Easy Tear Off DIY Notepad

Hello friends! Today I am sharing a really simple project for all of us who love to create lists.  A DIY notepad with tear off sheets!  

DIY Notepad

I am a list maker.  Grocery lists, To-do lists, Honey-Do lists.  You get the picture.  It seems I am always looking for a notepad so I decided to create a printable (available in the VIP Printable Library for subscribers).  

tear off DIY notepad

Now, you could just cut sheets of paper the same size, but a pretty notepad makes creating lists so much better don’t you think!

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Tear Off DIY Notepad in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Download printable from VIP printable library (available to subscribers) or use any paper of your choice
  • Print 10 to 20 sheets (depending on how thick you want your notepad
  • If using the printable, cut each sheet in half.  I used this cutter from Fiskers
  • Stack the sheets evenly and applying pressure to the top of the notepad, brush Alymer’s Rubber Cement along the top edge in 2 or three coats ensuring the entire top edge is coated well.  Allow to Dry

Tear Off DIY Notepad

Tear off DIY Notepad

Tear off DIY Notepad

Tear Off DIY Notepad

And voila!  You have your own tear off DIY notepad!

Tear off DIY Notepad

A few tips….

  • I used an old cutting board to elevate the stack of notepad sheets to make it easier to brush the top edge with the rubber cement
  • Protect your work surface.  The rubber cement is quite runny and drips may happen
  • Feel free to make your DIY notepad with as many pages as you like

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DIY Notepad

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Until next time….

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  1. Hi Maureen! Love your notepad idea!!! I always keep one on the refrigerator door for the weekly grocery list, plus having notepads around are perfect for making lists ~ something I do a lot nowadays. 🙂

    Happily pinning to my DIY Projects and tweeted, too.
    Barb 🙂