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Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Fall

This week kicks off a monthly series featuring Mason jars.  I am joining a group of wonderful craft and DIY bloggers each month to share Mason jar craft ideas.  This month our theme was fall!

All the links are at the bottom of this post, but first up is my Mason Jar Vase.

Fall mason jar craft ideas

I don’t really consider myself the crafty type.  In fact, I think this project is the last “craft” I did.  DIY I do.  Decorate, I do.  But, I really want to channel my inner crafter more often and I think this is just the challenge is just the thing to do that.

Autumn has always been my favourite season.  I was that student who, by the beginning of August was already excited about the arrival of Labour Day.  School would start again.  I could finally put on jeans again.  And knowing I could slip into a cozy sweater again brought a smile to my face.

You have to agree, there is just something about the fresh fall air.  This summer has been over-the-top hot and humid. 

We have noticed that we rarely see any neighbours outside, and have not even once noticed the smell of a grill being fired up.  It seems everyone is indoors to keep cool in their air conditioned homes.

I have already started to add a few subtle touches of fall to our home.  One of which is bringing flowers in the shades of fall, so it wasn’t hard to decide exactly what I was going to do with my Mason jar.

Fall Mason Jar Craft Ideas

A vase of course!

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link I may earn a small commission! 

The beauty of these Mason jar craft ideas that we are sharing today is that they cost very little money to make. I purchased most of my supplies at a local dollar store, however I like to provide these links in case you can’t find what you need locally.

To make this Mason Jar Vase you will need:

Begin by laying your jar on its’ side and apply a small strip of glue to the bottom edge.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Carefully press the twine onto the glue.  Repeat until you have one full row of twine glued into place.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Continue to wind the twine around the jar, pulling it tightly, and pushing in to place as necessary to avoid any gaps between rows.  Every two rows, or so, place a bead of glue and press he twine in place.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Again, continue this all the way to the top, stopping just under the lid threads.  

Be sure to pull the twine tightly as you go, and push down into place if you notice gaps between rows.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Fall

If you plan to paint your rim, and forgot to do it at the beginning (like I did), remove it from the jar and do so in a well ventilated area.  Allow to dry completely before putting it back on.

Again, with your jar on its’ side, place the felt leaves in a pattern that is pleasing to you.  I decided on a cluster of three offset to one side, and another cluster of two at the top rim.

Mason jar craft ideas for fall

Once you are happy with the arrangement, glue the leaves into place.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Fall

That’s it.  That is all there is to it.  

In less than 10 minutes and for under $5 you have an easy Mason jar vase.  

I filled it with Limelight Hydrangea, and Japanese Red Maple leaves from my garden, and some yellow daisies from the grocery store.  I had some silver dollar eucalyptus leftover from last week, and I tucked it in here and there for some additional autumn colour.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Fall

While this Mason jar project does certainly make the perfect vase for autumn flowers, it looks equally as charming adding a touch of fall in to kitchen!

Mason jar craft ideas for fall

I am starting to think that maybe I am just a little bit crafty!!

What I know for sure is the ladies who are also sharing Mason Jar Craft Ideas for fall this week are definitely crafty! Just check out the links below to see all the autumn inspiration!

Until next time…..

Red Cottage Chronicles




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  1. I love all things mason jars and this vase is really nice. It is perfect for a fall flower arrangement but I love how you showed it with the wooden spoons too. Very creative!

  2. This is the cutest! I love that you added it in your kitchen.. perfect touch. Fall is also my favorite time of year! I can’t wait to put on a sweater and not feel like I am melting!! Thanks for the fun project … you are definitely crafty!

  3. So fun. I love crafting with mason jars and fall is the perfect time to do it. Yours are really pretty. I especially love how you used different textures with rope and felt to give the jar a nice homey feel. Pinning!

  4. Hi Maureen! I love your canning jar craft for fall!!! Crafts don’t have to be difficult and often the more simple, the better. 🙂 Saving a couple of your pins and I am excited to make that birdseed holder/feeder!!! I could use that here at our little Prairie Home.

    Thanks for some fun ideas,
    Barb 🙂

  5. Hi, Maureen! This is a great little project, especially to do with kids. I live in Tennessee, so I am definitely ready for some cooler weather instead of my front porch feeling like a giant oven with chairs and pillows inside! Your flowers are beautiful, and the utensil holder is a perfect use for something like that instead of looking through several kitchen doors. I think my favorite part, though, is that sisal rope because it makes the jar look like it’s wearing a cozy sweater of its own. Thanks for the post, and so what if you’re not the craftiest person? I’m not either, but I still try (and fail).

    1. Thank you Lela! I have used it over and over again to hold flowers from the garden or the market! And, you are right! It does have the feeling of a cozy sweater 🙂