Painting a Dining Room Table

I really do love my little house, but some days I just want bigger.  Since I know that is not to be, it is high time I put my energy into the home we are so truly blessed to have.

My current project is our dining room.

I shared with you some inspiration photos recently.  Sadly, the chairs at the auction were not meant to be.  They auctioned the table and chairs as a set.  Had I been in the market for a table of that style I would have jumped on it.  The entire set went for only $250.00!  Deal, I know.  But since I have nowhere to store a table I don’t want until I could sell it I really couldn’t justify spending money on something I didn’t want or need.  I will continue the hunt for the perfect chair.

For now I turn my attention to the table I have.  It is time this baby got a new look!

This is the table as it is now.  It was a desk long forgotten in my Aunt’s basement.  It actually seats 6 very nicely.

The chairs are from an Ikea set that we had bought for my daughter when she went away to college.

I plan to paint it a shade of white using a chalk paint recipe found here.  I will  give it a sanding here and there to get a more weathered look before sealing it with wax.


This is the look I am going for.  Kind of french country-ish!  Kind of liking those covered chairs too.
Tell me, what do you think… you like the look of the covered chairs?  The key would be to get a cover in the right color.  Not bright white, but a more worn grain sack look.
Decisions! Decisions!
In the meantime I will need my energy and what better to give you energy than sugar….I will be baking some lemon raspberry muffins tonight and will post the recipe tomorrow!

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  1. The covered chairs look nice, but i know they wouldn’t work in my house. My cats would think them perfect for scratching. I prefer the look of varnished wood to painted wood although i think the table you have would transform to look a lot like the one in the picture you posted. When our DR table was getting quite worn, i covered it with a tablecloth. The cats didn’t bother with the tablecloth and liked that it hid them from view if they jumped up on the chairs.