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Fall Décor for a Small Porch

Outdoor Fall Decor

Raise your hand if you would love to have a bigger front porch!

It is no secret I live in a small home, and a small front porch comes along with it.

Oh, I dream about a big porch stretching right across the front of the house.  You know, the covered ones with a tongue and groove pine ceiling, and a ceiling fan (or two) to keep you cool on hot summer days.

It is on my radar, but not for another year or two.

That doesn’t stop me from prettying up my porch for the season.

The one upside of fall décor when you have a small porch is that you have less space to fill, and therefore less money you need to spend!

Outdoor fall decor

While I love autumn, I am not a huge fan of all the Halloween decorating.  We always carve a pumpkin and such, but some people in our neighborhood go all out with ghosts and goblins, and spiders, webs and the works.  Sadly, by the time Halloween rolls around, the fall rain, wind and blowing leaves have left their displays looking a little worse for wear.

Give me some pretty flowers, a pumpkin or two, and some corn stocks and I am happy.

My go to place for garden mums is the local community college.  They have a great horticulture program and no matter what the season they have great prices on gorgeous, full, healthy plants.   If you have a community college near you, you might want to check if they have a similar program!

Small Porch Decor

I was late getting them this year and only had a dozen, or so, to choose from.  I did manage to get 3 nice ones in various stages of blooming for only $15.00.  I also picked up an ornamental cabbage, and an orange pumpkin to go with the ghost pumpkin we got at the apple farm!

The bushel basket came with the beans when we  made dilled green beans. I think it adds a different bit of texture and interest.  I put some heavy stones inside under the ornamental cabbage to help keep it from blowing away! They don’t make bushel baskets like they used to!  This one is paper thin.

Outdoor Fall Decor

After I got everything in place, I actually had to do a test to make sure the screen door still had room to open enough for us to get in.  And it did, but just barely!

What is your thoughts on decorating outdoors for fall?  Do you go all out with full on Halloween display, or keep it simple with some seasonal plants and pumpkins?

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  1. This year, our outdoor decorating has consisted of trying to remember to compost the dead plants before it snows. We’ve got a bit of a landing, but no porch. I’m hoping to have a porch that’s worthy of decorating some day, to sit out on with a cup of tea.