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healthy veggie board

If you were born anytime around the British Invasion you probably remember attending more than your share of Tupperware parties.  Without a doubt the refreshments would include a vegetable tray with the slim carrot and celery sticks, and the broccoli and cauliflower florets.  Do you remember that oh-so convenient Tupperware vegetable tray complete with a separate dish in the centre for dips!

Now, I have nothing against Tupperware.  In fact I still have an original piece or two.  But, I am so over the orderly display of veggies and dip!

veggie board Red Cottage Chronicles

With Charcuterie boards all the rage these days, what is a girl to do when the cured meats that make up such an appetizer board are not something she chooses to eat?  

Create an equally amazing veggie board of course!  Colorful, effortless, delicious, and the big bonus….healthy!

Over the past month I have been making a real effort to reduce the processed foods that I put into my body.  It was about that long ago, while searching for healthy eating ideas, that I stumbled upon a website called Food Matters.  It was loaded with tons of inspirational ways to get started on the path towards clean eating.

veggie board makes a healthy snack

My timing was perfect.  Turns out an extension of Food Matters is FMTV (Food Matters TV), which is like Netflix is a subscription based “station”.  The difference is FMTV  is loaded with documentaries, expert interviews, guided programs, yoga, meditation and so much more for the health conscious (or those just wanting to know a bit more about what is going into their bodies). In a lead up to a 7 day cleanse they were starting at the beginning of April on FMTV they were offering a special $1.00 for the first month.

My idea was to pay the $1.00, do the cleanse and watch as many videos as I could in that month and then cancel before it was up for renewal at the regular monthly price.  Turns out I am hooked.  I didn’t do the 7 day cleanse as I felt it was a bit too much right off the bat for a sugar addict, junk food eater like me!

veggie board Red Cottage Chronicles

What I have managed to do in the four weeks since I joined was watch several wonderful documentaries which have made me change the way I look at the food industry, listened to expert interviews on mental health, begun to explore visualization as a way to combat stress and live a more positive and fulfilled life. I am almost completely off refined sugar, I am sleeping better and dropped a couple of pounds.

Now, had you asked me a month ago what I wanted for a snack, there is no way I would have chosen a veggie board!!  And hummus? No. Thank. You.  

veggie board dill hummus

I am learning to enjoy fresh fruit and veggies, which is crowding out my desire to eat sugary, high fat, processed snack foods.

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I picked up all of these veggies, green onions, radishes, radicchio lettuce, English cucumber and carrots for under $10.  The radicchio was cut into wedges, carrots were left with a tiny bit of green, and cucumbers cut into wedges.  I added some dilled green beans we canned ourselves, some olives, a dish of cocoa dusted shaved coconut and some diced pineapple.  

veggie board fresh vegetables and fruit

Two flavors of hummus, roasted garlic (purchased) and lemon dill (homemade) make healthy, fiber filled yet yummy dips.

It is all so easy and effortless to arrange a veggie board. Lay everything out on a cheese board, or even just a  cutting board for that matter. Throw on whatever veggies you have on hand, or pick up some at the Farmer’s Market.  Add a fruit or two, some olives or nuts (or both!), a couple of healthy dips and you are done.

veggie boards Red Cottage Chronicles

I can’t remember the last time I actually attended a Tupperware party, or any home sales party for that matter!  So often they are done on-line via Facebook these days.  I am still old school and prefer to enjoy being in the company of friends while checking out the latest gadgets.

veggie board for any occasion

Thankfully, I don’t even need a reason to enjoy a delicious veggie board, and neither to do you!

Until next time…..

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