Easy No Sew Valentine Pillow Cover

I am not one for doing a lot of decorating for Valentine’s Day.  When the girls were young I would always look for no sew crafts that we could do together which usually meant paper Valentine’s using glue, paper and lace doilies! I have a cedar chest full of proof of our efforts! 

no sew crafts - easy no sew Valentine's pillow cover

All these years later I still can’t sew but I wanted to add a touch of Valentine’s decor.  I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I was probably going to change out in a week or two. 

While I may be lacking in sewing skills, I do have a creative side that can sometimes make up for it. Like the time I needed to cover ripped patio chair cushions.  While it was supposed to be a temporary fix, I ended up using them for three seasons!

With no sew crafts on my mind, I was browsing through Michael’s when it occurred to me that I had plain pillow covers from Ikea I had been saving for no apparent reason.  And, with a bit of fabric glue and pink felt, I could probably come up with something.  I may have mentioned it before, but I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal, and this project was no exception!

Turns out it was just the project to brighten up the living room on a dreary winter weekend!  Not to mention this pink heart pillow cover also looks great with my pink buffalo plaid pillow covers I used in my Valentine’s tablescape last week.

It took about 30 minutes and the supplies (not including the pillow insert) cost less than $10,  I already have several Ikea down filled square cushions on hand, but they are a bargain $12 each if you need to buy one.  

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You will need:

No sew craft - Easy Valentine's pillow cover

Step One:   Place the pillow cover on a flat surface with the open end towards you

easy no sew craft - Valentine's pillow cover

Step Two:   Using the cookie cutter, trace 7 hearts in the darkest shade, 5 of the middle shade and 4 of the lightest shade

                   I cut some of each color full size, and one or two of each slightly smaller, cutting about 1/2 inch inside the lines

no sew crafts

No sew craft

no sew crafts - easy no sew Valentine's pillow

Step 3:   Arrange the hearts in a pattern from dark to light on an angle across the centre of the pillow cover.

              No sew crafts - easy no sew Valentine pillow cover

Step 4:   Leave the hearts in place, and simply spread a bit of glue on the back side of each heart, turn it over and then press it into place

No sew crafts - easy no sew valentine pillow cover

Step 5:    For a pop of color at the bottom of the design, cut a tiny heart in the darkest color and glue it in place

               Allow the glue to set up and bond for about 8 hours (or over night) before inserting a pillow form

no sew crafts - easy Valentine pillow cover

So cute! I think it would also be a fun project to make if you have tween girls who want to decorate their bedrooms.  Or, just to add a bit of whimsy in your home any time of year!

no sew crafts - easy no sew Valentine pillow cover

No Sew Crafts – Easy Valentine Pillow Cover

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no sew crafts - easy no sew Valentine's pillow cover

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