Baking Marathon

This weekend was all about Christmas Baking!  A baking marathon it was!

bake 11

This is one of my kitchen counters on Saturday morning!

bake 12

My trusty Kitchen Aid didn’t get much rest!

bake 10

I don’t want to unwrap another caramel for a very long time!

bake 5

Not to mention Hershy’s Kisses

bake 9

There was lots of sifting going on

bake 8

Baking pans of all shapes and sizes were put to use

bake 7

Sugar cookie dough to chill

bake 6

Butter, butter and more butter!

bake 3

Sugar dippin

bake 4

Seeing some progress!!

bake 2

Layers of phyllo dough made into tarts

bake 1

Gingerbread people and snowflakes waiting for decoration!

Still lots to do and I sometimes I think there is no way I can get it all done, but another evening or two should wrap it all up!

I will be posting the recipes I used and a look at the finished products throughout the week

I hope you will join in!

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