Spring Mantel Style

Bringing spring inside with a fresh spring mantel

While all things are pointing to the arrival of spring, I know we still have to get through some gray days of April Showers before we get the see the May Flowers!

Since I have a week off of my “day job” I decided to get a head start on freshening up the house with some spring cleaning, which of course means some spring styling!

First things first, I washed all my slip covers.  Fresh, crisp and white again they immediately brighten up the room.  I packed away the heavier winter throws and pulled out some lighter weight ones.  The clutter has been cleared, floors washed and windows opened just a crack.

With the business of cleaning finished I was ready to switch out the mantel to something fresh and “springy”!  Just like the basket of flowers I made to hang on the front door, I wanted to brighten things up and bring spring inside!

I have to say am forever grateful Tim took the time to build me this fireplace so I have a mantel to decorate!

Styling a spring mantel

I have to admit with a puppy in the house our mantel is often littered with odd socks, twigs and other tidbits that we have retrieved from Charlie’s mouth and tossed on the mantel to keep out of his reach.  I really must find some other landing spot because I am enjoying this clean slate!

Spring Mantel Styling for under $10

Since I like to change things out throughout the seasons, I don’t like to invest a lot of money into styling the mantel.  This time I spent less than $10 in total.  

The faux greenery balls I picked up at the dollar store and plunked them on top of pots I already had, sitting one pot into an old basket.  They might just make their way out to the spring porch come summertime!

I also picked up a Shamrock plant at the market for $4.  Everything else I already had, either from thrift stores, DIY projects or Ikea!

Spring Mantel Style for less than $10

It’s always nice pulling out things that have been tucked away for the winter.  Everything feels new again!

The Georgia Peach Candle is from Bath and Body Works and smells exactly like fresh peaches.

Styling a Spring Mantel in green

I am still loving my DIY Tobacco Basket!  I think it works well with the outdoorsy style of the mantel.

I can assure you as the spring progresses I will have killed the Shamrock plant and switched it out for a bright pink Azalea and added a bit more colour here and there, but I am really pleased with the fresh feel of my early spring mantel.

How about you, are you ready to bring a bit spring into your decor?

Until next time….


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