10 DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Your Home

Just like I start nesting and making things cozy as autumn approaches, I start to think about cleaning and organizing when spring comes.  And, since spring is just a few weeks away today I wanted to share some great storage ideas to organize your home.  The best part they are all easy do-it-yourself projects that don’t cost a lot!

Spring has always been a time of renewal.  Out with the old in with the new! If you are anything like me, as soon as I feel the first warm(ish) breezes I throw open the windows and get to airing out the house.  I go through my cupboards and get rid of expired food that ended up at the back of the cupboard and look to simplifying and organizing.  

Since we became empty nesters last year with daughter number one moving into her own place in early in the year, and daughter number two buying her own home in November, I now have a dedicated office/craft space all to myself. 

Today I am sharing some great DIY storage ideas to organize your home whether it be a closet, a pantry, a craft room or even the bathroom!

10 DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Your Home

Time to get your home organized for spring! I have rounded up 10 DIY storage ideas for every room in your home!

While I wait out the last few weeks of winter in anticipation of the longer, warmer days to come I have a few spaces that are in real need for some organization and I will be “borrowing” some ideas from these talented bloggers who know how to make the most of the space the have.

Learn to Paint with WatercolorDIY Storage Ideas


For more organization ideas, follow my Organization Board on Pinterest!

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