How to Arrange Grocery Store Tulips Farmhouse Style

Despite the fact we lost our power for about 7 hours today, and the wind his howling so loud outside my window I am so glad to see signs of spring popping up all around. Specifically in the grocery store! In my opinion tulips are the poster flower for spring.  I have shared with you before easy ways to arrange grocery store flowers, and today I went with all tulips in a farmhouse style tulip arrangement.  

spring tulip arrangements

If this is your first time stopping by, welcome.  Here at Red Cottage Chronicles every second Monday is Market Flower Monday.  It is when I share the flowers I purchased at either the farmer’s market or the grocery store.  And then I show you how I have arranged them at home!

This week I purchased a “more than a dozen” bunch of tulips from Zehr’s for just $12.  Turns out more than a dozen equals fifteen.  I gathered up four of my little milk bottles and some left over raffia from this spring floral wreath.

grocery store tulip arrangement

This tulip arrangement could not be any easier.  I simply tied the four bottles together with a long piece of the raffia.  Then I divided the tulips between the bottles and added few stems of pussy willows just for fun!

tulip arrangement

How easy is that! I could show you stem by stem how I placed them in the jars, but there really is no rhyme or reason.  Whatever pleases your eye is exactly the way they should look!

Casual and free flowing with that rustic charm that defines farmhouse decor.  A tulip arrangement that doesn’t look arranged at all! Set atop cutting boards in the centre of the dining room table it makes a pretty pop of spring color on a very grey and incredibly windy day!

easy farmhouse tulip arrangement

I am looking forward to see the tulips all open and show their real beauty.  Kind of like spring itself.  It starts out slowly and then starts to unfurl it’s full color and beauty.

Farmhouse Easter tulip arrangement

Tips for creating a spring tulip arrangement:

  • choose tulips that are still closed
  • choose a variety of vibrant colors, or go monochromatic
  • change the water every two or three days
  • make a small vertical slit through the stem just below the bloom to slow the growth as they will continue to grow even when cut
  • remove the lower leaves
  • choose a grouping of small jars or bottles instead of one big vase for a farmhouse look
  • allow the blooms to fall where they may
  • accent the arrangement with pussy willow or other twigs or small branches

farmhouse style tulip arrangement

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Farmhouse tulip arrangement

Spring is less than a month away, but adding touches of the season inside makes it seem like I might just wake up tomorrow and the snow outside will have melted away!

Until next time….

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