Fun Frugal Finds at Ikea

Ikea road trip

We set out on a little road trip to Ikea on Saturday morning.  I needed to pick up a few things to finish Leslie’s screen porch, but what I was really after was a few bargains now that their new catalog has just been launched. (Not available in Canadian stores until after September 1st by the way!)

In the past I have found some major mark downs on things they discontinue to make way for the new stock!

And I wasn’t disappointed!

I wasn’t in need of any major items, just looking for some new accessories to freshen up the house.

I’ll get the details in a minute.

I sometimes think that Ikea plans to have their stores miles away from people on purpose.  That way those of us who visit infrequently spend way too much time in their stores, starting with all those room mock ups on the second floor, and then filling our carts as we make our way through the “warehouse” on the ground floor!

Ikea bedroom

Right at the top of the stairs was this pretty bedroom vignette.

Tim was instantly impressed by the layers and layers of blankets and duvets and said “now that looks like one comfy bed”.

Masculine bedroom

Then just down the aisle a few feet, he was equally drawn to this one.  Way more masculine, but equally cozy.

We were both loving the wall panel treatment.

I prefer a bit lighter color pallet but this room just felt really warm and inviting.

(Please pardon the iphone photo’s and the really nasty lighting.  I really wanted to turn those lamps off, but there was too much staff lingering around!)

Gray and white kitchen

While I started dreaming about cozying up in a comfy bed loaded with warm linens, I turned around and saw this gorgeous kitchen.

I have been talking about painting our lower cabinets gray but Tim couldn’t quite picture the look.  He isn’t quite sold on the idea but seeing this kitchen helped.

We carried on around the showroom and as always saw so many inspirational ideas.  Ikea is well known for furnishing small spaces it helps to see those rooms laid out.

Two things I know we will be back to get are:

ikea duvet cover

This Bjornloka duvet cover set.  It kind of gives a wool blanket vibe and would be a great starting point to a comfy, cozy bed.

and this

Ektorp sofa cover

Ektorp sofa cover in a new pattern, Mobacka.  The picture makes it appear pink, but it is actually red and beige stripes.  Since I want to add red into the color scheme in our family room I think this would work well.  Most surprisingly – we agreed on it!

Now, lets get back to my fun frugal finds at Ikea!

kitchen sink styling

These Fejka artificial topiary trees were on sale for .99 cents!  I picked up four of these in two different styles.

The Oradd ceramic pots were on sale for .99 cents as well, but as a member of their Family program I got them for .59 cents!

Ikea vase

The Socker vases were not on sale, but at only 12.99 a set of two I couldn’t resist their charm!

It didn’t take me long to get out into the garden to fill them up!

fresh cut flowers

Of course I also picked up a few more of my favorite dishtowels for .69 cents each, and a couple of packages of batteries in AA and AAA.  The price cannot be beat and we find that they last a really long time.  We use them mostly in the remote controls and game controllers, but also the smoke alarms (which we change every six months regardless).

All totaled I spend just under $25 and will get plenty of use out of all my purchases.

We also picked up a couple of things for Leslie’s screen porch, which we are so close to finishing.  Since we ran out of paint we have one coat left to go on the inside and it is ready for styling!

If you haven’t seen Ikea’s new catalog yet, you can see it online or even download the app.  Or, you can pick one up at the store after September 1st!

What is your favorite Ikea purchase?  Do share!

Until next time…..


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