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Welcome friends! You will be glad you stopped by today.  It is our annual Patriotic Tablescape Blog Hop, hosted by Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate and as one of just a couple of Canadians, so if whether you are looking for 4th of July or Canada Day tablescapes, we have you covered! 

And, I have taken loads of photo’s! Plus, links to other talented tablescapers below.  Every day this week a new set of links go live.  Grab a beverage and let’s get started!

Canada Day Tablescapes

When I got to thinking about Canada Day tablescapes, I wanted to do something completely different than last year’s red and white table.  Which, by the way still is a favorite!  I got to thinking about one of Canadians’ favorite pastimes.  Spending time at a cottage by a lake.  

Ideas for Canada Day Tablescapes

I happen to be lucky enough to live between two of the great lakes.  Plus, just a couple of hours drive to the north I am in the heart of cottage country in Ontario.  

Canada Day Tablescapes

Growing up we spent many vacations at a cottage up north.  It was always so much fun.  Usually we went with cousins, which made it that much more fun.  

Except that time when one of my older cousins convinced me to eat grass.  Not one of my finest moments!

Canada Day Tablescapes

Any good Canadian would know that the Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket is rather iconic!  You can buy them new (around $550 dollars) but having an old one is even better! They date back as far as 1776 when first commissioned by Hudson’s Bay Company. I am lucky that my friend Leslie just happened to have one tucked away in a trunk.  

I used it as a table cover and the base for my tablescape.  You really can’t get much more Canadian than that!

Canada Day Tablescapes

I created a plate stack using rattan place mats, wood charger plates (that were made in Canada!), my ever day white dinner plates, cute accent plates from Colin and Justin, and linen napkins with a different Canadian word or phrase on each one.  

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canoe paddles bring back memories of camping and a certain individual who remain nameless decided to stand up in the canoe.  If I recall correctly my sister is still missing a flip flop!

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canada Day Tablescapes

Keeping it simple with fresh daisies arranged in old milk bottles and a tiny canoe paddle stir stick.  A birch candle holder will add a soft glow in the evening.

Canada Day Tablescapes

Time at the cottage is not to be spent in the kitchen! A simple dessert of a vanilla cake layered with fresh whipped cream and raspberries is not only easy, but delicious too.

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canada Day Tablescapes

Store bought red velvet cupcakes add a little touch of red to the table!

Canada Day Tablescapes

I couldn’t do a Canada Day Tablescape without ketchup chips! Yes, we Canadians love our ketchup chips!  Even Rae Dunn gets in on the Canadian action!

Canada Day Tablescapes

My grandfather was a captain on the Chicago Tribune, a lake boat that traveled from Ontario to Chicago delivering newsprint.  I love these glasses that were left to me after his passing.  They depict the various mariners flags.

Canada Day Tablescapes

Gathering up some food and heading out for a hike picnic is another cottage activity.  Red and white check napkins give a nod to lazy day picnics at the lake.

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canada Day Tablescapes

I just love these paddle stir sticks.  Perfect for stirring summer cocktails!

Canada Day Tablescapes

A Coleman lantern is another Canadian staple.  Cottage or no cottage! How fun is this vintage one!

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canada Day Tablescapes

Canada Day Tablescapes source list:

Paddle plates – Colin and Justin from HomeSense

Galvanized cake plate – Winners

Rattan place mats – Winners

Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket – Vintage (borrowed)

Canadian Napkins – Walmart Canada

Paddle Stir Stick  – HomeSense

Coleman Lantern – Vintage (borrowed)

Milk bottle’s for flowers – Michaels

Oh Canada Rae Dunn bowl – HomeSense (found it in the pet department!)

Plaid Napkins – Yard Sale find (gifted to me)

Canada Day Tablescapes

I am a proud Canadian and come July 1st, whether I am at a cottage by the lake, in a local vineyard partaking in Canada Day activities or in my own back yard with family and friends July 1st will be spend celebrating the birthday of our wonderful country!

Canada Day Tablescapes

And, to my neighbours to the South, wishing you an equally fabulous July 4th!

Scroll down to visit all of Monday’s blog hop participants, and then check back every day this week for more patriotic tablescapes.  Fingers crossed there will be more Canada Day tablescapes for all my Canadian friends!

Until next time….

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  1. Wow, Maureen, I am in love with this table! You could easily have been in the recent issues of HG and Country Living magazine with this tablescape and all its wonderfully Canadian cabin elements! Love that you found the Rae Dunn bowl in the pet department! And those napkins are my personal favorite. However, that gem of a Hudson’s Bay blanket takes that cake (pun intended) to another level! The lantern, cooler, those treasured mariner flag glasses – a big WOW when I look at this. It makes me want to take another trip to your region! Freedom and patriotism are the common threads between our borders, for which I am forever grateful!

    1. Thank you so much Rita! Your comment made my day 🙂 I too am grateful for the open borders and friendships we share with our neighbours to the South!

  2. Oh, Maureen, what a fabulous table!! The Hudson’s Bay blanket is the perfect foundation for your Canada Day tablescape! Those blankets are so iconically Canadian. Those napkins with the Canadian says are so darn cute! Since I live on the south shore of Lake Erie, I feel like I am so close to Canada and all it has to offer. I feel sure I have told you before that my son graduated from a Canadian University so I feel a connection to your beautiful country and I always look forward to your Canada Day tables! Those plates with the paddles and the little paddle stir sticks are adorable! Thanks for sharing your fabulous table with us!

  3. Maureen!! ❤️love,love,love the Hudson Bay blanket as a table cover, it is perfect for your fabulous rustic outdoor table. I am crushing on the canoe paddle plates, I would have snapped those up in a heartbeat! By the way, I will trade you one Target store for a HomeSense store so we can both be in shopping euphoria!!! Your napkins are adorable. I grew up on Lake Erie, so I am really just a neighbor to Canada and many of our vacations were spent fishing in your beautiful country, so I can relate to your fabulous table very well. ❤️❤️Always fun to hop with you!!!

    1. Thank you Ann! We love our neighbours across the lake! I would take that trade!! We live close enough to the border to visit Target now and again, but never seem to get around to it!

  4. Maureen, thanks for sharing some of your Canadian cottage traditions. Love the milk bottles and the oh-so-cute red check napkins and paddle stir sticks. The cake – we would call that strawberry shortcake – looks delicious. Ketchup chips? That’s one I’ve never heard of. Is the ketchup in the chips or do you dip the chips in ketchup? Great to learn other customs. Oh , those plates are awesome too.

  5. This is a fabulous table. The details are so on point. Hudson Bay blanket – iconic, the lantern – oh the memories, and those paddle stir sticks
    I love it all!

  6. Maureen, I’ve learned so much from your post today. Ketchup chips are new to me! I love learning things and it was enjoyable to learn about Hudson Bay blankets and your borrowed vintage blanket was perfect for your tablescape with the paddle dishes and cute Canadian napkins.
    Your table is very creative and interesting. You have personalized your holiday celebration and taught us some things as well.
    Love your delicious looking cake and cupcakes. Happy Canada Day!

  7. Maureen…the Captain loves Ketchup Chips, but alas…he can only eat them when he is in Canada as they are so darned expensive on-line (16.95) for one Lay’s family size bag…and you know the saying…you can’t eat just one. LOL The Captain eats them at each opportunity he has when he flies into Canada.
    I adore your Hudson’s Bay blanket as your table covering. Soooooo pretty as is your table stack. Those little oar paddles just scream cottage and lake dining/camping/boating.
    I like all the Canadian touches to your table in celebration of your July 1st Holiday as well as the U.S July 4th Holiday. Mari usque ad Mare !!!!
    It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you!

    1. If you ever want me to send the Captain a Ketchup chip care package, I would be happy to oblige!! I was so lucky that my friend had the blanket tucked away. I can always count on her to have some fun things I can borrow for my table styling!

  8. Hi Maureen! I love the way you combined Canada Day with your love of cottage lake life! Your table is adorable from the bright striped blanket to those too cute for words paddle plates and mini paddles, it is all wonderful fun! The camping lantern and casual flowers, and other natural elements are all summer perfect! It is so clever of you to interpret the patriotic theme with Canada for our hop this week!

  9. This lake girl is drooling over your table!!! Love the HBC blanket, your paddle plates, the glasses from your dad, the Canadian napkins! It’s all so fabulous!!!!!!! I’m in love!

  10. Love your patriotic tablescape, Maureen! I have many, many Canadian relatives and ancestors (Cape Sable Island, NS) and it’s fun to read your napkins!!! Eh… Lol! Your strawberry cake makes me want to fly right up and come for tea.

    Happy summer and Canada Day to you,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thank you Barbara! My mother was born in Halifax, NS and we often spend time at my sister’s summer home on Prince Edward Island. I love the East Coast! Aren’t those napkins fun! I actually bought them in the middle of winter with this exact tablescape in mind!

  11. Maureen, what a charming table! I adore your plates and napkins! It is a pleasure to join you for the hop this week. Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  12. You have beautiful ideas and pieces. I love your creativity. So many gorgeous ideas to be inspired by!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas, Maureen.

  13. That table looks very pretty. I love the center piece and the cake. My sister lives in Canada and I usually go every summer, such a beautiful country.

  14. Maureen, I feel like I have stood at the edge of the property and watched a Canadian family celebrate both family and country at a lakeside cottage. I have learned things I wasn’t aware of about our friends to the north. Love the Hudson’s Bay blanket the most and your gorgeous centerpiece. Your Grandfather’s glasses no doubt bring back special memories. Your photos are fabulous and capture your Patriotism. I have only visited Canada once but would love to go again. Beautiful!

  15. Maureen, the Hudson Bay blanket is stunning as the foundation for your tablescape! I love the oar plates, they are so cute. The combination of your cottage style and Canada Day is the perfect melding to provide your creative and festive table. I have never heard of Ketchup chips, they sound interesting! It is a pleasure to hop with you and I wish you and yours a Happy Canada Day!

  16. Hi Maureen I am a huge fan of Canada and enjoyed your tablescape very much. My favorite elements are the blanket/tablecloth, your father’s flag glasses and the napkins with the Canadian sayings, eh? (sorry couldn’t resist). Mary McCachern and her gorgeous potting shed was in my first book on she sheds – she is the one who brought me here. Thank you for a morning’s trip to Canada!

  17. Maureen, I just LOVE your cozy, lake cottage inspired table. Using a Hudson Bay Blanket as a tablecloth is so clever! The casual, rustic touches are done so well, such as the vintage lantern and cooler, birch candlesticks and milk bottle bouquets. The canoe paddle plates and stirrers are so cute! I’d never heard of ketchup chips, either. They sound tasty! It’s always a pleasure hopping with you. Have a wonderful Canada Day!

  18. Maureen, such a creative table Love the canoe paddle plates and those paddles. Like the others using the Hudson Bay blanket is so smart. I love how you think. A perfectly cozy table to celebrate Canada Day.

  19. Maureen, I love your salute to Canada Day! What fun to use your friend’s blanket Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket as a tablecloth. . .it’s the perfect foundation for your adorable plates with the paddles and the little paddle stir sticks! I love your fun Canadian napkins too. 🙂 I’m not familiar with your Ketchup Chips but am intrigued. It’s always a treat to blog hop with you. ♥

  20. I love everything about this tablescape! From the humourous napkins to the wonderful paddle plates all of it. It is my dream to live in a cottage by the water. So there was a huge smile on my face as I looked at all of the wonderful photos. It’s a pleasure to be on the hop with you. Hugs!

  21. Maureen there is so much to love about your lovely tablescape. I have so enjoyed your beautiful patriotic a d summer themed table as well as your stories. There is so much heart and creativity in your post, I just love it all! I hope you will share at TFT!

    So happy to hop with you. Happy summer!

  22. Maureen, I absolutely love it!! This is my first visit to your blog, and it’s a rabbit hole of fun! Rebecca from Zucchini Sisters got me over here and I’m glad she did

  23. Maureen, your Canada Day tablescape is fabulous! I love the Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket you used as a table cover. It is gorgeous. The cottage lake theme came together beautifully. From the fun canoe paddle plates to the daisy filled milk bottles, all of your details are just perfect! Pinned!