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January is the perfect time start planning your summer garden

Officially there are only a few weeks of winter left but I know it will be awhile before we see things start to bloom!  My garden plans are in full swing!

I am linking up with Leilani today to share some of my garden inspiration.

My garden bucket list this summer includes planting 3 new trees, installing privacy fence across the back of yard, adding perenial border along the fence, add 4 decorative birdhouses, add window boxes to the new shed, add garden border around the new shed.

But first, the reality!

aspiration 3

A golden retreiver = holes. all. over. the. yard!

aspiration 4

Now, for the inspiration!  These are a few of the gorgeous plants and landscapes we saw this year on the annual Shaw Garden Tour.

aspiration 1

aspiration 2


Not really interested in having a pool in the yard, (but if I woke up tomorrow and it was there I wouldn’t complain). I do love all the tall mature trees that border this property!

We did manage to plant a japanese dogwood this fall!

aspiration 5

Which should bring beautiful blooms like this in the spring….

aspiration 7

… long as this didn’t do any damage!

aspiration 6

My goal is to have a private yard with lots of foliage, evergreens and perennial borders.  Our back yard is quite, large measuring 40 feet wide by 100 feet long.  We back on to a park, and this fall the city planted trees all along the outside of our fence which I am so happy about!

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  1. Wonderful ideas Maureen. Looks like you will have a busy spring and summer, planting everything once and then again after Tripper digs it all up.