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Thrift Store Upcycle – Vintage Pennants

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Thrift Store Decor Vintage Pennant Display 

Vintage Pennants Display

 I cannot take any credit for this idea what-so-ever.  In fact it was my friend Sean who gave me the idea to display vintage pennants using an old window frame. He has a huge collection that completely fills the window!

Vintage pennants can be found at flea markets, yard sales and even thrift stores from time to time.  Old window frames like this one can be found at home salvage stores like Habitat for Humanity, or antique markets and flea markets.

Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge - Vintage Pennants

Little needed to be done to create this upcycle project.  The window we found still had glass in place, so my daughter Samantha carefully knocked the glass out leaving just the frame.  

I already liked the old, chippy paint on the window frame, so I didn’t have to do anything with it at all.  

Upcycle challenge uses an old window frame to display an collection of vintage pennants

I simply used thumb tacks to tack the pennants into place to create a colourful rustic display.  I only have 12 pennants in my collection so far, but as I gather more I can just layer them over each other.  

I have it hung in our screen porch above the outdoor sofa Tim made.  Our screen porch has a feel of one you might find up north in a cottage by the lake, (squeaky screen doors and all) and this display reminds me of something you might find in a little cabin somewhere.

Thrift store decor vintage pennants display

I think it would also make an awesome addition to a boys bedroom.  Imagine it with pennants from different baseball parks!

Thrift Store Upcycle - Vintage Pennants Display

For now I am really happy with the rustic appeal of this Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge project.  It adds a pop of colour and whimsey to an otherwise boring white wall! 

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  1. I love the vintage feel the pennants give to the porch. You made me think of going to the lake every summer with the description of the screen door. You have the start of a terrific collection.

  2. I like it! I have vintage pennants from my Grandfather & Parents years at Purdue (’26 and ’56). This would look great in a boys room or study, too.