Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood wreath

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until Sunday.  It is December 21st.  First day of winter.  But more importantly the shortest day of the year.  Days start getting a tiny bit longer every day after Sunday!

When it is still dark when you leave for work and again before 5:00 pm it makes taking photo’s, especially ones of a boxwood wreath hanging in a window, a bit of a task to say the least!

Boxwood wreaths are so classic.  They have their place in home décor all throughout the  year.  I adore preserved boxwood wreaths but since I have a large boxwood shrub in the yard I thought I would just make a fresh one for the holiday season.

Mini Boxwood Wreath

I opted for two mini wreaths to hang in my kitchen windows.  I picked up two little grapevine wreaths at Michael’s for .49 cents each.  I gave my boxwood shrub a nice trim, clipping off nice pliable stems.

I started by sticking the boxwood stems into the grapevine wreath and then using a fine florist wire I worked around the wreath securing branches in place until the entire surface was covered.  I then tucked some of the stray foliage through the wired branches to keep with the circular shape.

boxwood wreath

It was a very easy project and I am really pleased with the outcome.  I give them a mist of water every now and then, and so far it has been about three weeks and they still are looking fresh.  They will outlast the holiday season for sure.

They look so pretty with with my $5.oo DIY Ikea dishtowel curtains!

boxwood wreath

See what I mean about the challenge to photograph at this time of year!  Not exactly stellar photo’s, but not too bad!

If you don’t have a boxwood shrub of your own, it is easily available this time of year at garden centres, grocery store floral counters or even big box hardware stores!

I am finally getting into the kitchen tonight to begin my Christmas baking!  I am baking up a few family favorites and adding in a couple of new cookie and square recipes!  Check back on Friday for a cranberry orange slice cookie recipe. Pretty and yummy!

’til next time……



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