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Leslie’s Screen Porch Reveal

Rustic Screen Porch

I’m sure the anticipation has been driving you batty!  Wait no more.  Leslie’s screen porch reveal is finally here!

The build itself went really quickly.  It was the waiting for the weather to cooperate.  We were given strict orders when we bought the paint not to paint when it was too hot.  And of course that is when the humidity kicked into high gear.

Lots of hours and hard work went into this project, but I think you will agree it was well worth it!

You can see all the before pictures here.  And the progress as Tim was finishing the build here.

But, here is a quick reminder…

Screen Porch Reno

And, after it had been demolished and re-built.

Porch Progress

I will be posting the outside reveal next week.  Still a bit of staining and landscaping to complete!

Here is how it looked when I arrived today to get things looking pretty.  All the walls have been painted white, which really brightens up the room.

Screen porch reno progress

screen porch styling

There are few things that we will finish in the spring, such as painting the floor and ceiling.  Leslie has to decide on colours.  But, with fall so close I really wanted her to be able to get back to enjoying the relaxing space.

Without further adieu here is a look at the (inside) after pictures!

Rustic screen porch

The only thing we spent money on for the inside was curtains from Ikea.  We still have one set we haven’t hung yet, but Leslie’s yard is quite private and but we are leaning towards hanging them, but leaving them wide open.  This will soften the corners without spoiling the breeze or the view.

rustic screen porch

rustic screen porch

This cane stool is actually quite comfortable, and adds one more place to sit, or swing it around in front of a chair and put your feet up.

You might remember from Leslie’s bathroom reveal that she has a lot of “stuff”.  She likes old and rustic pieces and it was easy to “shop” her house to make it a style uniquely hers.

Rustic Screen Porch

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a really old wine barrel tucked away ready to turn into a little side table!

Rustic Screen Porch

I had lots of old crates to choose from, and ball jars.

Screen Porch Reveal

A telephone in just the right colour, of course!

Rustic Screen Porch

Storage under the bench.

Rustic Screen Porch

Yup.  She has vintage lab test tubes!  Perfect for some single Black Eyed Susan blooms.

Rustic Screen Porch

The old checkered board looks great on the wall, and can be turned around to display the crokinole board on the other side.

Rustic Screen Porch

A few more flowers from my garden complete the enamel coffee pot.  This print was one I had picked up for Leslie from The Lettered Cottage a few years ago.  Her beautiful (and very large) dog is named Hank so I couldn’t resist.

Rustic Screen Porch

Rustic Screen Porch


Rustic Screen Porch

Rustic Screen Porch

Rustic Screen Porch

And of course, just like the bathroom project, I couldn’t have found a better book in her collection to be displayed here in her rustic cabin-like screen porch.

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin”!

I put most of this room décor together with Leslie not at home.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong since everything in there is from her home.  I am pleased to report that she loves it!

So what do you think?  I am sure those of you who are visiting the blog today who know Leslie will agree that this is totally her style.

I did shoot a little video tour of the finished space, but since videos are new to me, you will have to follow Red Cottage chronicles on Facebook where I will post it when I figure out how to edit the darn thing!

Until next time….


A huge thank-you to my amazing husband Tim and my hardworking brother Steven for the renovation work!  And, to Marlie for putting her muscle into getting the screws in the wall so I could hang things up!

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  1. Fantastic job! I actually thought the floor was done like that intentionally (ie pathway to the door with the ‘unfinished’ boards and ‘striping’ for visual interest). Very welcoming porch to ‘sit a spell’!

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful! With the hot, humid weather we’re having this week, I’m sure she’ll enjoy sitting out there when it begins to cool down in the evening. The wine barrel is great, too! Being down there in wine country, are you really sure there’s nothing inside it? Haha! I also loved the pencil holder made out of an old license plate. That’s just my style. Now if I could just just figure out how yo do that…

    You’re a great friend to use your know-how to create this cozy space for your friend. I imagine you’ll spend many hours there with her, chatting about life. Thank-you to you and Leslie for sharing this with us!

    1. Thank you so very much Jan! I was thinking the same about the license plate! I will have a close look and see what I can figure out. I am so happy I have this “talent” to share!

  3. Wonderful transformation and I actually love the floors unpainted. It’s great that you “shopped” Leslie’s home to be able to put together the decor for the porch too. She has some lovely things.

  4. Wow, it’s gorgeous! I bet you love to sit out there! Looks like a super comfy-home-y place to relax. You have great taste to put it all together like that!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the transformation so much I’ve been clicking through your blog and enjoying everything! You have a new follower on Facebook.

  6. You did an awesome job! One of the things I miss about my childhood home was our glass porch. It was nice to sit out there and talk to my grandmother. Your porch look nice and cozy.

  7. Wow! What beautiful photos! I wish I had your talent for remodeling! As it is, I haven’t had to do any major remodeling projects, but if I do, I sure wish you were here to help me along! 🙂

  8. Stunning work! What a beautiful space to enjoy a book or just relax over coffee. I especially loved the floor.. it looks so purposeful! And the license plate– what a fabulous idea. Congrats on a job well done!

    1. Thanks so much Beth! I use a Nikon entry level 35 mm, but it works pretty well! I am working my way through a photography course from Shootfly! Really easy to follow and understand!

  9. Wow, what a change from the first picture you showed. Looks like it turned out great. You’re very creative. It’s nice to reuse/reclaim items that someone already has.

  10. Very creative. You did a great job fixing that porch to be something you want to spend a lot of time in. Makes me look forward to some of my diy projects that need to be done.

  11. I love what you ended up doing with the screen porch! The re-build is very beautiful and I love the fun details you ended up using. I love the telephone and the dog details (the Boston Terrier is very cute!).

  12. That’s one cozy porch you designed. Leslie is a lucky lady! 🙂 I’m not surprised at all that she loves it.The touches of yellow are my favorite…from the side table to the phone to the flowers. Have a fantastic week! XOXO, Erin

  13. Well done! One day, when I can find the perfect house, I want a porch like this. It’s so warm and welcoming, perfect place for a cozy afternoon with a good book and a pitcher of lemonade.

  14. Super cute! I am totally impressed! I love it! That would be my favorite place to just sit and relax! You are very talented and have a great eye! I would just have to copy someone. 😉

  15. How beautiful! What a wonderful job you all did. I am so inspired now ~ we have a sun room that needs a make over. Thankfully, its very structurally sound, just needs a good de-cluttering & a fresh look. Thanks for the ideas & encouragement to get going with it 🙂