Monthly Grocery Shopping Experiment


So, we are at the end of the first month of our monthly grocery shopping experiment.

While it was nowhere near perfect, it did make a big difference in how much we spent on groceries this month! You can read all about the experiment here.

The bad news: Went over budget! I grossly under estimated how much milk we use, how much baking I do, and we did a lot of unplanned entertaining.

The good news: I did not visit the grocery store anywhere near the 40-something times I did in June, nor did I spend as much as I did in June!  I still have a few things in the freezer and pantry that I won’t have to buy this month.

So lets review the month of July, shall we:

Food Budget:  $600

Shopping Trip July 7th   $459.66  (Costco, Food Basics, Zehrs & Bulk Barn)

Farm Markets                   $100.00

Total Spent  on planned shopping       659.66

Total Spent on unplanned shopping  276.84

Grand Total  936.50

What I have learned so far:

We still have a lot of work to do but that is why we are doing a three month challenge and not one month!  I knew I would have a lot to learn.

Menu planning makes all the difference!  It was so nice to have meals ideas AND ingredients at the ready when I got home from work.

We have to reduce our food waste.  I bought kale and I really don’t like Kale and didn’t have a plan for it.  I won’t be buying things I don’t have a plan for that I am not 100% sure we are going to eat!

I have to plan better for entertaining!

DO NOT SHOP WHEN HUNGRY!  I gave in to my wants way more than I should have.  I really did not need all that ice cream, chips and pop that I picked up during the unplanned shopping trips.  But when Smartie ice cream is on sale I get weak in the knees!


Plan for August

We are shopping on Friday evening.  I am still refining my list and have added $50 to the budget this month.  It is, after all, still summer and I anticipate a few more barbecues with family and friends and will build this into my plan.


I have also allowed an extra $50 for canning!  I plan to do some pickled beans and some blueberry and peach jam.

I have been gathering some recipes on my August Pinterest board and will be repeating a few new favorites from the July plan.

Wish me luck!

Would love to know what your grocery shopping style is!  Please leave me a comment and share your tips or tricks for staying on plan!

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