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Nine Amazing Jack-O-Lanterns

Amazing pumpkin carvings

Already, the end of October.  My how time flies!

Halloween isn’t a big deal in our household anymore.  No little kids to get dressed up, and very few kids in the neighborhood.  I have to admit, I am amazed at the effort some folks put into Halloween every year!

That doesn’t mean we don’t give out candy and carve up a fun jack-O-lantern though!

I am delighted to share nine amazing Jack-O-Lanterns that my daughter’s friend, Jordan, carved this year.  Every year she carves about 15 to 20 pumpkins, all equally awesome!

All the neighborhood kids come to see what she has created each year and she certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Here are just a few of this years “crop”!

9 Amazing Carved Halloween Pumpkins

Frankenstein’s Monster

who wouldn’t be complete without…..

Amazing Carved Pumpkins

The Bride of Frankenstein

And, do you remember The Adam’s Family?  Meet…..

Amazing Halloween Pumpkin - Wednesday Adams

Wednesday Adams

Man in the Moon Carved Pumpkin

A very menacing Man in the Moon

Scary Tooth Fairy Jack-O-Lantern

(A very scary) Tooth Fairy

Awesome Carved Pumpkin

Wicked Witch

And, here are a few from last year!

American Horror Story Jack-O-Lantern

Twisty the Clown – American Horror Story

And for those who can’t wait for Christmas….

Clark Griswald Jack-O-Lantern

Clark Griswold – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

9 Amazing carved pumpkins for Halloween

The Grinch

I cannot imagine carving all these pumpkins every year!  I can barely handle cutting the top off and scooping out all the pumpkin “guts”!

She is smart not to put them out until Halloween night!  I think I would cry though, when Halloween is all finished and these beauties have to hit the compost bin!

Well done Jordan, and thanks so much for allowing me to share your amazing talent today!

Happy Halloween!

Until Next Time….



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