The Moment I Said ‘I Do’


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This time of year I always find my mind drifting back to the beginning.  The beginning of my little family way back in 1986.  I remember our first apartment like it was yesterday.  Our first Christmas as husband and wife was spent in this apartment.

I remember my idyllic Christmas tree.  It was a flocked white tree decorated all in blue and silver and coordinated perfectly with our decor.  I knew that it wasn’t Tim’s taste at all, but we were newlyweds and he certainly didn’t want to disappoint his new wife.

I also remember a moment on my wedding day, when I suddenly felt pit in my stomach.  It was slight feeling of panic that while I was so incredibly excited to marry the love of my life, I was also very aware that I was no longer just responsible for me.  Everything was about to become much bigger than me alone.  I was about to make some very big promises.  Until death do us part!  Decisions I would make would now have an impact on someone other just me. What the heck was I thinking, could I really take this on.  I was momentarily scared to death!

That moment of fear passed but the knowledge that I was now responsible for another person lingered, and thanks to my dad who was all about protecting his family, I knew what I had to do.  It was just actually doing it that took a while.

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Then, just before our first anniversary we bought a house and I knew we couldn’t put it off any longer.  The one thing that, for lack of a better term, freaked me out more than just a little bit, but should something happen to one of us, I needed to know the other one could manage the house payment and all the expenses that came with home ownership on our own.  Not to mention, we were hoping to have children soon too!

Can you guess what I was so (needlessly) freaked out about?

Life Insurance!  Yup.  The one thing that would give me piece of mind knowing that the man I pledged my life to would be okay if, God forbid, something were to ever happen to me.  It gave me a stomach ache just thinking about it.  I was sure that as soon as we bought life insurance something bad was going to happen.

Please tell me I am not the only one who thought buying life insurance meant that you would likely immediately need to use it?!

But the time had come that it was more important than ever, and we had an agent come to the house.  Our cat promptly crawled into his briefcase and refused to get off his papers.  I remember thinking it must be a sign.  Even the cat was nervous!

Well that day we officially became responsible adults.  We owned a home and life insurance!

And guess what?  Nothing bad happened!

What a complete waste of time all my worries had been.  Here we are, about to celebrate our 29th Christmas as husband and wife, completely comfortable in knowing our family is protected no matter what.

My prized white flocked Christmas tree is long gone in favor of a real tree.   Of course it’s still a very stylish tree because it is decorated with mementos and ornaments our family has collected throughout the years.  It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that!

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Looking back, I am so glad we got our insurance policies early in our marriage.  We were able to get right down to doing all the things newly married couples dream of doing. Things like settling into our first home, maybe getting a puppy, and eventually planning our family knowing we were protected.

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Through the years we updated our policies to reflect income changes and of the course after the birth of each of our beautiful girls!

Now that our girls are in their twenties and will be branching out on their own, and some day in the not too distant future they will settle down to begin their own little families, the first piece of advice we will give them is to get their life insurance purchased ASAP.  Don’t spend even a day worrying about it. Get it done and get on with the business of life. 

Take my word for it, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of!  In fact it will it turned out to be the total opposite.  It took a big worry off my mind!

No matter what stage of life you are in, if you have someone in your life who relies on you financially the Manulife CoverMe on line application makes it fast and easy to get the coverage you need.  It literally takes just minutes and one simple step that can have you covered for up to $250,000 without a medical exam.

I challenge you to get the conversation started with your loved ones.  Be it your children just heading out with their own family or your parents who might not realize the importance of being adequately covered. It is one of the single most important conversations you will have.  Take a moment to visit ManuLife to see just how easy it is.

On Wednesday November 25th @ 9pm please join me at the #BeCovered Twitter chat and tell us your moment everything changed and what it means to you that your family is protected!

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This post is sponsored by 360Access on behalf of Manulife. The opinions are my own.

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    1. Thank you Lori! I have seen too many people I know whose spouses have passed away leaving them struggling to deal with not only their grief, but trying to pick up the pieces financially.

  1. Wonderful article Maureen. We all need to get our ducks in a row. I for one needed to read that and take it to heart.