21 Day Sugar Detox

Happy Birthday!

Today I turn 49!  How that happened I have no idea!

I read recently that you can live a longer healthier life and correct the damage you have done to your body through poor exercise and diet as long as you make the necessary changes by the time you turn 50!  I have exactly one year to go.

I have known for a long time that my addiction to sugar is out of control and taking steps to eliminating sugar from my diet is priority number one.  When ice cream and coke become your breakfast of choice you know you need a change!

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!  That is how I roll.  1 year.  I have a feeling that it will go just as fast as the last 49!

Enter the 21-day sugar detox.  It is a cold turkey approach, and from what I have been reading the cold turkey approach is the best approach when dealing with a sugar addiction.  I mean if you have an alcohol addiction, you can’t expect to get rid of it simply by cutting down by a drink here or there.  You just have to dive in and deal with it.

21-Day Sugar Detox

I have spent the last couple of weeks preparing myself for this first step and have done a lot of reading on this particular program, have read the pros and cons and gone over 100’s of reviews on Amazon.  Most positive, some not so much.  The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that her science on the process of how sugars affect our body is pretty solid.  It made sense to me.

I will still get to eat delicious meals like this grain free chicken parmesan!

21-Day Sugar Detox Chicken Parm

There is a complete program on-line, but I just bought the book and on Tuesday I will embark on my 21 days.  Given it is my birthday today and it is Thanksgiving here in Canada there is no point in starting until then.

I have to admit there are some things about it I don’t like. I don’t eat red meat, but will eat chicken so  I imagine I will have to be creative with protein sources.  I am also still trying to wrap my head around the full fat dairy thing.  But I guess if I have been eating sugar like there is no tomorrow, full fat dairy for a few weeks won’t be all that bad.  Secretly I would love a glass of whole fat milk after drinking 1% for all of my adult life!

I will still be making sweet treats, some that fit into the detox rules and some for family and friends who actually can eat one piece and not the whole pan!

For now I am off for a busy day of fun with the family, Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and friends for dinner on Monday.  You can bet there will be lots of sugar consumed this weekend 😉

Will share some birthday pictures tomorrow….and maybe even a thanksgiving recipe!!

If you have ever done a sugar detox I would love to hear any tips or tricks you have to lessen the “pain”!!

Have a Happy Day!

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