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Keeping a Healthy Home

More than anything, as I get older, my health is always forefront in my mind.  And, that includes keeping a healthy home.  While on one hand I do not envy the younger generation growing up in today’s crazy world, on the other hand I think it is wonderful that they are growing up in an age where being “green”, eating healthy and pushing back against unhealthy food and products is encouraged.  

After years of struggling with my diet, I finally have made peace with food and have a much more balanced and healthy outlook on eating.  I have also taken steps to create a healthier home by making “green” choices in the kitchen, and everywhere else around the home.

How I came to realize I wasn’t doing all I could to keep a healthy home….

A few years ago I was doing some research looking for natural products to help with sleep and anxiety and everywhere I looked I found articles touting the benefits of Lavender oil, I bought myself a little bottle and was pleasantly surprised.  Beyond that I didn’t really give essential oils much thought despite all the chatter about their benefits.

That was until I had a run-in with a burning candle!  Now, it isn’t what you think.  I didn’t burn myself or set a fire.  I was doing some dusting and innocently leaned over a three wick scented candle to dust around it.  Now, I was standing up and my face was probably 2 feet away from the flame for less than 5 seconds.  Later that day I blew my nose and got the shock of my life when the tissue was covered in black soot! (Sorry for the TMI!)

That was the end of those candles in the house for me!  I picked up a diffuser at a local store and purchased a couple of the more common pure essential oils from the natural food store.  I think I first purchased Frankinsence and Euculyptus to diffuse along with the lavender.  I then picked up some Tea Tree and Lemon to make some natural cleaning products. 

essential oils for a healthier home

I growing frustrated with the lack of selection of essential oils from our local stores and there were so many “recipes” I wanted to try using essential oils to replace things in our home with healthier versions.

That is when I came across Young Living Essential Oils.  I didn’t jump right in, and in fact it took me one full year before I finally purchased my starter kit just last month!  Before making my choice I looked in to several different companies. I knew I wanted a company that was available in Canada to avoid high shipping and duty costs. They had to have an excellent reputation for producing high quality pure essential oils, and they had to be priced right!

Young Living exceeded my expectations. While they are based in the US, they do have a headquarters in Canada, and I love their seed to seal promise.  In fact, they even have a farm in Canada! 

What I wasn’t expecting was the amazing support system that comes with being a member of Young Living.  Oh. My. Word.  This is sisterhood at it’s finest!!  And the opportunity to earn free essential oils and other Young Living products is definitely a plus!  The opportunity to earn free products each and every month was pretty nice too.

Yes, Young Living is a MLM company.  Does that bother me?  Not in the least.  I am not a salesperson and really have no intentions of selling oils to anyone.  I am just happy to have a reliable, reputable source to essential oils! Having said that, I would encourage anyone who is in the market for quality essential oils to consider purchasing a Young Living starter kit and all the benefits that come with it!

healthy home ideas

Since my kit arrived in early June I have diffused a multitude of oil blends depending on my mood.  I have used the oils to freshen musty laundry and to make a multipurpose cleaner that replaces all the chemically laden cleaners that had been under my sink.  I have also used the oils to help with the little aches and pains that come with getting older!

Every once in a while, I hope you will indulge me if I share a recipe that will help you create a healthy home! Be it a recipe for a cleaner, an luxurious lotion free from chemicals, or a diffuser blend like the one that I have been enjoying today made from oils that came in my starter kit!

Healthy Home Ideas

Healthy Home – Relaxation Diffuser Blend

  • 1 drop Frankincense
  • 2 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Copaiba

If you are curious about creating a healthier home with essential oils and don’t know where to start click here to learn order your kit and become part of my team (and the amazing sisterhood that comes with it!).  

Like I mentioned earlier, I am no salesperson, and likely won’t repeatedly post about the Young Living opportunity (I have put a graphic in my sidebar if you ever do want more information or purchase your own join YL starter kit), but I do hope you find benefit when I post the occasional recipe I use myself to create a healthier home!

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Until next time…..

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  1. Hi Maureen! Good for you in getting healthier ~ something I’ve been working on more this year now that I am 56 years young. πŸ™‚ I recently bought a bottle of Tea Tree oil at Walmart {they have a bunch of oils over in our Walmart’s pharmacy section} and have been using it for bugs… The not good kind that come with the name mites/chiggers here in Texas. Amazing how putting it all over your body in small amounts and washing your hair with it keeps the creatures away and at bay! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for sharing this,

    p.s. Pinned on my Ethereal Beautiful You for you and our readers. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Barb! I do love tea tree and it’s multitude of uses! Up here in the north, mosquitos often kill the joy of sitting outside and I have been diffusing lemon grass on the deck to get the pesky critters away! Sure beats a can of bug repellent and smells better too!

    2. Thank you Barb! I do love tea tree and it’s multitude of uses! Up here in the north, mosquitos often kill the joy of sitting outside and I have been diffusing lemon grass on the deck to get the pesky critters away! Sure beats a can of bug repellent and smells better too!

  2. I am to happy to hear that health is important to you as the #1! I totally agree! We must stay fit and keep our minds peaceful! I love using oils in a diffuser too! In fact need to get more oils.