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Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop

If you are looking for some gorgeous Christmas tablescape ideas, you came to the right place.  You might already have figured out that no matter what the season, I love to style our dining table!  Christmas is no exception. 

Christmas tablescape ideas

I am delighted once again to be joining Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate as she hosts a Christmas blog hop just bursting with Christmas tablescape ideas to inspire you as you set your own table for a holiday meal with family and friends.

Christmas tablescape ideas

I really didn’t know what direction I was going to go this year when it came to our own Christmas table.  Had you asked me a few days ago what I had planned, I couldn’t have told you. When I got to thinking about it, my mind kept wondering back to Christmas dinner at my Nana and Poppa’s house.  The more I thought about, the more I am convinced that the reason I love setting a pretty table so much can be traced back to those Christmas dinners.

Christmas tablescape ideas

Have you seen the movie “27 Dresses”?  The scene at the beginning where Jane is having a flashback to her very first wedding that sets the stage for her love of weddings?  

Well, that is the flashback I had while planning this table!

I remember like it was yesterday being excited to set the table, even if I did have to ask my Nana a dozen times whether the knife and spoon went together or the fork and knife.  When I finally got it right (the knife goes with the spoon),  I also could not for the life of me remember which side of the plate they went on.  

Christmas tablescape ideas Red Cottage Chronicles

To this day I will never forget again.  I finally realized it was so difficult to remember because it made no sense to me that the fork went on the left side of the plate when most people are right handed.  No sense at all.  Still doesn’t.  But I am not one to break the rules!!

Christmas Tablescape Ideas Red Cottage Chronicles

Another thing I remember is getting to use the really “lux” paper napkins.  Big, white squares that came in a box instead of wrapped in plastic.  They were thick and soft and folded perfectly into a triangle to be placed under the knife and spoon.  

Christmas Tablescape Ideas

I have long abandoned paper napkins in favour of reusable cloth, but it felt very comfortable to fold them into that simple triangle I remember.

My Nana’s crystal candle sticks always made an appearance on the table, complete with simple taper candles or rolled beeswax candles in festive colours.  I dug out my little collection of mercury glass candles sticks, which I haven’t used in several years.  They are simple, yet provide a bit of holiday sparkle.

Christmas Tablescape Ideas

I have to admit, back in those days (my goodness I sound old!), there was very little else on the dining table at Christmas time.  The “centrepiece” was usually a colourful pickle dish.  A fancy crystal platter filled with crispy dill pickles, olives, sweet pickles and ruby red homemade cranberry sauce.  My sister and I would hover around the table and try to casually help ourselves to the dills, carefully rearranging everything to make it look like we hadn’t touched it!

By the time everyone sat down to eat, the table was full of food!  Turkey and all the fixings including the best butternut squash dish, which was mostly brown sugar and butter which caramelized to a crispy crust.

Christmas tablescape ideas

Maybe the fond memories of the pickle dishes are the reason I always decorate the table with food.  This year I made a simple white cake adorned with ginger bread houses from a kit, sugared fruit and rosemary.  I think it makes the perfect centrepiece!

After dinner a huge plate of Christmas cakes and cookies made the best ever dessert!  Since I had just made Empire Cookies I wrapped some in cellophane to add a little treat to each plate.

Christmas Tablescape Ideas

I left lots of room on our own table for all the Christmas fixings this year.  I did want to add some seasonal greens to the table (and not spend a fortune).  I used a faux garland I had on hand and embellished it with fresh greens clipped from my back yard and some eucalyptus I had left over from last weeks trip to the market!

And that, my friends, is our 2017 Christmas Table!  I hope you didn’t mind the walk down memory lane.  It is as clear as a bell now why I have such a love of setting the table!

Pin It -Christmas Cookies

Christmas Tablescape Ideas

It doesn’t stop here though.  Scroll down to check out the links for tons more Christmas tablescape ideas.  Links will be updated daily as the unroll so check back all week!

Until next time…..

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  1. Your cake is amazing! The pic of it in front of your village houses is great. I love the story of eating at Nana’s and Poppa’s house and how your table evolved. Your table has exceptional personality and charm. Love the cookies, too.

  2. Maureen, I love your table (more on that in a minute), but your sentimental commentary is what I really enjoyed on this table post. Christmas truly is about the memories, and your recall of your Nana’s table is very vividly detailed!
    Your centerpiece cake – oh my! It’s outstanding. The table runner – it all looks real to me. Just simple things, like the pitcher of water with cranberries garnishing it , the cookie favors – these are the homey touches I so love at Christmas. Your mercury candlestick/votive collection is a nice addition to the table too. It’s funny how creativity flows once an idea comes into focus. Very nice table. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you Rita! Those early Christmas memories stay with me year and after year and I was happy to share this one with you today. Merriest of Christmas to you!

  3. What a heartwarming story. It is so wonderful that you cherish your memories of your Christmas dinners with Nana and her table. There is so much “home” in your setting. Your gingerbread cake is so charming and I love the picture of your Christmas buildings and village in the background. Your greenery, fresh and faux, is a lovely touch and complements your cake centerpiece. Your table is so lovely.

  4. Maureen, thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas memories of Christmas at your grandparents. I’m really jealous ~ I didn’t have grandparents around growing up, so I’m going to use your memories. Love the cake on the table. What a treat! It’s a show stopper. And the sweet packaged cookies at each table is such a nice idea. Oh, I love the “dotted Swiss” plates.

    1. Aww! Thank you Carol. I was very blessed to have grandparents who instilled in me traditions we continue today. I am so glad to share those memories with you 🙂 A very Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Your table is lovely…and the memories though are the best part. It is interesting what we abdorbe as youngsters. And grandmothers are the best teachers. They love us so much that their patience seems neverending. ❤️Hugs. And Merry Christmas.

  6. I enjoyed taking that trip down memory lane with you and I think there’s nothing better than an edible centerpiece. Your table is beautiful and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

  7. Maureen your table is just lovely! I loved hearing about all of your memories with your Nanna and Poppa – it brought back memories of my own, especially those of the dills and pickle dishes. We kids could be found with a black pitted olive on each finger. For the record, I am with you on the fork thing. Your cake is not only beautiful to look at, it looks absolutely scrumptious! So fun and festive!

  8. What a lovely post, full of memories and beautiful thoughts! And your cake is a work of art!! Your table is simple and elegant and holiday perfect!

  9. I can’t take my eyes off your cake, what a beautiful centerpiece and I love the photos with the village behind it! I love the sparkle of mercury glass for the holidays, it blends old and new beautifully. Your carafe of water with the cranberries is a wonderful festive touch too.

  10. I think most of us who enjoy setting pretty tables have memories of family members who inspired us and I loved hearing about yours. So true about the sides for the flatware! Your Christmas tablescape looks wonderfully inviting with its colour scheme and simple embellishments. The runner of greenery down the center of the table steals the show and is the perfect centerpiece accent to that delish-looking cake! How smart of you to put a gingerbread kit sides on it and what a fantastic photo with the village houses in the background. Really enjoyed my stop her on the Blog Hop!

  11. Thank you for sharing the story with us. I love your dishes!!! I love the way you mixed up your place setting and the wrapped cookie makes a perfect topper. I would have never thought of that. The way you styled this table is just beautiful!

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful table! I would agree that table settings don’t make much sense! I question myself every time I set the table and wonder if I am doing it right. After all these years I think I would know for sure…but I don’t. 🙂

  13. Maureen, thank you for sharing your sweet memories, after all that is what Christmas is about! The cake is the piece de resistance…a stunning centerpiece! I love sugared fruit and use to do that every Christmas! Beautiful Tablescape and beautiful memories!

  14. Maureen, I am charmed and captivated by your beautiful table. The cake, with the sugared cranberries and gingerbread houses. The citrus details and icing are scrumptious. And the Jadite pedestal evokes the past. Your warm, inspiring touches make me feel at home. Wishing you a happy Christmas!

  15. Your fabulous cake is stealing the show, wow!!! There are some beautiful photos in your post, but I also loved your story. There were several thing that hit home with me, like the feel of those lux napkins that came in a box that we rarely used, just for very special occasions! It’s the little things like that , that spur fond memories. What a beautiful post!!

  16. Your table has such a lovely foundation of beautiful memories, which is the best way to start anything. We are truly blessed to have such warm recollections of holidays around the dining room table…I sure hope my kids remember these events as well.
    Your cake looks remarkable! I have just recently discovered sugared cranberries and now know that they make everything better!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely stories my friend.

    Merry Christmas,


  17. Maureen, I love that we were both inspired to do tablescapes without tablecloths this time around. I love the chic rustic look of the natural table juxtaposed to all the beautiful items displayed, especially those gorgeous candle sticks. Also I love the idea of embellishing your faux garland with some natural greens-so lovely. Thank you very much for being part of the Christmas tablescape blog hop!

  18. Hello Maureen,

    Nice to meet you. I am captivated by your pretty table. And that cake is incredible adorned with the sugared cranberries and gingerbread houses. What a beautiful idea!!! The citrus details and icing are scrumptious. Love your plate stack and plaid napkins too. Beautiful Tablescape and memories!

    It was fun joining you on this blog hop. Wishing you a happy Christmas!