Welcome Spring!

Spring Table

To officially welcome spring I thought it was time to spruce up the Sunday dinner table.  I had dinner in the slow cooker, complete with cranberry roast beef, baby carrots and mini red potatoes.

Sounds like a dinner that deserved a special spring table setting to me!

spring table

We started the day with a little blast of snow flurries that thankfully melted as it hit the ground.  By 10 AM the sun was shining bright, so despite the -2 temperature, it felt like a spring day.

Spring Tulips

We enjoyed a new sparkling wine with dinner.  Patio 9 is a 2012 Rose Spritz Vidal Gamay Cabernet from Rockway Vineyards, which happens to be located right at the golf course that Tim plays often.  Very convenient!  At only 9% alcohol, it is a bit lighter than most wine.

The paper gingham napkins are from the local dollar store.  I picked up the plates as a set at Target.  They are Wellsbridge pattern from Target‘s Threshold line and even though mine are a couple of years old you can still get them, which has come in handy since I have broken a bowl and a plate.

Spring Table

Leslie came for dinner too.  We spent a bit of time in the afternoon cutting these pussy willow branches from a HUGE tree in her yard.  I think pussy willows are the first sure sign that it is spring!


There is nothing on the table that I didn’t already have.  All of the glasses were inexpensive purchases at Ikea.  They are always are in stock, so I don’t have to worry about replacing one if it breaks.

Even the tulips I had bought earlier in the week.  I love how they grow toward the light and kind of arrange themselves after a few days.  Less than a $10 investment and they are still going strong.

Pink Tulips

Don’t you just love this teapot.  Leslie picked it up for me several years ago from an auction, I believe.  It has a matching cream and sugar dish, but I opted for this Royal Dalton Bunnykins cup that was gifted to Marlie on her Baptism.  She will take it with her when he moves on, but it is a shame to pack it away.  A $2 creamer I picked up at Target on clearance holds the milk for tea.


A simple single layer lemon cake with whipped cream icing and lemon curd is the perfect spring dessert.  This one was purchased at the grocery store and there were only a few slices left, but had I had more time I would have made my favorite luscious lemon mouse!

The cake stand is one of several that I have.  I think I may be addicted.  Actually I have two of this particular stand, this one with an aqua ribbon and another with a light green ribbon.  There is just something about a crisp white stand that makes a luscious dessert stand out.

Spring table

These extra tall martini glasses are the perfect shade of blue/green and work as candle holders for tea light candles when not being used for a martini!  I picked up a set of four of these at Crate and Barrel in NYC several years ago.  They were on clearance for only $2 each.  I can’t believe we haven’t broken one yet!

Martini glass candle holder


Since dinner took me all of 10 minutes to prepare, I set the table in the morning.  It made my happy all day.

I think I have even inspired myself to keep up the effort beyond Sunday and think about adding a bit of spring to the table everyday.

Until next time….


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