place than a table that is perfectly set with a hostess is fretting that she may have broken etiquette.

Sure, if you are hosting a super formal occasion that requires the utmost detail then by all means check and double check the placement of your utensils and glasses. But, for a fun social gathering with your favorite people, I say go ahead and do what pleases you!

Eight – Style a pretty centrepiece

The table centrepiece is the star of the show! It can set the entire theme of the table. Flowers are always a great choice, but don’t have to be super fancy. A simple arrangement using flowers purchased at the grocery store or farmer’s market is all that is needed. Just keep them fairly low so they don’t block conversation!

spring table décor centerpiece

But, flowers aren’t the only thing that can be used as a tablescape. I used a cake as a centerpiece for this table and it got rave reviews. Here, I show you how to decorate a cake with flowers that makes a beautiful centerpiece

9 – Use food or beverages as part of your design

I almost always use either a dessert or cheeseboard, or even a co-ordinating beverage as part of the overall table decor.

There is no easier way to add a pop of colour and style. A simple glass pitcher filled with filtered water loaded with fresh lemon and cucumber slices adds a colorful touch of spring to the table.

I also purchased a fun bottle of French pear soda. It was a bargain at just $3.00 and the bottle will be used over and over again!

Ten – Relax

Even the prettiest of spring tables can feel depressing if you, the hostess of the party, is feeling anxious or frazzled.

Always be true to yourself when styling your table, no matter what the occasion. If your style is over-the-top-fun, then set your table to reflect that. If you are more comfortable hosting small gatherings without a lot of fuss, then you can most definitely set a simple elegant table that allows you to relax and enjoy your guests.

Easy Spring table decor. 10 Great tips

So there you have it! Ten simple guidelines that in my opinion make styling a table, be it spring or any other season or occasion a breeze!

And, because I had so much fun styling this table, I couldn’t resist taking just a few more photos!

Spring table decor ideas
Spring table decor flower centerpiece

Be sure to visit all the bloggers, whose links are listed below. They are great group of table stylists who inject their own style and personality to their spring table decor, so there will be lots of spring table inspiration to go around!

Spring table decor ideas and tips for styling a table for any occasion

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Until next time….

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  1. Lovely!! I also love using what I already own in a new way for a fun challenge. I am an admitted thrift store junkie, most of my chargers and salad plates came from those stores. Your tips are great, and your pretty floral plates do say spring!

  2. Maureen, thanks for the tablescaping tips. Your floral centerpiece is stunning. I love spring arrangements. They energize me!
    Your pansy plates are adorable and all your table elements mix and match so well. You are great at that and have the best eye for spying good vintage pieces.
    it is fun to be involved in another hop with Chloe’s group.

  3. I am loving all the pink and those gorgeous glasses! I agree that we should break the rules. Sure, it’s helpful to have guidelines to set a proper table but I think adding our personalities and creativity is so much more important. Thank you for sharing your tips and your beautiful table!

  4. Maureen, thanks for all the tips. I agree about how easy it is to make the table feel too cluttered. I love layered linens and plate stacks always make me swoon! So right about breaking the rules, they were made to be broken!!
    Your nephews wedding tablescape is breathtaking. His bride is obviously a smart girl to shop the thrift stores! Now I want to go thrift shopping for dishes!
    I remember your Peach cake on that table well. It was indeed amazing as the center piece!
    Your table is gorgeous and I love all of your tips! Happy Spring!

  5. I love to shop my house and use unexpected things, and you created such a wonderful combination of things that sing Spring! I had to laugh at the person who got upset about proper table etiquette and place settings, that is such an outdated notion! I’m all for mixing it up! LOVE your plate stack and pretty new goblets and also the pink hobnail stemware. Great thrifty tips too!

  6. This was a great post and full of good advice. I enjoyed the pansy dishes you chose and the mix of stemware. Very pretty! Your florals were lovely too! I agree I’d rather be at a more casual approached table than one set by someone who is fussing about the “proper” way!

  7. Maureen, I loved your article. Your tips for tablescaping is well said. It should be fun and relaxing for everyone. I love how you mentioned your use of mixed patterns and making a tablesetting your own style. Finding those unique pieces at thrift stores, etc that do not break the bank is the key to having such a fun and exciting hobby like table designing. This way, you can find some very interesting pieces and really personalize your table. So much fun. I fell in love with your yellow antique glassware. They are so elegant and can be used in all settings. You are correct…food and drink can also add so much interest to the tablescape. I love how you incorporated all of your tips into your Spring tablescape. Wonderful and useful advice and a very welcoming Spring table. Happy Spring, Maureen!

  8. I remember seeing that post on Facebook and had the same thoughts as you shared here. The 10 tips you shared are right on point and no matter how long we’ve been at this craft it’s nice to have a refresher. I love everything on your table, such great eye candy. Our son is getting married in the fall and I will suggest that he and his fiance consider shopping the thrift stores for dinnerware. It’s always fun to blog hop with you.

  9. Maureen, what a great 10-point “tutorial” on styling a great table! I found myself nodding my head as I read along and enjoyed the lovely photos of your spring table. The only point I may add is that sometimes it’s fine to use paper plates and napkins too — although maybe that falls under “relax” or “break the rules”? I loved in particular your glassware, so pretty and colorful! And, you always arrange such stunning floral centerpieces.

  10. Maureen, these are all such good, commonsensical tips for anyone who might feel intimidated with all these beautiful tables in this blog hop. I love your casual flair and style when, put to the table, really elevates the entire appearance! Your pansy plates are gorgeous, and so it that stellar floral centerpiece. I have to ask – are the flowers real? You could fool me either way. Love the stemware and layering of the textiles too (very cute napkin ties). This is a very pretty, cheerful table. See, you followed your own advice and now you have four spring tablescapes in your cache! Happy March!
    Oh, and your nephew’s reception tables are beautiful!

  11. Maureen, shopping my house is always a top priority, I never know what I might discover. I loved all of your tips, they are spot on. Your table is so lovely with the centerpiece and pansy plates. The plate stack and linens complement the overall welcome spring feel! It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you…Happy Spring!

  12. Maureen, What a great lineup of tips for table styling. My favorite is the break the rules! It makes me sad how people find it so easy to scold others from behind their keyboards. I agree, set your table however you would like and let things roll! Good company and good food are the basics, aren’t they? The thing I like about styling tables is that you can let loose and get as crazy and free as you want. Now….I am going to do your last rule and …RELAX! Thank you for joining us and Happy Spring!

  13. Lovely table styling Maureen. Your tips are wonderful for people who want to know how to set a table. I did see that post on Facebook about someone scolding about flatware placemat. That person must be so uptight.
    Shopping your home is always a great idea. Mixing and matching dishes and glassware. Spring has sprung at your lovely table. Love the plate stack. A lovely table to embrace spring.

  14. These are great tips Maureen! I totally agree that setting a table should be fun and that it’s ok to break the “rules”. I always love the casual elegance of your tablescapes! I, too, try to use what I have on hand before buying anything new. That’s part of the fun! This table is beautiful with the lush floral arrangement, vintage drinking glasses and spring color palette. The pitcher of lemon and cucumber water looks so refreshing! It’s always fun hopping with you. Happy Spring!

  15. You have some very wonderful tips in here! I especially love what you had to say about relaxing! I think too often hostesses get too caught up about everything being perfect that sometimes they forget to enjoy all their hard work! Such a great reminder! You did a wonderful job with this table and I wish you a very happy spring!

  16. Maureen, your centerpiece is absolutely gorgeous and I am smitten with your antique glassware. It is a pleasure to join you this week. Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  17. Oh my goodness, your table is beautiful. I love the tips, I will be using them. The person who was scolding for not placing flatware etc. in the correct place may need a reminder that the joy of a pretty table is the accessory to the joy of friends and family gathered around a table set with love. It’s always a pleasure to hop with you. Pinned. Hugs!

  18. Maureen, your table is so welcoming and your styling tips are perfect! I love the layers and colors you chose. Your gorgeous centerpiece is certainly the star of the show! Happy Spring! Pinned!