One Room Challenge – The Reveal

Time. Is. Up!

Welcome to the One Room Challenge – The Reveal!

I am so thankful to Linda from Calling It Home for organizing this challenge and opening it up to linking our posts each week for the past 6 weeks.  Without this challenge I would have continued to put my living room on the back burner.

If you want to start from the beginning before seeing the reveal, you can click here

Without further adieu lets see how it all turned out!

But first, lets have a quick peek at where our living room was six (very short) weeks ago, shall we!

One room 2 week 1

And here we are now….I couldn’t be happier!

DSC_0117      I I set out to create a living room with a causal beachy feel.  On a budget!  We are all so happy with the outcome!

I think the changes are pretty obvious but here is a summary

fresh new paint

new floors

new, wider baseboard

switched out one of the sofas for two wicker chairs lined with faux fur for extra comfort

remove the bookcases beside the fireplace

new accessories and art

new light sources

new curtains

The flooring took up the bulk of the work and the budget but was totally worth it in the end!

I will let the pictures do the talking!


The clock on the wall above the chair came from one of the ships my grandfather captained.  I was thrilled that Tim was able to get working!  And of course the Pottery Barn copycat floor lamp!


DSC_0128The The dining room in behind still needs some finished touches!


Removing the bookcases on either side of the fireplace really opened up the room.  Not to mention, forced a major purge of stuff that got parked there for lack of a better place!



Finally found the perfect spot for my picture of The Notting Hill Bookshop all the way from England via my good friend Leslie! (I think we must have seen that movie 20 times!) The basket corrals keys and mail.



So glad I took a risk with the Ikea Foto pendant lamps wound around my vintage ladder (also a gift from my friend Leslie!) which came from an old barn in the Carolina’s.  She knew I would love it in all it’s chippy glory.  The lights provide an rather unconventional yet bright light source!  Or, for more subdued lighting, I just plug in one!  My inspiration came from a photo I pinned last year.


I am on the look out for some Edison light bulbs!


What do you think of my no-cost DIY buoys?  After pricing some at $85 each at a local antique store, I knew I had to find a way to make them.  Some spare 4 by 4 posts and craft store paint did the trick!




I was glad the 11 x 14 buoy picture from my friend Heather Morley came in time!  In person, it is even more stunning!  The colours are so vibrant!




I wasn’t able to decide on an area rug, so for now we go without.  I am still in the honeymoon phase with my floors, so I am not too bothered.


It looks so great when the sun is flooding in!


What do you think?!  Did I capture the casual costal vibe?   In the 23 years that we have lived in this home I finally have the living room that I am truly loving!  I am most proud of the fact that I finished the challenge.  That we did it all ourselves.  That, although at times I desperately wanted to throw caution to the wind and break the budget but instead shopped wisely and shopped the house and started looking at things I already had in a new way!

I will share a source list and a budget recap on the weekend!

Thank you all for the encouragement and kind words during this past six weeks.  Your comments and input kept me going from week to week. 

The Challenge in Review

Week 1//Week 2//Week 3//Week 4/Week 5

Until Next Time….

Red Cottage Chronicles

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  1. Such a great job! Congrats!! I love all the accessories and the colours–amazing job..I remember your progress and know you worked super hard πŸ™‚

  2. Oh love the beachy vibe – so fun! I think my favorite part of the room is your grandfather’s clock. I love that you were able to incorporate an object with so much meaning into your room. What a lovely thing to have!

  3. I loved this room before your started and LOVE it even more now! The painted walls look great and that mirror is to die for! Did I mention I LOVE blue and white! Cheers on a job well done! So fun participating in ORC with you!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful job! I love your furniture and color scheme – I’m also beyond impressed with the floors. The color turned out perfect!

  5. love love it!! down to every last detail….I would love to plop right down on one of those comfy couches. great job!!


  6. Love the changes you made!!! The room is gorgeous and I think the waggy red tail is the perfect accessory :^)
    Edison bulbs are available at Home Depot…if you can’t find them email me and I will ship you a couple.
    Where did you find your longitude/latitude pillow?? I love it and it would be a perfect gift for my hubster who has lived in this county his entire 80+ years!