Black Magic Halloween Tablescape

Looking for elegant Halloween tablescape ideas? This one is one part spooky, on part elegant and one part black magic!

These themed tablescapes are one of my favourite blog posts. And, I think it has become one of yours too! Several times a year I join some very talented table stylists as we share our vision for a themed tablescape. This time it is of course, Halloween! Thank you to Rita from Panolpy for always being our gracious host! Find all the links below.

Would you ever guess that Halloween is not my favourite holiday? But, I do believe in celebrating all the things, and I do enjoy any excuse to style an elegant table!

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Elegant Halloween tablescape

Is there anything more elegant than black? That little black dress or a classic black tuxedo. Both conjure up visions of elegance. These are things that came to mind when I starting to plan this tablescape.

Well, that and black magic chocolates!!

And, of course, Halloween is thought to be a mystical time of year. All the ghosts, witches and spirits!

Halloween Wedding Tablescape ideas

The basics for an elegant Halloween tablescape

  • a monochromatic color scheme
  • one or two elements that add a pop of colour
  • French cut glassware
  • fresh flowers, always
  • incorporate Halloween themed accents in keeping with the overall color and feel
Gold skull centrepiece for a Halloween Tablescape

I spray painted plastic skulls from the dollar store in metallic gold for a very inexpensive nod to Halloween. It adds a touch of spook while still aligning with the overall elegant theme of the table.

For a no-cost centrepiece, I clipped several hydrangea blooms that have turned the perfect shades of deep pink and arranged them down the centre of the table. A few dark burgundy dahlia blooms are tucked amongst the hydrangeas to add to the dark and moody feel.

When I styled this Halloween tablescape I had purchased a couple of yards of black polyester fabric to use as a tablecloth. It washes well and cost me under $10.

Black dinner plates, burgundy velvet napkin and gold skeleton hand

I am a big advocate for renting when I know I won’t get regular use out of a product when styling a table. That was the case for these black plates. I knew I wouldn’t use them enough to warrant the cost of a full set, so renting was the best option for me.

Same was true for the flatware. I am in the market for a quality set like the ones I rented, but they are a bit spendy for 8 place settings, so I opted to rent. At around $3 per place setting it was very affordable! But, this flatware set is on my wish list for future purchase.

Gold embellished crystal plate on an elegant Halloween tablescape

I used gold embellished crystal side plates that belonged to my Nana. The clear glass allows the black of the tablecloth to show through, and the gold rim is keeping with the overall black, gold and burgundy.

The Merlot coloured velvet napkins add a real luxurious touch. Thankfully they are only velvet on one side. If you read this post, you will know that velvet is not a favourite of mine!

Halloween tablescape in black with burgundy and gold accents

Pressed glass goblets in the colour smoke, and the pattern is called Debutante complete each place setting. Imagine how gorgeous they will look when filled with Merlot.

Smoke pressed glass water goblets on a Halloween table
Gold painted skeleton hand holds a Merlot coloured velvet napkin

After deciding on the overall black theme of this elegant Halloween tablescape, the next step was to choose the accent colours. Gold was an easy pick, and I thought the rich colour of burgundy really complimented the gold.

Spray painting skeleton hands metallic gold adds just that touch of spooky to the place setting!

Gold skull and skeleton hand on a black Halloween table

A gold painted skull nestled amongst the dried hydrangea blooms keep watch over the festivities!

I can’t help but think how perfect this would be for a Halloween themed wedding!

Halloween tablescape ideas

Even though it isn’t my favourite day of the year, I think I have captured the spirit of all hallows eve and hopefully have given you some elegant Halloween tablescape ideas that you can incorporate into your own ghoulish table decor!

For more table styling inspiration for all occasions be sure to visit my collection of tablescapes!

Now, for more fun Halloween inspiration be sure to visit all the links below and make the most of this Halloween!

Until next time……


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  1. Maureen you definitely captured elegant but spooky. And interesting that you rented flatware and plates. I knew one could do it for large gatherings but I guess I never thought of smaller venues like a table styling -silly me! Your colors are perfect, I love the richness of the merlot and I always say, a girl never has too many cans of spray paint. LOL It is always a pleasure to table hop with you.
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

  2. This is WONDERFUL Maureen. It’s so very cool and fun!! I love the pretty pink hydrangeas along with the other colours! Well done!!!

  3. Maureen, I love your elegant black table with the pops of burgundy. The hydrangeas and dahlias make a lovely centerpiece. Great idea to paint the skull and hands with gold spray paint. They do not look plastic, amazing what a can of spray paint can do. It is always a treat to hop with you!

  4. Maureen, you had me with the title. And you delivered! An elegant, eerie and sophisticated Halloween scene. Genius to spray paint the skulls and skeleton hands gold, adds glitzy Gothic glam to the setting. Wish I had access to the gorgeous blooms you always so stylishly incorporate into your centerpieces. I’d definitely hold out for that flatware, but I’d probably have to have the matte black dishes to go with them — if you give a mouse a cookie…

  5. Maureen, this color combination of gold, black, pinks and burgundy is stunning. It really sets the tone for an elegant table. I would love to have pressed glass goblets in the color smoke as part of my tableware. They are very special.

  6. It’s so creepy elegant Maureen! I love all the black and deep reds, and the hands reaching over the napkins really take it over the top! I love the dried hydrangeas, the gold candles and the black and gold flatware, Spooktacular!

  7. Maureen, your table is elegantly creepy! I don’t know how you make something scary and pretty at the same time, but you did it!! I never would have guessed that those were dollar tree skulls and that you spray painted them and the hands – they looks like something you would have paid a nice penny for!!! I remember your aversion to velvet!!! You created a wonderful scene for a classy Halloween celebration!! It is always a pleasure to hop with you!!

  8. Thank you for sharing your creative and original table! I have those same hydrangeas in my yard and now I will go cut some for my table!

  9. Maureen, elegant is exactly what you created for this Halloween tablescape. The black with pops of gold is the perfect combination. Love the gold skeletons and hands. The idea of renting for small affairs is a great idea ~ plus you don’t have to store away. The flowers are pretty, too. Happy Halloweening.

  10. Maureen, I’m a big fan of Halloween and love your table! The last photo with the overhead shot is stunning! Love the gold from the hands, skulls and flatware paired with black, smoke goblets and the pop of burgundy from the flowers and napkins. It’s always a treat to hop with you! Happy Haunting!

  11. Maureen, this is really fabulous. These colors are perfect together, and I love what you did to make the elegance in the gold skellies and red velvet napkins. Even though I know you mention this could make for a great Halloween timed wedding (certainly!), it all kinda reminds me of goth church scenes, lol. I’m here to tell you that black plates have become a staple in my arsenal! They’re actually pretty great, esp when they come from the Dollar Tree. And let’s not forget to talk about the cheesecloth on the lamp in the background (and are those graphics or decal crows???). Great! Thank you for participating in this hop (I’m not a crazy fan of Halloween either but we’ve pretty much embraced it, haven’t we?!). I know your Canadian Thanksgiving was this past week also, so I am especially grateful for your participation!

  12. Your gold skulls and merlot napkins give a great boost to this luxe table. The matte finish of the dinnerware also adds richness to the mood of the table. Halloween wedding, you say? I’ve been collecting pieces and jotting down ideas on styling for a sweetheart table for a few months. Thank you for the additional inspiration, and Happy Halloween!

  13. Wow, Maureen! I never thought I’d describe a Halloween tablescape as elegant and sophisticated, but that is exactly what you’ve created! It’s just gorgeous. This would be so fabulous for a Halloween wedding. That was genius to spray paint the skulls and hands gold. I love the hydrangeas running down the length of the table in their beautiful fall shades of green and pink. So well done! It was fun hopping with you. Happy Halloween!

  14. You nailed it, Maureen. It looks so elegant and gorgeous and classy and just a teeny bit spooky. I can picture Morticia and Gomez doing something like this when they’re entertaining.

  15. I love the rich black and deep reds for an elegant tablescape like this. The touches of gold bring it to a whole new level for Halloween decorating. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Maureen!

  16. Event thought this is scary table it looks elegant. Love how it reminds me of the Adams Family series I watched as a child.