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Seasonal Cookbooks on my Wishlist

I could go on and on about why autumn is my favorite season, but I think anyone who loves to cook will agree that autumn is the season that beckons us back into the kitchen.  The farmers’ markets are overflowing with a variety of fresh produce just waiting to be turned into delicious meals and desserts.

One of the wonderful things about living in an area that truly experiences a change in seasons is the ability to eat healthy and whole food meals simply by cooking according the the seasons.  With the exception of winter (although much of the autumn harvest can be canned fresh and stored) our region has an ever changing supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In a quest to learn more about healthy cooking, I found that one recurring theme is cooking by the seasons. Hence, I have been searching for seasonal cookbooks to learn new recipes. In my humble experience, even if you have just basic cooking skills, the quality and freshness of the ingredients make almost any recipe deliciously amazing.

In my quest to find the best seasonal cookbooks to add to my collection I picked out a few favorites that I have added to my wishlist to share with you. 

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Simply click the image to get a look at what is inside each cookbook and learn more about each author.

This one might just have ended up in my “cart”!  The autumn recipes look amazing!


I recently listened to a podcast, where the person prefers to meal plan as she shops the local farmers’ market rather than shop with a list in hand.  What a wonderful way to approach fresh food! Just as Cooking from the Farmers’ Market says “SHOP, COOK & EAT”


Who wouldn’t want to spend a year of cooking in a farmhouse in France!

The next best thing to preparing local, seasonal food is having a selection of easy seasonal recipes at the ready!


And finally, as someone who lives in a small space, but still wants to preserve through the seasons, Preserving by the Pint will come in very handy!

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Cashew Vegetable Fried Rice




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