One of the stunning Niagara On The Lake Gardens I toured

There are some gorgeous gardens hidden around Niagara-On-The-Lake, there is no wonder it is called the Prettiest Town in Canada! Today I am going to share with you a tour of one such Niagara On The Lake gardens.

And even though it is a blustery day, I couldn’t help but thinking about a garden tour I attended of local homes. It always gets me dreaming of all things green and flowery!

While my yard and garden is no match for this one, a girl can dream!! This “Secret Garden” is another one of Niagara On The Lake gardens I was lucky enough to explore.

I will start by mentioning I wish I had taken a picture of from the front of the house.  I didn’t much bother because it was kind of non-descript. A cute white clapboard home though it was, I never expected what I was about the experience out back! 

We entered to the side of the house and was greeted by four manicured square gardens bordered by neatly trimmed boxwood hedges. This all surrounded by tall double row of cedars.

Two comfy arm chairs and the cutest twig lamp created a quiet retreat to enjoy the view and the scent of the multiple lavender plants.

One of the Niagara On The Lake Gardens visited during a garden tour

Beautiful custom iron gates adorned with branches, birds and foxes separate this serene boxwood garden from an incredible infinity pool surrounded by lush gardens, and a stunning view of lake Ontario.

sculptured iron garden gate

The checkerboard marble pool deck and the fieldstone fireplace wall at one end of the pool is a striking contrast to the lush gardens at the other end.

Infinity pool in one of the Niagara On The Lake gardens I toured

I really wasn’t sure where to look first.  The yard was three levels with gardens filled with trees and shrubs,

Stone garden wall with unique twig outdoor lamp

Surrounding the marble pool deck were beautiful gardens, sitting areas and more of these twig lamps. A border of blooms and hosta’s soften all the stone work.

One of the Niagara On The Lake Gardens at a private home with large red maple tree

The deep red of the Japanese red maple is an eye catcher against the dark green of the shrubs behind. Hostas in the foreground were yet to bloom, but the bright green adds another layer of interest.

purple bearded iris in Niagara On the Lake private garden

Bearded iris’ were in bloom all over the garden. I especially loved this deep blue color. They almost appeared black in real life. The gardens were separated from the lawn by a clear glass border that protect them from the winds that come in off the lake.

gardens and view of Lake Ontario on a private yard

As you come down the hill, there are even more iris, stavia, a blooming white hydrangea, roses and evergreen shrubs.

hosta garden against white house

Hosta gardens flank the home along the back and sides.

Walking down to the second level, which I would refer to as “the great lawn”, looking back you get a good look at the marble wall of the infinity pool. The black marble wall makes it difficult to see the water falling gently.

Black marble wall of infinity pool

The home itself has so many windows and garden doors to allow the owners to enjoy the gardens and view no matter what the weather!

The birch tree is a favorite of mine.

large birch tree and hosta garden

Then, down to the third level which runs along the river. Big garden stones make the perfect spots to perch and enjoy the lake breezes.

Loads of shrubs, some yet to bloom for the season, and others ever green run along the bottom of the property.

outdoor twig lamp and stone seats in a garden near lake Ontario

Finally, the home owners have thought of everything. A gazebo sits literally at the lake’s edge. Imagine sitting inside on a quiet summer evening watching the boats sail past as they head up the Niagara river to the marina.

Private gazebo at the edge of Lake Ontario

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour this Niagara On The Lake garden! If you ever get the chance to visit in June or July look up the Shaw Garden Tour or the Niagara On The Lake Horticultural Society for information on their annual summer garden tours.

I am off to Pinterest to add to my own garden insipirtion board!

Until next time….


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  1. Hello friend,

    What a wonderful tour! I love every bit of it! I wish that I could create beauty like that!

    Thank you so much for sharing today!