One Room Challenge -Week 5

Only one week left. Say it ain’t so!! It feels like this One Room Challenge Update is a bit lacking in progress. But, progress was made!

renovating a dated kitchen for the One Room Challenge

If you are just joining me for the first time, the One Room Challenge takes place twice a year over six weeks each time. During those six weeks featured bloggers and guest bloggers, like myself, transform a room of their choice.

We have undertaken a total transformation of our daughter’s kitchen. A tiny kitchen with big dreams!! You can catch up by clicking the weekly links below.

Week One | Week Two | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5

Now onto the Week 5 One Room Challenge Update

We are still awaiting the arrival of the pendant lights that will be installed over the peninsula, but the main light fixture has been installed.

Not only does it look great, but it really brightens up the whole room!

The range hood was installed, and framed in. She has decided to go with the same tongue and groove pine that was used on the back of the peninsula.

One Room Challenge Update

Now that the range hood is installed, Tim was able to finish to subway tile back splash.

One Room Challenge Update

The drawer pulls and knobs were spray painted to match the gold tone of the light fixture. I love how they look against the navy blue cabinets.

One Room Challenge Update

The girls and took a drive up to Ikea with a stop at Home Sense for good measure! When she purchased her cabinets she received a percentage back in gift cards, so she put them to good use and we picked up some fun accessories for the kitchen.

One Room Challenge Update

I can’t wait to show it all to you when in the reveal next week.

  • buy flooring
  • install flooring
  • install lights (waiting for two more)
  • install range hood and custom surround
  • finish backsplash tile (almost done) and grout
  • paint
  • install trim and moldings
  • purchase, paint and install cabinet hardware
  • touch up cabinet paint
One Room Challenge Update

Samantha was excited to see how the floor is going to look, so she just pulled out some planks and lined them up. This flooring is going to do her entire house.

The plan for this (final) week is to complete custom surround and the flooring. Wednesday the trim, moldings, cabinet hardware and all the touch ups will be complete. Fingers crossed!

You will definitely want to check back next week for the final One Room Challenge Update! The reveal!

Until next time…

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