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I don’t think I can ever remember a year where winter held on for so long.  Here we are almost a month into spring and we still had snow flurries in the forecast this past weekend.  But that is now behind us and we are finally into spring-like temperatures.

On that note I have a new spring printable in the VIP library.  Something easy to print and slip into a frame to welcome in the season why I wait for my garden to come back to life!  To access the VIP library, simply subscribe (below) to Red Cottage Chronicles and get your password.  You can find the link to the library at the very top left corner of the page!

spring printable

Speaking of spring flowers, these are two great sources to get your garden off to a good start.  Floret Farms as amazing flower seeds to grow our own cutting garden.  In Canada, Vesseys is a great source of not only numerous flowers, but vegetables, also vegetables, fruits and berries too.

This is keeping us busy…..

We have started on the basement bedroom makeover and I am really trying not to get ahead of myself.  The subfloor has been installed.  A little sheet rock repair is complete, and the room just got a fresh coat of paint.  Here is a peak at our progress!

Free Printable

In other news, the Mr. and I are starting our third week of eating a plant based diet. I cannot tell you how much better we are both feeling.  I am no longer exhausted at the end of the day, I have not had a single bite of refined sugar since we began this lifestyle change, and to be honest, I don’t even miss it.  This coming from someone who ate a steady diet of soda pop and chocolate! 

While overall improved health and well being is are main goal, losing 10 pounds so far has been a welcome bonus. I have been using the menu page from our printable library to stay on track with meals.  I do still love to bake, and I won’t rule out having a treat now and again when I have a firm handle on things, anything I bake goes out the door or served to guests! 

Oh, but this is going to be very hard to resist! Maybe just one scoop!

If you are inclined to try a plant based meal or two follow my Vegetarian/Vegan board on Pinterest.  This is one of our favorite recipes.

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I am awaiting the arrival of this book, and I look forward to putting the steps into action!

Ever since I found this shop I have been adding a few things to my wish list for the kitchen!

After the bedroom reno is finished, the first thing I want to make is one of these!

Want to stop throwing away produce that goes bad before you use it? Check out this post for great tips on keeping produce fresh longer!  I have already tried a couple and they are working like a charm.

And finally, with Mother’s Day right around the corner I am planning a gift guide post, but I wanted to share these ideas for gifts under $30!

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