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$100 One Room Challenge – Thrift Store Finds & A Dilemma

$100 room challenge

Here we are at week two already!  Boy did that week move fast.  If you missed week one, you can click the link to catch up.

We really didn’t tackle any projects in the room yet thanks to a jam packed hockey schedule for my referee hubby! Two tournaments in one weekend.  I don’t know how he is even able to move! However things are about to change.  Lumber is coming, and the shiplap wall will be completed by next week.  Also hoping to have at least one coat of paint on.  I actually think I have chosen a color. 

In the meantime, I spent some time with my friend Leslie doing some thrift store shopping this weekend to find some treasures that I could make work in our farmhouse cottage inspired space.  I also shopped our house for things that would work as.

Here is what I have so far:

A berry wreath with sad looking greens glued to it (which will be coming off!) for $4.50

thrift store finds

A textured metal bucket for$1.00 that really works just fine as it is.  Well, Maybe a bit of distressing is in order. It’s a bit too shiny for my liking.

thrift store finds

This old shutter that I only use at Christmas to hang my Christmas cards will get a permanent home. I picked it up at a yard store a couple of summers ago and it finally has a purpose!  Every farmhouse needs a chippy old enamel pitcher and I have had this one for years.

Thrift Store Finds


I mentioned in week one that I will use printables as art and these are a couple that have caught my eye. This one (there is just something about cows) and the Live Simply one from this page.  I might just create one or two of my own!

I am leaning towards this fabric for curtains.  Fingers crossed they have it at our local Fabricland so I can get in on the buy 1 metre get 2 free sale.  The same sale isn’t offered for online orders. Not a good picture, but it is a linen poly blend and I like the subtle pattern.



I mentioned I think I have decided on a paint color.  Would love your opinion though!  I have seen it all around Pinterest used in many different rooms, and although I know it looks different under different lighting, I really like Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. 

Thrift Store Finds


I do have a bit of a dilemma I could use your help with! 

We have this buffet, which was the very first project Tim made for me.  It is currently finished with a simple vinegar steel wool solution, and I do like the color.  I am toying with the idea of painting the bottom to match our dining table, (you can see a closer look at how that is finished here) and leaving the top as is. 

DIY Console Table

I have to admit I am not really sure I want to paint it, but I also do enjoy the look of wood topped furniture with painted bases. 

What do you think?  To paint or not to paint? Please help a girl out and give your opinion in the comments!  Tim says go for it, I am on the fence!

Really excited for the big work to get going and to share it all with you next week!  Now, go visit all the bloggers participating in the $100 Room Challenge – just scroll down for the links!

Until next time…..
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  1. I agonize over this decisions too! I can see why you would be hesitant to paint it, but I think I would go for it! It sounds like you in a heartbeat if it was a thrifted piece but are hesitant because your husband made it. I get that, but I say that either way you should go for the style you love!

  2. I wouldn’t paint it, even though i love painted furniture. I would use some of the check fabric that you’ve shown and make a farm house curtain all around the piece, attaching it just under the top with eye hooks and clothes line cable. With so many people decluttering and going for a more simple look, it would make your room look calmer not having so much on display. Just my opinion.

    1. Funny you should mention that Erika! My sister just called me last night and suggested making a skirt of gray fabric around it! I certainly appreciate your opinion!

  3. Adorable finds, they’ll be perfect for your farmhouse space. I love painted furniture most of the time, but I also love the rustic feel of wood furniture. The skirted idea sounds like a perfect compromise. Good luck, with the shiplap wall!!

  4. Great finds, love all the texture! That’s a tough one with the buffet. The wood tone is gorgeous but I love changing things up! It’s so sweet your husband made it for you and is on board for anything.