Cozy Pink and Gold Autumn Table Setting

As the days grow a little bit shorter and the air becomes a bit more crisp, my favourite thing is to cozy up my home. This cozy pink and gold table setting is just one idea to bring the fall season into your home!

For me arrival of fall is reason enough to celebrate! And, contrary to popular believe it has nothing to do with pumpkin spice latte’s! It’s that feeling I get that makes me want to settle in and get cozy. I bring out the flannel blankets, fluff up the pillows and add accents of all the colours of autumn.

pink and gold table setting for autumn with a dahlia centrepiece and muted pink transfer ware plates

I am thrilled to be joining my favourite group of bloggers who love to style a pretty table as much as I do. If you are coming over from Blue Sky At Home, a warm and cozy welcome to you! I have no doubt that Carol wowed you with her incredible style.

At the end of this post you will find links to 14 more beautiful autumn tables, so be sure to check those out!

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Blending Pink and Gold with Traditional Autumn Colours

Although I love all the traditional fall colours, as you can see in this table I styled for fall, I have always been drawn to the muted pinks, reds and greens of nature during the autumn. I used that as inspiration for my cozy autumn table.

Gold is the perfect accent colour for a cozy fall table. It is rich and warm, and compliments any colour it is paired with. I did purchase a set of gold flatware this year, after putting it off for quite some time. It is brushed gold, so not too shiny. I got my set at Homesense, but this gold flatware set is similar in style and price.

Pink transferware plates paired with plaid napkins create a Cozy Autumn table

The plate stack is created with inexpensive gold chargers, my favourite white dinner plates, and pretty muted red transferware salad plates. A contrasting plaid napkin is draped casually between the plates and bring together all the colours on the table.

Clear water and champagne glasses were chosen to create visual space and not detract from the rich colours of the pumpkins, napkins and salad plates.

Elements of a Simple Pink and Gold Table Setting

  • Use muted pink tones reminiscent of leaves that have changed colour for fall
  • Brushed gold is a warm and cozy choice
  • Sprinkle in a bit of traditional autumn colour as I did with the napkins that have both traditional and non-traditional colours. They seamlessly blend the muted pink transfer ware plates with the brushed gold charger plates I purchased at the dollar store
  • Brushed gold flatware adds an extra touch lux to the setting
  • I opted for clear glassware, however gold rimmed wine glasses would be a perfect fit
Gold flatware for an autumn tablescape on a plaid napkin in traditional all colours

Add Elements Inspired by Nature

Pumpkins are synonymous with autumn and give that node towards nature even though the are made of a plush muted pink velvet!

Soft pink transferware plates for a gold and pink table setting for autumn

I almost didn’t buy these pretty velvet pumpkins. I loved the colour as soon as I saw them, but I have great difficulty even touching anything that is velvet or corduroy! (Got it from my dad!) It just gives me the ibby-jibbies!! But, with the long natural stem I could avoid touching the velvet altogether, so crisis averted!

Autumn Centrepiece Made From Fresh Local Dahlias

I couldn’t go wrong creating the centrepiece using the gorgeous haul of dahlias I picked up at a local flower farmer.

With varying shades of pink from light to deep rose colours. The Cafe Au Lait dinner plat dahlias lean towards a soft gold colour adding to the pink and gold table setting theme.

Autumn Table Centrepiece made of pink and cream dahlias

I probably wasted an hour trying to find the perfect vessel to hold these beautiful blooms, but in the end I went for a simple giant ironstone bowl. I added a few hydrangea blooms from my own garden too.

bowl of dahlias on a cozy autumn table

Two pink hobnail glasses create pops of colour at either end to balance out the table.

Pink velvet pumpkin accents on an autumn dinner table

Other Nature inspired elements

My table runner is one that I have had for years. It is reversible, with an off-white side and a dark taupe side with a subtle fall leaf pattern running the length. I love the exposed wood of my custom made dining table. We finished it in a neutral gray stain, and then added liming wax to soften the finish. I think it just adds to the warmth of the tablescape.

Elements of a cozy autumn table no matter the colour scheme

  • a centrepiece made up of early autumn flowers like dahlias, lisianthus, hydrangeas and mums
  • brushed metallics accents like these gold charger plates, copper is also lovely for fall
  • fabric pumpkins in deep shades of rose, orange or blue
  • seasonal or transfer ware salad plates
  • elements inspired by nature
Autumn tablescape ideas

I was worried the table was a bit too simple, but after it was all done I resisted the urge to fill it up with unnecessary accessories because I really love it just as it is!

Although I kept it simple, the blend of rich muddied pink and gold, mixed with traditional colours of fall, plus the mix of patterns and textures, really make this fall table feel cozy and warm. You can bet I will be spending many cozy evenings at the table enjoying every single minute of my favourite season!!

Zucchini Sisters are up next, but there are 14 more gorgeous fall autumn tables linked below, and you will definitely want to visit them all!

Tell me in the comments if you share my affinity to autumn!

Happy Fall! Until next time……


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  1. Maureen, I made my first velvet pumpkins this year–I love the color of yours! Your floral centerpiece is so lovely, and I’m a huge fan of transferware! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. The colors are dreamy Maureen and your centerpiece is gorgeous! I love the unique way you did the napkin too, and the pink velvet pumpkins are the perfect fall element {sorry you can’t touch them!} Very lovely table I would linger at for hours…

  3. You are right Maureen, it’s all about the cozy when we talk of fall. Your table is like a big autumn hug with all it’s pretty pinks and oranges mixed together. I love how you mixed those two colors throughout the dishes, napkins and the flowers. It’s all so lovely!

  4. Gorgeous Maureen! I love your beautiful floral centerpiece, red transferware plates and velvet pumpkins. I had to chuckle that touching velvet or corduroy gives you “the ibby-jibbies”…I’ve never heard of that!. I’m glad your pumpkins had a long stem. 🙂 So happy to join you at your fall table and hop with you again. Happy September ♥

  5. Lovely table. The velvet pumpkins are stunning. Such pretty plates and I love how you wrapped the napkin with the flatware. The centerpiece is striking with those colors. Always a pleasure joining you. Happy autumn.

  6. Maureen, your centerpiece with all the gorgeous dahlias is stunning! I am a big fan of dahlias and these are really outstanding. I also love the pink velvet pumpkins. The transferware and napkins are both lovely. Wishing you a warm and cozy autumn!

  7. Maureen I love your table. I especially like the red transfer ware and I have a set but can’t remember the name at the moment. My chemo brain is kicking in. LOL You have used yours in the most perfect setting….along with the velvet pumpkins. How clever you are to use your plaid napkins across the plate and anchoring the flatware pieces. Your flowers are lovely and a welcome to Fall for sure. Hugs my friend
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  8. Maureen, your flower arrangement is gorgeous!!! I love the dark red color in tithe flowers and the way the tryout transfer ware plays off of that. The velvet pumpkins give it all a rich texture , even if you can’t touch it!!!! So pretty!! It is always a pleasure to hope with you. Have a wonderful autumn ❤️

  9. Maureen, your style sensibility is most always a combination of unique and organic design, which I love about you. Your dahlia centerpiece arrangement is simply breathtaking! The colors you’ve chosen are a wonderfully muted palette. Your sensory sensitivity is understandable. I have a sister who cannot handle anything nylon. But you did well in grabbing those pumpkins by the stems! They’re perfect. I love how you draped the napkins across the plate stack and beneath the brushed gold flatware. That’s a great idea.
    Thanks so much for being a part of this blog hop. I’m blown away by the variety and talent of each taste maker!

  10. Maureen, it’s so good to be hopping with you. It’s been awhile. I love the rich fall colors of your velvet pumpkins. Your dishes are beautiful. I really like how you positioned your plaid napkins. Very interesting. Such a pretty table with all the gorgeous flowers.

  11. I loved that you used the pinks, roses and purples of the flowers as the basis for your table. It is a beautiful spectrum of color and is prettily enhanced by the velvet pumpkins and dinnerware. The gold you used is a soft version and pairs well with the color theme. It does indeed feel cozy and I would imagine the folks who sit down to dine with you would not soon want to get up. Lovely table!

  12. Maureen, I’m swooning over that floral centerpiece! You have a true gift for arranging flowers. It’s quite the show stopper! You had no need to worry that your table was too simple…this was a true example that less is more! The plate stack is so pretty with the red transferware and plaid napkins. I didn’t realize that you made your farmhouse table. I clicked over to check out the tutorial and now I’m inspired to make one too! It’s always a pleasure to hop with you. Pinned!

  13. Love your color palette! I like the idea of easing into fall with soft and sometimes muted tones, and the velvet pumpkins are perfect for this setting. Enjoy the time left to spend outside and keep that flannel blanket nearby!

  14. Maureen, the colors are truly rich and do evoke a cozy fall feeling. Those flowers are gorgeous. I wish I had a place where I could get such lovely dahlias. The colorful napkins and the transferware plates are a perfect complement to your lovely table!