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Apple Picking in Niagara Region

Updated July 2022

Apple picking in Niagara is just one of the great things about living where we do. With you-pick apple farms stretching from Niagara On The Lake to Stoney Creek there are plenty of choices.

Visiting our favourite apple orchard is something that has become a tradition with our girls and I each September, as we visit several times during the growing season as different varieties come into season.

We have been visiting Windwood Farms in Beamsville, every year since 2012 (with the exception of last year when they did not open to the public), and almost every year on our first visit it has been pouring rain!

If you get a chance, have a chat with the apple orchard owner!

On our very first visit to Windwood, Ralph the kind gentleman who owned the orchard told us to go right to the end of the orchard, visit the pond at the end and then make our way back.  Did I mention it was raining?! Not wanting to look like we had never done this before, we followed his instructions and off we went to find the pond.

First we came upon this fun windmill!

By the time we reached the pond the rain had stopped and the sun even started to peak through. 

That also has been a bit of a tradition too. We arrive in the rain and leave in the sunshine!

How to properly pick an apple from the tree

I was quite confident I knew how to pick apples but boy was I wrong.  Never twist and pull….lift the apple up and away from the branch and pull.  Always leave the stem on the apple because it prolongs the freshness of the apple.  Who knew! Thanks for the tip Ralph.

If you plan your visit to pick apples in Niagara the trees are loaded with apples so you will have your pick (pardon the pun!)

Where to pick apples in Niagara

Apple Picking in Niagara On The Lake

Parkway Orchards is located on the scenic Niagara River Parkway between Queenston and Niagara On The Lake.

While they do offer PYO of a variety of fruit beginning in June, apple picking season is scheduled to begin in September.

Please note there is a fee for picking at this orchard in addition to the cost of the fruit per pound.

Apple picking in Pelham

A drive through Pelham is always stunning in the autumn. Mathias Farms is located in the the charming village of Ridgeville on Effingham Road.

A variety of fruit is available for picking all season long, but expect apple picking to begin in mid-September. Visit their Facebook page for updates!

Where to pick apples in Beamsville

This is our favourite spot for apple picking in Niagara. We stumbled upon it quite by accident 10 years ago and have been enjoying their abundant varieties ever since!

While closed for picking to the public the last two years, they will be open again in September 2022 for pick-your-own!

Located on King Street in Beamsville (also known as Highway 8 to the locals), over the last ten years it has become a very popular spot for picking so be sure to follow Windwood Farms on Facebook to stay up-to-date on picking dates for each variety!

Pick Your Own Apples in West Niagara Region

Looking for a fun place for the family? Puddcombe Estate Farm is not to be missed! Located in Winona, a small community within Stoney Creek.

Not only can you pick your own apples, but you can purchase preserves and baked goods at their charming country store, visit their winery and cidery, AND have the opportunity to take a train ride through the orchard!

Apple Picking Etiquitte

Follow all the rules posted by the apple farm.

Do not abuse the trees. Don’t be tempted to climb them to reach higher fruit or for a selfie. Do not pull off branches. Just the apple and it’s stem should be picked (a few leaves that may come along with it is fine).

Don’t pick varieties that are not yet scheduled and available for picking.

Pay for what you pick. Not all apple farms price the same way. Some may charge by weight, some might charge for a certain size bag or basket. If the latter is true, don’t try to overstuff a bag beyond its’ limits.

Be respectful! Of your surroundings, the other people their to pick their own, the employees and orchard staff!

Apple recipes to try

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  1. 🙂

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your ‘blog’ about your visit to our little farm. I told Ralph (my father-in-law) that you mentioned him in your ‘write-up’ and he beamed!!

    You have a talent for writing. I hope you keep it up.


    Sandra Daniels-Frayne
    Windwood Farms
    Beamsville, ON