Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

Friends, things have been really hectic around here lately.  With our youngest closing on her first home last month and moving her in I had packing boxes and stuff all over our tiny little house.  Now that she has moved out I am really trying to simplify our home since that it is just the two of us . That is what inspired my simple Thanksgiving tablescape.  

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

Even though we celebrated Thanksgiving over a month ago here in Canada, I really wanted to share in a collection of Thanksgiving tablescape ideas for my American friends.   Once again Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate has gathered up a great group of bloggers with a passion for setting pretty tables, and as always I am delighted to join in.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

I also am very proud of the fact that I didn’t buy or borrow a single thing to create this tablescape!  That is a first.  I always do try to buy as little as possible, but this time I didn’t even have to leave the house to put this together.  Oh happy day!  No money spent and no additional stuff brought into the house when I am trying to purge!

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

This is where having a set of white dishes and a white linen tablecloth comes in handy.  As long as you have those things as a base you can easily pull from other areas of your home to create a beautiful yet simple Thanksgiving tablescape, or one for any occasion really.

Simple Thanksgiving tablescape

I absolutely love these white plates with beaded edges.  I purchased them last year at HomeSense and wish I had picked up 8 of each.  I am keeping an eye out to see if they come back in stock. The wood charger plates I have had forever and are another excellent neutral.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

When I bought the blue pumpkin way back before our Thanksgiving, I was careful to soak it in a bleach/water/dish soap solution and it really paid off.  I was still able to use it some 6 weeks later!

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

I purchased these cloth napkins back in the summer.  They are very neutral with a simple pale blue, grey and green border that could work for almost any occasion.  I used my everyday flatware.  When I was replacing my old set I went for a simple design.  Choosing simple lines and neutral colors when styling a table will pay off in the long run.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

The simple clean lines of the wine and champagne (or in our case Mimosa) glasses have an airy, uncluttered feel.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

I get loads of use of these upcycled candleholders.  Today they are serving their original purpose, to hold candles.  I didn’t have two white pillars, so I just tucked a tea light into a white ceramic vessel and placed it atop the second one.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

I gathered up some of my Ikea faux plants.  Two to create height are in simple off white ceramic pots, while two lower ones are in tin pots.  All of which came from Ikea.

A fresh loaf of cranberry pumpkin seed bread is waiting to be served with the big pot of soup I made for dinner.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

Kraft paper gift tags were threaded with some twine and inscribed with Give Thanks.  I clipped a few springs off my rosemary plant to add a touch of colour.

Simple Thanksgiving tablescape

Truth be told, this is one of my favourite tablescapes, although last years was pretty special too!  It is so calming and relaxed.  I hated to put it all away.  Setting a simple Thanksgiving tablescape has given me a fresh new outlook on calming the whole house before the holiday’s really kick into high gear.

Now, it is time to visit all the other Thanksgiving tablescapes!  Keep checking back as the links go live on their appointed day! All of Monday’s and Tuesday’s are waiting and ready for you!  

Until next time…

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  1. Your table is lovely and tranquil in its simplicity Maureen! I love the texture the beaded edges of your white plates provide and the striped cloth napkins! Cranberry pumpkin seed bread sounds delicious with a pot of soup. I’m thankful to be joining you for this blog hop!

  2. Maureen, I really like those napkins and your relaxed linen tablecloth! You did make a quiet and calm tablescape, very nice, and the plants breathe life into the space.

    Cheers to purging! I am trying to do the same, and have really put a push behind clearing some of my Christmas things before I even start decorating for that holiday. One of my daughters just went from a small house to buying a pretty big one, so I’m hoping I have some things she will want.

    Enjoy your time helping your daughter settle into her home. It’s a big adjustment.

  3. I am never going to learn! I just lost my long comment because I scrolled back and clicked on your soup recipe. At least you know I was intrigued.
    Your blue pumpkin goes so well with your napkins and white beaded plates. Hope you can find some more of those plates. Love the texture the beaded design gives. I like the spring of rosemary and the “Give Thanks” tags in your plates.
    Maureen, I need to purge badly so thanks for your encouragement and example.
    Love the cranberry pumpkin seed bread. I was wondering what food you would feature. Now, I will go back and read about your soup.
    Nice to blog hop with you.

  4. Hurrah! For creating such a beautiful table without purchasing a thing! It’s wonderful to be able pull from all the treasures we store and use them again so thoughtfully. Your table is simply charming with the clean whites and touches of green which makes that pumpkin bread just pop off the page!
    Thanks for going us with our Thanksgiving!

  5. This is just perfect Maureen, the simplicity of it makes it elegant! Good for you to use what you have, my goal for 2019 is to do a serious purge! I love the natural elements you included and I can’t stop thinking about a pot of soup and homemade bread, it’s rainy and cold this morning and that sounds so good! You are so nice to join our Thanksgiving fun even though you’ve already celebrated!

  6. Congratulations on your daughter buying her first home! You have a lot to be thankful for. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving table- especially the beaded texture of the dishes. Soup and homemade bread sounds delightful! We just got 8” of snow- ugh!! Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Maureen. It really is such a calm and serene setting! I do love that little pop of color with your napkins and the sprig of rosemary. So pretty – and so different from the chaos that normally is the scene of our very large family dinners. I think it would be lovely to have a peaceful Thanksgiving… just once. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  8. Maureen, those were faux plants?! Wow, they are really special and lifelike. And, you kept a pumpkin fresh for 6 weeks? I’m going to have to try that technique. I found your “simple” tablescape lovely, and in keeping with the season of putting family first.

  9. Maureen, I love the quiet simplicity of your table. The beaded plates, napkins, and linen cloth are just perfect. I would love to sit at your table and enjoy a bowl of soup and cranberry pumpkin seed bread. Congrats to your daughter on her new home. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you!

  10. Your table is so lovely. Sometimes simple is best! Calming and relaxed is a good thing. Love the name tags with the rosemary and Give thanks. Soup and bread is a favorite. I am sure your Cranberry seed bread is heavenly with a nice hot bowl of soup.

  11. Maureen, love it all, but my favorite elements are the beaded white plates ~ so sweet, the paper tags with twine and rosemary sprigs. Such a wonderful use of natural materials. The dish towels are a great addition to your tablescape stash.

  12. I love the fresh, crisp white of your table, and yet, it still says this is a special meal we are gathered for. The place cards and sprigs of rosemary on the plates are the perfect little touch to greet each guest. I am thankful for you and your continued participation in our blog hops! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Beautiful table! I love all the natural elements and it’s perfect for a simple and homey Thanksgiving. The centerpiece is lovely, and the sprig of rosemary with the placecards looks wonderful.

  14. Hi Mareen! I love your gorgeous neutral tablescape with all the lovely greens. It’s hard to believe the plants are faux – the looks so real! The place markers with the sprig of rosemary is so pretty. So happy to be hopping with you!

  15. Maureen, I can see why this is one of your favorite tablescapes! It’s simple but very elegant. I love the added touch of the fresh rosemary sprigs and Kraft paper gift tags. And kudos for using what you had on hand! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!