One Room Challenge Week 3

Is it really possible that it is already week 3?!  If you ask my knees and fingers they will say, oh yes it is!


If you are new to the One Room Challenge, click here.

The plywood planks are all down!!  We will be staining and adding the varathane top coat over this Easter weekend.  Will be having a sleep over at my sisters house while the floors cure.

Here is a little peak at the new plywood planks.  (pretend you don’t see the wall behind!)

plywood floor

I have gained a huge appreciation for the air nailer.  At first I was scared to make a mistake and was letting Tim do all the nailing, but after a while I wanted to give it a try!  Had I known how easy it was, I would have taken over earlier!  My new favorite power tool.

I also had a chance to make over an old brass lamp I will be using in the living room.

Here is the before…..a really sturdy two toned brass lamp base with a lovely ivory pleated shade!  Functional, but not my style.

lamp 1

And the after……a couple of coats of antique bronze spray paint, the pleated shade switched out for a burlap shade from a broken lamp I had hanging around, which I painted with some $2 craft paint!

lamp 2

lamp 3

You might remember my inspiration from Pottery Barn, which would have cost well over $200!  Total cost for my makeover.  $8.00.  Yeah me!


I also picked up a couple of things at Target on clearance.  I love that we have Target here in Canada now.  Their Threshold line is the best!  I plan to hang some hooks on the wall behind the door, and thought the wicker basket will hang nicely there and hold incoming mail and such.  The blue glass vase was too good to pass up for $4.00!!


I have picked the floor color, but you will have to wait until next week to see what color we went with…….or did we leave it au natural??!!  Only one wall left to paint.  Working on sketching out a floor plan.

So, there you have it.  One Room Challenge – Week 3 in the history books!

Come back next week as I will have lots to share in week 4!

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  1. Floors are looking great! The poly we used on our floors had to cure for 24 hrs before walking on them with stocking feet and 72 hours before bringing any furniture back and 7 days before rugs etc. But, we have kept furniture off them for as long as possible and added the paper you saw in the pictures. We got it at Home Depot. High quality paper designed to protect newly finished floors etc during reno.

    1. Thank you so much for the information. I literally am biting my nails about this big step!! I will have to find myself some of that paper to cover the floors, I have seen it many times on HGTV shows, but didn’t realize it was made specifically for flooring!

  2. Can’t wait to see the floors! I’ve been following along with you since you started the ORC. We have similar floors on the first floor of my home that I’m debating covering. I had thought about new hardwoods but your plywood idea has me so intrigued.

  3. Great job on the lamp! Can\t wait to see those floors. Our Target’s here have a hard time keeping the shelves stocked. Two of three stores here are practically empty. So disappointing.

    1. Alana, we went from having no Targets to 3 all within 10 minutes of our house. It is great to check them all out for their clearance stuff. Something different at every store 🙂

  4. The lamp turned out great! Good finds at Target–I was just thinking about how to handle my own mail situation. Can’t wait to see what the floor color is!!