A Golden Birthday!

Yesterday our youngest Golden Retriever turned one!

Of course we had to have a little celebration….after all, what else is there to do on a Monday night in January!!

Falcon Lake’s Golden Zodiac is his official name but his call name is Tripper (loved the movie Meatballs!)

We got Tripper as a puppy from Falcon Lake Kennels in March.  This is our second Golden from Falcon Lake and would highly recommend her dogs.

dog 10

Trip enjoyed his day playing in the mud! (why is it when I am not home my daughter uses a white towel to wipe him down, and then takes a picture!)

dog 8

After a quick bath, he quickly retreats to his crate and wanted no part of the blow dryer!

dog 7

We had a house full of Goldens with our oldest Golden Tally, and my sister brought Molly to share in some treats!

dog 5

What would a birthday party be without cake!  Human food is usually a no-no, but what dog could resist a vanilla cup cake with sprinkles and “Beggin Strips” dog treats!
dog 6

Tripper knew exactly where his “gifts” were and waited patiently!

dog 2

dog 3

After a long day he tucked himself into bed all happy to be One!

dog 4

I haven’t had the heart to break the news that now that he has had his first birthday he gets to be neutered!!!

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